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  1. My Mom used one of those wringer washers until I was in 6th grade. 1971. After that we went to the Laundromat. Those damn wringer washers were dangerous. If you got a loose shirtsleeve in those wringers they could pull your hand / arm right in. They didn’t have a safety cutout.
  2. They take the acid out of the coffee. Makes for a better cup of coffee.
  3. @Tennessee Trapper Tom I just found these filters and ordered them on Amazon. I ran out and couldn’t find them in stores anywhere. Brew Rite Rockline Wrap Around Percolator Coffee Filters (Pack of 3) https://a.co/d/flWspiq
  4. #4 - I used to love those tables and chairs. If I could find a new set today I would buy them. #7 - We still use a crock pot, but it’s a modern one. #8 - I have one sitting in my kitchen on a shelf. Occasionally I use it. I don’t care what anyone says, perked coffee tastes better than drip. Think about it. What do you call someone that’s all milquetoast? A drip. What do you call someone that vibrant and full of life? Perky.
  5. Here are 29 photos of items from yesteryear. I remember them all. I am not sure if I actually miss any of them. How many do you remember? Do you have any to add? 1 This one has several items you don’t see any more. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 An entire shelf built literally just for a phone book: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Travel alarm clock - wind up 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
  6. Holy Cow, it just dawned on me why this car looked so familiar. It looks like (and may be) the Police Interceptor from “Mad Max”.
  7. What size is that bat-tree? It’s too big for electronics. I know. I know…I’ll let myself out…
  8. I just checked the Olight UV light you mentioned. That’s a cool light. I am putting that on my Christmas list. OLIGHT Arkfeld UV 365nm Black Light, 1000 Lumens White LED Flashlight, Rechargeable UV Flashlight for Camping, Outdoors, Emergency, Pet Urine Detection (Neutral White Light: 4000~5000K) https://a.co/d/hzWdLIA
  9. I had some of those in our “power outage emergency kit”. They worked great until I needed them. Not kidding. They got recycled.
  10. Those make good targets. I refuse to fool with funky flashlights. I grew up in a household where cheap crappy lights were the standard it seems. My Dad would buy these yellow and black flashlights at the hardware store then buy generic cheap batteries then complain the lights wouldn’t work right. Drove me nuts. Maybe that’s why I have decent flashlights at my house. Streamlight, Olights, a couple Maglites and the sleeper deal flashlights. Those Duracell flashlights they sell at Costco in the 3 pack. Those are darn good lights for the money. I have given quite a few of those away over the years to help out people. But I must say that for the money Olights are top notch. It just really ticked me off that they’re made in China.
  11. 72 Horsepower and you can ride it and it isn’t limited by the speed of an individual horse.
  12. I should have said “Amazing by today’s standards”
  13. Six horsepower pulling 2 people and a machine gun with ammo. Amazing.
  14. Thanks for the heads up T3. I sent Night Core a message from the US webpage and asked “Where are your lights manufactured?” They’re based out of Singapore. If they’re made in Singapore I may give them a try. I have a few lights made by Olight. When I first started purchasing their lights I was told they were made in South Korea. I was okay with that. Then I found out recently that this is not true. They are purely a Chinese company and all products are made in China. This ticked me off, but also it surprised me. Olight lights are excellent. They are tough, reliable and they work very very well. Something I do not expect from anything made in China. https://madefind.com/where-is-olight-made/
  15. I would like to know where I can get a Magnun revolver.
  16. Photos that show STUPIDITY And these people are among us.
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