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  1. Howdy,

    I have always shot Rugers with shorter barrels than 7 1/2". Mostly 5 1/2". My current strong side holsters are for 5 1/2". They are Galco 1880's type holsters and gun belt.

    At my last match, the first match I used my new, old model 7.5" .45 Vaquero I used my "old" rig. When I drew my 7.5" on my right I had to do this strange move with my arm and the gun came out of the holster and kind of came back and to the side and the RO told me that I came really close to breaking the 170 and he recommended I move my holsters more to the front so that wouldn't happen and his suggestion worked but it was weird for me.


    Years ago I used to use a cross draw with a right strong side but switched to 2 strong side holsters on a typical gun belt so I could shoot Double Duelist and then Gunfighter. I am thinking about going back to a Crossdraw for a 5.5" Vaquero and a strong side right holster for the 7.5". I like to stay in the period of the 1880'a / 1890's for my attire and gear. I did look at a Buscadero rig for the 7.5" with a crossdraw or a left strong side for the 5.5" but I don't know if I would like the Buscadero. I found a maker/seller C&I (link below) that has a Mexican Loop type holster that would go with a traditional gun belt but the holster belt loop drops the holster down an inch or 2 for a longer barrel and I found that Mernickle has a "high performance" holster that utilizes a traditional belt but puts the gun down further on the side. The Mernickle rig looks a little "gamey" but I like the idea. I am not sure if I would like a Buscadero as it limits you on where you place your holster on the belt.


    Old West Cowboys & Indians - THIS is an example of what I was thinking -



    Mernickle High Performance



    My questions are:

    1) Does anyone have a recommendation for a traditional looking strong side holster and who makes it so that it drops the butt of the revolver down say about 2" or thereabouts?


    2) Has anyone ever switched from a traditional to a Buscadero with a crossdraw holster and how do / did you like it?


    3) Has anyone used a crossdraw for a longer barreled revolver and what are the pluses / minuses? If so, who made the holster?


    It seems like a lot of the major makers of holsters are not offering 7.5" holsters.


    Thank you for looking.


    Pat Riot :FlagAm:

  2. Glad you posted this John Boy. I use the same info Yusta B posted but I used some nifty labels I found at Office Depot. Long story short, I loaded up a bunch of 30-30 and 38-55 loads about 10 years ago. I was trying different powders and load combinations. They were all safe loads, nothing crazy. I stuck these labels on my plastic ammo boxes. Over the years of moving around those labels came "unglued". I had a box of plastic boxes full of cartridges and a bunch of loose labels floating around in the box with them.


    I use blue masking tape now.

  3. J. Bar Binks, thanks, but before I modify any gun I run it a bit to see how it works and then make changes... another "but" you aren't the first to tell me this so if / when I do make changes that would be the first one. Besides, doing a mod right off the bat doesn't give you anything to appreciate about the mod if you never get a chance to see what you improved. :D


    I found Rossi 92's at a couple of stores near me with a price of around $550. I have found some used ones for less but those were in .357 Magnum, mostly. The money is not so much a concern as I was willing to pay quite a bit more for a Marlin 1894 but after doing research on the actions I decided a 92 was it for me, especially after I found that they are available. Marlin 1894's NEW in .45 Colt are not. By "new" I mean after RemLin figured out they had a problem and retooled. They have only released the .44 Magnum, or that is all that's available now. In 2015 Marlin said that the .45 Colt chambering would be offered by the "end of the year". That must not have occurred because I highly doubt they all got bought up to where there are none available. Since Marlin doesn't seem to have email that one can ask questions I have only what I can find on-line. I have decided that unless I know for sure a Marlin with the JM stamp hasn't been abused or shot a lot that I will forego buying a used one.


    Besides, and this is a silly thing, John Wayne carried the 92 and loved it. I do love my Winchester 94 .357 and I like it's lines, just as the 92 has a sleek outline and low weight. People always tell me at matches when I use my 94 that I need a "faster gun". I just smile because I understand they mean well but I just love that gun. I figure I will love the 92 just as much if not more. Yeah, I'm weird. Speed is not my only goal. Having a great, safe time is...but if I can impress myself with a 92, all the better. ;)


    Another funny thing is I do "buy American" in almost everything except motorcycles but there are no American made 92's from what I can tell, unless used...and old. I got real excited about a Winchester 92 that I found on-line at one of the gun sites but when I saw the $1500 price tag my interest crashed.


    JW Sinclair, that is one pretty stock. Funny thing is John Henry Quick says the image link is dead but I could see it on my iPhone earlier but not on this cursed PC of mine. I think it's the PC and the software.


    Tom Bullweed, thanks but I want to load .45 Colt in my rifle that is adequate for what I want it for. I do not intend to go all out and max out the pressures but I want a load that I can feel confident in. I do not think I would feel confident with a standard .45 Colt load in regards to hunting deer where big kitty-cats roam. I have stared down a cougar in the wild. The .270 bolt action Winchester in my hands all of a sudden didn't give me a lot of confidence. I wasn't carrying a sidearm. I can cycle a lever gun pretty fast, not a bolt gun. As a matter of fact, I despise bolt guns. I no longer own any. Just as I do not like semi-autos. No gun has ever let me down like a semi-auto. I do intend to buy a 45-70 but that is another topic for another time. Thank you for your concern. I do appreciate it.


    Best Regards to all,

    Pat Riot :FlagAm:

  4. Nate Kiowa Jones, Thank you for your input. You pretty much confirmed what I thought but wasn't sure of and I appreciate you taking the time.


    I looked at the actions of all the various SASS legal long guns in drawings and photos and some of my own experience working on them, though my experience with 66's and 73's was quite brief and limited but I knew that they would not work for me for what I am looking for. Also, I do not want to reinvent the wheel by trying to modify a rifle to do things that it's design would not allow. I may not be pretty but I like my face the way it is and especially my eyes and hands. I am not one to push the envelope (too much ;) ) when it comes to firearms.


    Original Lumpy Gritz and Warden Callaway, Thank you. I do like Marlins very much and I have owned a few. They definitely have their pluses and I will get another someday. I have no designs on mounting a scope. Maybe I am a little old fashioned but I have never had a lot of luck with scopes but this gun wouldn't be used for anything that I feel warrants a scope. I have other scoped rifles if I need optical assistance B)


    Griff, J. W. Sinclair and Jabez Cowboy, Thank you for your input regarding 92's.


    Griff, I would love to get a nice 1885 but if I do it will probably be a 45-70...a .45 would be a bit slow loading on the clock for CAS :rolleyes:


    JW, the convenience of loading and shooting smaller cartridges in a rifle such as .38 Specials in a .357 Magnum gun or a .44 Special in a .44 Magnum has never been a "convenience" for me. They are okay in a revolver but if I want .38 ballistics in my .357 I load down for power but keep the cartridge length the dimension the rifle was designed for.


    I do appreciate everyone's input. Thank you.


    Pat Riot :FlagAm:

  5. Wow, this is all great info. Thank you all very much.


    I did look for an older Marlin but it seems that all the ones I have found weren't well taken care of or had some issue that made them undesirable to me. I am in no great hurry right now. Patience is a good thing.


    Heck, maybe I'll end up with a '92 and a Marlin and can make my own comparison...who knows, but I really do appreciate all the feedback.


    Widowmaker, thanks for the pointers on .454 brass. That's a good idea.

  6. Lumpy, I agree regarding the Marlin and cleaning AND if Marlin does make a .45 Colt, like they claim they were going to at the beginning of this year, I still may buy one.


    Mr. Browning's designs don't bother me and neither do intricate designs of other firearms. I can disassemble, repair and reassemble a '94 in very short order. I am sure a '92 won't be that difficult.

  7. Thank you, Pards.


    Garrison Joe,

    5" at 100 would be just okay and so would minute of hog vitals, or deer vitals. Obviously tighter is better but 5" wouldn't break my heart but it would be disappointing if that was the best I could ring out of it with handloads.


    I have a Winchester '94 in .357 that is accurate as all get out with the right loads but I like a little more Umph in bear, cat and scoundrel country. I do have other hunting rifles but I want a .45 Colt firing lever gun just because...

  8. Howdy,

    I have some questions about the Rossi 92.

    I am looking to get a new rifle for CAS. I have been wavering between a Marlin 1894 and an 1892. I can't justify the cost of a Winchester '92 nor am I interested in any '66's or '73's.

    I say this because I do not intend to solely use it for SASS. I want a strong action for non-SASS ammo. I will be shooting .45 Colt but I will be loading some hot loads for hunting and for big varmint medicine, be they varmints in the 2 or 4 legged class, when I am out and about in the woods. I do intend to "slick it up" a bit but not to the "race gun" standard that Nate Kiowa Jones mentions on his site. In other words I will deburr the working surfaces and that is it. The springs stay as they are.


    So, on to my questions

    1. Is the action of the Rossi 92 as strong as a Winchester's?

    2. Is the Rossi cartridge length sensitive or are they okay as long as the cartridges are within SAAMI specs?

    3. Is the rifling on Rossi barrels suitable for accuracy out to 100 yards?


    I know the Marlin 1894 has a strong action, not as strong as Win '92's but stronger than most other pistol cartridge lever guns and that would be my second choice but only if it's a newly manufactured one after RemLim made all their machinery updates. OR an older gun made before 2006 or 2007 but it would have to be in fine shape for me to consider it. Currently they are only making .44 Magnum chambered rifles, from what I can glean from the Internet.


    Anyway, those are my questions.


    Thank you,

    Pat Riot

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