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  1. I’ll bet her customers are pleasant and tip her very well.
  2. I have seen blued guns with that purple patina. I have no idea what causes it. My S&W 442-1 has a purple patina in certain light, but only the barrel and cylinder. It is definitely not as pronounced as the revolver in the post @sassnetguy50posted. I actually rather like it.
  3. If you tell the dealer you want a stick they can get it or tell you where to get it. A buddy of mine in SoCal wanted a stick 4x4. He had to wait but he got one after about a month. If I buy a new truck it will probably be a Toyota. Sick of the other price gouging dealers charging 15-20K over MSRP.
  4. I gave up on them. I never received half of my mags and the last one I got was mostly about air guns. That was 2019, I think. Actually, the only gun mags I get now are American Rifleman and Concealed Carry. Both come because of memberships - NRA & USCCA
  5. I was trying to find some funny foxhole memes. All I kept finding were really stupid cartoons and memes about some silly video game. So, I typed this: “us military foxhole meme not punk video bull sh**” This was the 2nd image that popped up.
  6. I can tell you that this would never happen in my world. “Oh look! A camera! I better show ‘em what I can do.”
  7. Not funny but a really cool picture.
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