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  1. Yes, it’s a 5 year card. I am not sure what one has to do to renew it, but the expiration date is on the card. I am not sure where mine is or I would snap a photo of it and post it here, with personal info blocked, of course.
  2. California has the Firearms Safety Certificate (card). You cannot buy a gun without taking a firearm safety test and showing the card to buy a gun. Any gun. Dang fumble fingers!
  3. Notice how derogatory the opposite of PC is yet the synonyms are so glowing. Just more proof of the stupidity and ignorance of those that consider themselves or practice being PC.
  4. That’s cool @Irish Pat I am looking forward to seeing an 1894 in .45 Colt. I was planning on buying a Henry X model, but decided to wait until Marlin releases the 1894 .45 Colt “Dark Series” in a carbine.
  5. I have no WiFi appliances. If I did I probably wouldn’t connect to them. We bought my daughter’s family a new washer for Christmas. It has WiFi. Have you ever read the complete Privacy and Use Statements on some of these things? Why would a washer need access to contacts and photos and such? I know it’s coming from the manufacturer, but why would GE need that info? Screw ‘em!
  6. If the info is correct why is it a problem? Because it’s “right wing”? I have an idea. Encounters are data they know or the number of people they know about. This is probably more like the reality.
  7. Hmmm…who was it that commented on my earlier post last month when I was praising the citizens for not complying? I believe they said something like “We’ll see when the deadline nears.” Well, it’s near…
  8. Note: I believe the Chinese are on to something in the photo below, but in this country we should do the same and call it “A**hole Parking”. It would be for large pickup trucks and douchebags in Euro-trash cars…the trucks could park on top of them so it’s a 2 for 1 deal. Whoa!
  9. Butter in the west is shorter 1/4 pound blocks. Butter in the east is long slender 1/4 pound sticks. Handing a cook butter sticks from the opposite coast will generate a look of confusion usually followed by “This is weird. What’s wrong with this butter.” Mayo: Hellman’s mayonnaise is sold in the east. Best Foods is sold in the west. They are both made by the same company. Many food products regulated by the Pennsylvania Dept. Of Agriculture weren’t sold west of the Mississippi up until the 1990’s. Why? I have no idea. For many years the Mississippi River was the dividing line for many products and it had something to do with federal regulations, I was told. Lunch meat that was made on the east coast could be sold on the west coast and vice versa. A company that made lunch meat on both coasts couldn’t ship lunch meat from an east coast plant to west coast customers. Weird FDA and state regs I guess.
  10. Onions rarely bother me when I’m cutting them up. My Mom, on the other hand, would look like she has been crying for hours by just cutting up nearly any onion.
  11. This is great. This kid thinks fast.
  12. I’ll bet she doesn’t cry when cutting onions.
  13. That is a cool sword, Wakizashi @Chantry.
  14. Judge Kozinski hit the nail on the head. Regarding the Nazis and their rise to power watch the series “Hitler’s Inner Circle”. History repeats itself. It just takes longer in California. The frogs are nearer to boiling every passing month.
  15. Sorry @Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 but that’s how I feel. Now, if they could just chop the state in 2 or 3 pieces…
  16. I read this morning that one of the biggest differences in a Tachi and the Katana was how they were worn or carried. Years ago an acquaintance of mine that was a sword collector explained pretty much what you said. He had a Katana and a Short Katana that he bought in a small town in Japan when his ship visited Japan. He was in the Navy. When he got it back to the states he discovered that he had one of those “less expensive real ones” but he loved his and he said it put most American made attempts at making them to shame. I wouldn’t mind a short sword to have in case any number of sci-fi flicks ever become a reality.
  17. **** California!I just spent a week there. If it wasn’t for family I would never set foot there again.
  18. Some images that helped me… I thought the Tachi looked like a Katana. Apparently they all look alike to me…still do… And just when I thought I was a little savvy… Then I found this: And then my eyes glazed over…
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