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  1. A "MIL" is a unit of measurement.  When a first focal plane scope is equipped with a MIL-type reticle, the size of the reticle in the eyepiece will appear to be small when on lower magnification powers and larger when zoomed in (higher magnification).  In this way, a MIL is always a MIL.

    The original fixed zoom MIL-DOT scope had a crosshair with dots spaced one MIL apart.


    Optics with second focal plane reticles, where the reticle stays the same size regardless of magnification, only allow for the spacing to be accurate at one magnification level/power.  A shooter will have to do math if the magnification power is not set to the appropriate position.


    Today's optics with FFP "Christmas tree"- style reticles will allow a shooter to make changes without having to make any scope adjustments.



    With the latter reticle, a shooter can be told an impact was three mils low and three mils right and can then simply use the appropriate "DOT" for a quick follow up shot.


    Hope that makes sense.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Black Angus McPherson said:


    That's what it looked like, except I'm pretty sure the middle stripe was white.  I have seen that ribbon before.  Probably my old eyes trying to see small things on a tv.

    It was the 1st Marine Division wearing it.  Is that strictly a Marine/Navy Corps ribbon?  I seem to recall seeing Presidential Unit Citations on Army uniforms that were different.



    I do believe that a uniformed service member serving with a branch other than their own can be awarded the ribbons/medals that are awarded to the branch in which they are serving.  I may be wrong, though.

  3. 100% isopropyl alcohol


    Put it in a spray bottle that allows you to mist it.  Mist the alcohol on both sides of the brim and then turn in your hand, with the grain, working the alcohol into the felt.  Don't completely soak the hat, work the alcohol in slowly.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Sinagua Ranger said:

    I am not really fond of the sidewall design on the Lodge carbon steel, but they work well.


    The Smithey Farmhouse Skillet is my Grail for a carbon steel skillet - I'm just having a hard time rationalizing the cost ($295), though I'm sure it's worth it.


    Beautiful and functional, IMO.


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  5. 46 minutes ago, Sinagua Ranger said:

    Lodge is solid. Solid as in both good and heavy. I prefer the vintage cast iron, like Wapak or Favorite Piqua. Lighter and nice smooth surfaces on which the seasoning seems perfect. However, you might want to look as carbon steel. Many of the advantages of cast iron without the weight. My favorite brand is Merton and Storck. 

    I have a Lodge carbon steel skillet that I keep in my camper.  Started with cast iron.  The Lodge carbon steel needs to be seasoned but it will still get nice and slick with proper use and care.


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  6. Lodge is a quality maker but buying a new one will a good cleaning and seasoning.  Many ways to "speed up" the smoothing/seasoning process.  I personally like some wet/dry sandpaper on an orbital sander.  Knock all the rough "factory seasoning" off and then bake in the oven a couple times with the cooking oil of your choice.


    How much time do you have to watch some videos?

    Cowboy Kent Rollins

    New To Cast Iron? Start Here!

    Cast Iron Care Tips - Cleaning, Seasoning and More


    If you'd rather buy a high-quality already seasoned cast iron product, check out these videos for comparisons.

    What is the Best Cast Iron - Our Cast Iron Reviews



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  7. 32 minutes ago, Itchy Trigger said:

    Texas Tornado Style - Big Targets which are close and personal. They put an emphasis on how fast you can operate your guns more than accuracy. I like it for 1-2 stages, but don't prefer it for the entire match like some do.


    One range has an extreme example at one stage which is a large 4'x8' piece of steel real close to the shooter. I don't know if a single posse has managed to go clean, someone always tries to shoot too fast and misses.


  8. A group of orcas sank a 40-foot yacht after attacking it for 45 minutes in the Strait of Gibraltar, causing major damage and leakage. The crew, with assistance from the Moroccan Navy, tried to steer the vessel away but it ultimately sank near Tanger Med.

    The interactions between orcas and boats in the region have been an issue since 2020, with increasing intensity each year. Scientists are still unsure of the exact reason for this behavior, but theories suggest that orcas are learning and sharing these behaviors among themselves.


    Researchers have focused on a particular orca named White Gladis and her pod, who have been behind 61 percent of the attacks in the area. While the majority of these interactions involve bumping vessels without causing serious damage, there are concerns about the potential risks due to the size and strength of orcas.



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