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  1. Still an idiot. An inattentive idiot.
  2. I saw a Liberator at a gun show a few months back. The seller had a. $425 price tag on it. The guy had it in a display case. Upon closer inspection something just didn’t look right. It was a reproduction. The guy selling it came over and stated it was a reproduction then flipped up the little sign that said so on it. Someone had knocked it over. You can buy them here: https://vintageordnance.com/t/fp-45-liberator-pistol This actually looks like what he had for his display.
  3. I think I found another similar gun. BERETTA 21A BOBCAT .22 LR PISTOL, FLAT DARK EARTH - J212126 https://palmettostatearmory.com/beretta-21a-bobcat-22-lr-pistol-flat-dark-earth-j212126.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily_deals&utm_campaign=20230812&utm_term=morning&utm_content=
  4. I saw this in a doctor’s office this morning. My first thought was cell phones bursting into flames then I realized they meant vapers.
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