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  1. I read part of a book about him that someone gave me for Christmas years ago. I didn’t like him before I read part of the book. I hated him after reading some of the book. I burned it. The guy was a punk. A piece of sh**! I have to agree that Nirvana did have a couple of good songs though.
  2. Well, it ain’t his line. He must have heard it from Neil Young. I personally disliked Cobain quite a bit. It’s my opinion he did the world a favor.
  3. That’s the joke. And Cobain didn’t say that quote either. For 3 points…Who Did?
  4. Why do people cover license plates in these photos. People should know what idiots to avoid on the road.
  5. Thank you I could not figure out the purpose of a clock like that. I learn something new every day.
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