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  1. Argggghhhhh...

    I had a passenger vehicle, on a high rise bridge well over two seconds ahead of me, throw up a rock that chipped my windshield yesterday.

    We were also pelted by passenger vehicles in northern Wyoming on our recent trip.  Didn't seem to matter how far behind we followed or how slow (within reason) we were going.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Roscoe Regulator said:

    I don't think those shooting unmodified guns are complaining much about primers not detonating. It is the big deal in CAS with so many guns modified to run fast and easy.

    That's why the first thing I did when I had failure to fire was to get a stock pistol to verify. Even with a stock gun I was getting failure to fire. Irritating...

  3. 1 hour ago, Roscoe Regulator said:

    Some "stock SAA clones" have special springs from the factory (like my Uberti El PatronBelezza).

    "off brand" would clearly be "not Federal". There has been much discussion lately about considering or using alternative in lieu of Federal availability. Would you like me to delete my post that quoted you?

    No need to delete anything.


    Just asking for clarification.


    As posted earlier, no manufacturer should be releasing a firearm that can't reliably set off any primer.


    I've never heard of Winchester, Remington or even CCI referred to as off brand. It's not like they're the "Great Value" of primers.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Roscoe Regulator said:

    The gun and springs are important context to include. My JM Marlin 45 Cowboy doesn't like Winchester primers, but it has a spring kit and one-piece firing pin. It seems like if one wants to shoot an off brand of primer, the original springs might have to be restored.

    In my post, which you quoted, I stated I was shooting with a stock gun.


    What is an off-brand primer?  I stated I used Winchester, Remington and Federal.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Bull Skinner said:

    Small clubs seldom more that 30 shooters. Ain’t nobody standing around.

    If you have 30 shooters show up and split that into two 15 person posse's"

    1 Shooter

    1 TO

    1 Loading table officer

    1 Unloading table officer

    1 brass picker

    3 spotters


    That's eight people - what are the other seven doing?

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  6. 1 hour ago, Mustang Gregg said:

    But are some of you saying that you'll refuse to shoot at a range if there is a specified shooter's order?

    I'll try to shoot almost anywhere at least once.  More will go into my decision on whether I return than if there's a designated shooting order.


    That said, if everything else was equal, if it came down to shooting in a designated order or shoot when ready I'll choose shoot when ready.


    I prefer to shoot early, first two or three, but I don't want to be locked into that position if I can't wrap my head around a scenario.

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  7. 25 minutes ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    What are you using to seat the primers?

    Dillon 550


    Primers are/were seating fine.  Visual inspection conducted after loading to just below flush.


    With the shortage of primers I'm not bulk loading anything with potential problems.  I loaded 10 rounds with the Fed primers and they all went boom on the first strike.


    I now have 50 rounds loaded with the same lot Federal Large Pistol Magnum primers that I will take to the match this weekend.  Hopefully they all go bang.  If so, I'll clean and use the same lot of brass with another lot of Remington large pistol primers and see what happens.

  8. I also just tried to reload some C45S with Winchester and Remington primers.  I don't know exactly how old these primers are, but several years.  They have been stored in an airconditioned location since my purchase.


    In a stock SAA clone I could not get reliable ignition with either brand of primer.  Some would go off with the first strike, some took two strikes, some took three and some never would go bang.


    I fortunately have a few Fed large pistol magnum primers so I loaded them up and they all went boom first strike.

  9. Not apples to apples, but:


    I have the Ruger NMVs that I started shooting with and were "slicked up" by a fellow cowboy.


    Comparing those to a factory Colt SAA or Ruger Bisley Vaquero (new model) is eye opening.


    Yes, the "slicked up" revolver is easier to cock but the time it takes for the hammer to fall is noticeably slower.

  10. 33 minutes ago, Matthew Duncan said:

    Believe you missed the last sentence of my post..."That's why I'd rather do other posses chores than be the Scorer. "

    No sir, I didn't miss that. That's why I said that my post want targeting you but others that might feel the same way 

  11. 1 hour ago, The Revenuer said:

    Does anybody have experience with this revolver from Evil Roy?  I’m currently shooting with a borrowed pair of the SASS New Vaqueros.  How does this gun compare? 


    What do you want to compare?

    They feel totally different.  You really need to handle one locally and preferably shoot them in a match before you make the decision.

    As far as reliability, consensus says Ruger's are more reliable out of the box but there are ardent supporters of various Colts/clones that argue otherwise.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Matthew Duncan said:


    "Bogus"?  I respectfully disagree.


    I'll forget anyone's name within seconds of being introduced to them.  It will take numerous repetitions  and interactions with a new person for my memory to have a chance of remembering that person's name.   I'll remember your face and where we met but your name, slim chance.


    The names of the regulars at monthly matches, took me a season.   Those that I have infrequent contact with, yea I know your face and give some time I might put a name with the face.  First timer Shooter I'd have to do a process of elimination with the non-regulars names to perhaps get your name right.  Being an introvert I'd will be embarrassed to asked you every-time you came up to shoot (IMHO leaves a non-friendly aura to the new Shooter).  I'd hate my trouble of remembering names to cause a score to be entered under the wrong name.  That's why I'd rather do other posses chores than be the Scorer. 



    With all due respect, if you are too introverted or embarrassed to ask who's shooting every time, then maybe you shouldn't be one keeping score.  If you're not comfortable being a TO then spot and/or shag brass and you won't have to talk to anyone.


    This isn't meant as a personal attack to you but options for anyone who may feel the way you answered.  Shooting in any kind of order is not going to help you remember, it just keeps you from having to admit it.


    I was one of three TO's for my posse for two days at Hell on Wheels and the only person I knew was my wife.  At the end of the second day there were still people that I couldn't remember their alias.  If that leaves "a non-friendly aura" to a shooter - I can't help that.  I had zero complaints to my face and many thank you's during and after the match.

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  13. 6 minutes ago, John Kloehr said:

    For a scorekeeper, and for the rest of the group, knowing who is who makes shooting in any order easier. If more than half the group does not know the other half, and that other half also does not know each other... Have fun keeping track of scores. Having a shooting order in this case makes the event run smoother.


    This has been the way it's been at all of the big matches I've attended.  There was no designated shooting order.  The TO and the score keeper communicated prior to the run or immediately after to ensure the score was recorded correctly.  The TO should always announce the time immediately after the run and then visually verify the score keeper records it correctly.  It's not difficult.

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  14. 14 minutes ago, Marshal Chance Morgun said:

    Designated order, shoot at will, not that big a deal. Just don't have 7 shooters all try to be at the LT at the same time.

    If I'm the TO and I have three spotters, somebody to shag brass and somebody at the ULT I'd be happy to have everybody else standing in line to load.  Less peanut gallery yacking on the firing line and/or getting in the way.


    I'll also state that I'm not a fan of designated shooting order.  As long as I'm not having trouble understanding a stage I like to shoot first or nearly so.  Then I can spot, shag brass, reset targets or TO (or all of the above depending on the posse).


    The arguments for not knowing shooters - especially at a monthly - is bogus.  You don't know who you shoot with on a regular basis?  Maybe a stranger shows up - you should be able to recognize an alias you haven't seen before.  And, as said above, ASK before the shooter starts shooting.  If, however, your club does have a designated shooting order and everyone likes it that way, then so be it.


    If a club is using index (or similar) cards and manually keeping score for each shooter I can "kind of" understand.  But then, I feel it'd be less wasteful and easier for whomever is setting up a "score sheet" and scoring to use a single piece of paper with everyone's name written on that.


    I also feel the argument for spacing out posse chores is bogus.  Again, at a monthly, you know who you are and who can/will TO.  The problem I see more often is the peanut gallery not stepping up to spot/shag brass/reset targets.  Putting people in a shooting order doesn't help the workers, they still work just as much only now you're allowing the shirkers to not participate.


    At a large match, you identify who can/will be a TO before the first stage and as long as there's no problem you keep that for the day/match.  As a TO, you ensure that your spotters/brass shaggers/score keepers/ULT get relieved.

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  15. When I first started CAS the clubs I shot at had a designated shooting order (early 2000s).


    I know at least a couple of clubs still do this but I don't understand why.


    Do you support a designated shooting order or do you care?

  16. On 7/23/2021 at 10:57 PM, Singin' Sue 71615 said:

    How did you miss Comanche Moon???

    As I think about it, I don't think I've seen it either.


    I did enjoy Dead Man's Walk, the story (as to how the relationships formed) as well as the acting.

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  17. 13 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    I agree.  My antennae popped up at the thought of all those loaded firearms potentially unattended.  (Is there a dedicated AND ATTENTIVE  LTO or are shooters checking each other in the loading frenzy?)


     It might be OK, unless somebody knocks somebody's loaded guns off the crowded table.  Since everyone is technically on the firing line at that point and guns are loaded = MDQ  



    You're assuming there's a loading frenzy.


    You're assuming there's a crowded table.


    I can see where all posse members loading prior to shooting the stage (notice I didn't say "at the same time", even though that could still be done if the loading table is large enough) would make for a less hectic or maybe even more efficient stage when shooting with a limited number of people.

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  18. 13-17 for a monthly and 15-18 for a large match.


    Yes, a posse can get by with as few as 10 IF there are people who can and will work.  The key is to identify who's doing what and when before the first bullet goes downrange, especially as a TO/RO.


    We had 10 on a posse at our monthly last weekend, which included one new-to-CAS shooter and one mobility challenged.  Myself and one other person traded off as TO and when we weren't running the timer, loading, shooting, or unloading - we were spotting, shagging brass AND resetting targets.  This was still more enjoyable than shooting on a posse of 20+ (for me).

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  19. I second what Phantom says and this: I highly recommend you try a pair of short-stroked revolvers that were done by the 'smith you are considering.  While similar, every 'smith's work will have a slightly different feel and you may prefer one over the other.

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