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  1. “Don’t Bug Me” Love the patch on there. An engineer I worked with would put a similar decal on things he worked on.
  2. See? Our corporations and money has made a positive impact on the economy…of China. HaHaHaHaHaHaaaaa Isn’t that funny?
  3. Probably not long after bouncing along the keel and being shredded by barnacles. There will be some relief once he hits the screws. At that point he’ll know the great secret… What happens after death.
  4. Joe, this is the “Funny Photos” thread. Not the “Inducing Nausea” thread.
  5. Tenor in 5…4…3…2… Bad Doggie See…”Bed Head” was in fashion nearly 2 centuries ago. and looked just as stupid then as it does now!
  6. Joe, that is one funky motorcycle. I will ride in pretty much any weather condition that doesn’t include ice. I remember once afternoon in Oregon trying to get home after it rained all morning then froze in the afternoon. We had below freezing temps for a while so the ground was frozen. The temps hit 34 then it rained then froze again. Black ice all around. The ride home was quite invigorating. I mostly road on the shoulder. Frozen icy gravel actually isn’t too bad to ride on but I had to cross a couple of bridges and in some spots there was no shoulder. I made it home without dumping the bike though. Good Times.
  7. I assume they are referring to Covid ruining kid’s graduations.
  8. While packing for one of our moves my daughter came to help. While she and my wife were going through boxes my daughter found a document in a light blue folder. She opened it and then she said “Dad, you had a will made up when you were in the Navy?” I said “Yes, we all did.” She looked at it again and said “Why?” ”Because, if you die in the service they need to know who to send the check to and the letters of condolence.” “It has Mom’s name as the beneficiary. They would send her a check? How much?” ”Fifty grand.” She just looked at my wife then me and she refolded the document and put it back in the box. Later I saw her hugging my wife. Apparently she was a little upset by this Will she found.
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