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  1. Pretty sure I would just kick it over for the dog. Verboten? Fuggetaboutit….
  2. Except in Bass Pro in Morgantown. At my old rail shop the doors took for ever to close. One day the elevator repair guy and an inspector were going over the two elevators. I told them the door close button didn’t work. They both claimed that they did. I stepped in. Hit the button for the 2nd floor then the door close button then we stood there staring at each other. Them outside, me in. The doors closed at about 30 seconds. Before they fully closed I stuck my hand between the doors and they opened. The repair guy said “You shouldn’t do that!” I said “You shouldn’t lie. NOW CHANGE THE (blanking) TIMER ON THE DOORS OR FIX THE CLOSE BUTTON!” Later he appeared in my office to tell me the timing has been reduced on doors closing. It was. Was there a law regarding this, @Cypress Sun?
  3. Oh Damn! I guess I’ll have to change it.
  4. I have heard them called “quick links”, “chain connectors”, “link connectors”. Mostly “Quick Links”. That’s what I call them and then you tell a coworker you need them they usually give you “that look” then I say, “You know, link connectors? Chain connectors? Those weird things that look like a chain link but you can unscrew that barrel so you can run it through a chain link to attach chains together or add hardware?” Then I get the half smile and the head nod and the “Oh yeah…” that kind of trails off like they have no idea but hope I will go find something else to do…like find the quick links we need.
  5. Ah…the things that become permanent with the right amount of pressure.
  6. Looks like someone has been eating the funny mushrooms.
  7. Y’all don’t have to buy or believe anything. I thought it was cool. I posted it.
  8. What’s an MRSB? Military Rifle, Short Barrel? Meals Ready to Share with Bears?
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