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  1. A family member has this pistol.  No known provenance.  The family is not hurting for money and doesn't need to sell it but are considering do so as it has no known history to the family.


    Where would be the best place to get a valuation on this pistol and, if they decided to sell, would you recommend consigning though someone or direct sale through advertising on a certain site?


  2. 9 hours ago, Kulshan 20262 said:

    Well, I still have the HH packers I bought when I started shooting cowboy. They soon got uncomfortable as they do not use a proper last for a high arch.  For us with a high arch the heal needs to be parallel top and bottom, not wedge shaped. The HH boots should be a lot less than Whites, they are a lot less boot. Great if they work for you.


    When you guys say what boot you like you never say what kind of an arch you have.


    I also like SUPERfeet yellow insoles for footwear with elevated heels, these will help your hammer toes and your toe to metarsal joints to feel better.

    I NEVER buy boots that I can't try on in a store due to the shape of my feet.  Double H boots, Justins, Tacovas and others are much more easily found in stores and can be tried on to determine proper fit for your/my feet.  YMMV


    Edit to add - I now only own two pairs of pull-on cowboy boots.  Neither pair were tried on before I purchased them because I went to two separate boot makers and my feet measured and the boots made to order.  The less expensive pair are actually more comfortable the ones that cost almost double.  Does that make the less expensive pair less boots?

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  3. I've never worn White's boots so can't comment on them.


    I've had two pairs of Double H Packers.  I wore out the soles on the first pair after 10 years.  They are very comfortable and durable, and much less expensive than the White's.

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  4. My grandmother was adamant that she be put in a coffin in the ground and not cremated.  She associated cremation with burning in hell.


    I want to be cremated.  The body is only a vessel and once I'm gone, the vessel is not necessary.


    As far as what happens with the ashes, I really don't care.


    I also do not want a funeral or celebration of life in my honor.  If people can't visit with me while I'm alive I sure wouldn't want to inconvenience them with my death.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    I've gotten quite a few PDFs that if I open in Adobe reader (free), I can go to and click where it says  "sign and fill" at the top, then click where you want to type it edits. Don't know if it works with one you create from Word however, never tried. The ones I get that were made as a form, always have the blank highlighted in blue, but others that were meant to fill in with a pen seem to work after clicking sign & fill.

    Good luck

    I used to be able to do that, but my current version only offers the ability to create a signature.

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  6. I occasionally would like to create/edit pdf documents.


    I know how to save a word document to a pdf, but I would like to make fillable forms for match applications, club membership forms, etc.  I would also occasionally like to strip a single page or two out of a large pdf document.


    Doesn't look like you can get Adobe unless you subscribe to the monthly service, and it's too rich for my blood.


    Any reasonably priced software recommendations that are safe and reliable?

  7. Well, if you just want a new vehicle...


    Otherwise, ask yourself how many times you have gotten stuck and is a new vehicle worth that cost?


    I really like the looks of the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Santa Fe - depending on whether you would want to go truck-ish or SUV.


    The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV AWD currently has three recalls.

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  8. We appear to have quite a few here that enjoy reading.


    I have always preferred real books, paperback or hardcover.


    I have recently purchased a few eBooks from Amazon.


    I don't like paying for a book and not having something tangible to hold and put on a shelf.


    I do like the convenience of always having the book with me.


    Do I need to get with the current times and get over paper books?


    Do you prefer one medium over the other?

  9. 4 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Go all the way back to the main page. This is what it looks like on my phone. 


    Select Shooters and scroll down. Select the shooter you want to change. 

    Doing it this way, I have to enter the shooter in a match prior to making a change.


    However, sometimes when entering the shooter, I will have multiple entries for the same shooter to select from (and no way to know which entry is the correct one until I select them and enter them in a match).


    What I'd like to do is see a master list of all names and delete the ones that are wrong.

  10. I think, in order to really figure this out, you're going to need to take your dog for another walk.


    Take the thermometer from the house and probe-type thermometer, along with a hygrometer.


    After your dog does its business, if the pile is steaming, measure the pile with the probe-type thermometer and record that temp as well as the air temp and humidity, and then bring that info back to us.


    If the pile is not steaming, you will have to repeat the process until satisfactory results can be recorded.


    We of the Wire look forward to helping you with this dilemma.

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  11. Looking to upgrade from an old. worn-out set of calipers to a digital set.


    Looking specifically at the model 500-196-30CAL calipers.


    These are offered with or without a calibration certificate.  The certificate costs about $25 more than without.


    Is there a difference in the calipers?  Do the calipers need to be certified for what we are doing in regards to reloading?


    I know that all of our calipers were calibrated annually in the Navy, but that was for dealing with machining parts.

  12. 2 hours ago, PowerRiverCowboy said:

     Well like Cheyenne town wise , the wind there makes it bad . I want to say Its one of the windiest cities in US , they dont Cow tip there they tip over 18 wheelers , seen many times in 20 miles 10-15 on the side.

    Yep.  When the roads get closed, she can stay parked at the Wal-Mart/Sam's Club she's delivering to or the Wal-Mart DC in Cheyenne.  Because she's a Crete driver, she also has the option of parking at their terminal in Cheyenne.  That why she likes driving out of there - always a safe parking area, not on the road like all the OTR drivers passing through.

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