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  1. Misty Moonshine emailed me back, will look into it. She too does not know why we cant post direct, has heard different reasons. she is going to get back to us, but will probably be after the first of the year.

    Fantastic. Thank you Hoss...and Thank you too, Misty.

  2. I disagree on that comment.

    I have been to three gun shows in the last month and there was lots of 92s.

    If you go on Gunbrokers there are lots of 92s.


    The real complait should be Not everyone is giving them away anymore.

    They are great guns and with a little spring work .

    They can be made to run pritty very well.


    Before short stroke kits come about for 66s and 73s.

    The best fastest rifles was a 92 and a Marlin.


    Alot of cowboys just hang on to there 92s now.

    Not every one is about speed and most cowboys cant out run the 92 anyways.


    But there is a lot of 92s New out there.

    And the New Marlins are pretty good now also.


    You all have a Marry Christmas now you hear !

    I agree with you on Gun Broker but if you want to buy a new one from a distributor or a gun store you can get carbines easily enough but the supply of 20" and 24" rifles is nil.


    A lot of folks won't / don't buy guns at auctions for one reason or another. In my area there are none and there are none at the last 3 gun shows I have been to. Not sure why.

  3. Those lakes can be treacherous.


    One of the most impressives things i ever witnessed was the break up of the ice on Lake Michigan in the Spring. Waves coming in and ice sheets slamming together and the wind! Man that was awesome and scary, but a very cool kind of scary.

  4. I first post a photo on Facebook, then here. Easy peasy.

    • Right click on the FB photo.
    • From the pop-up menu, select Properties.
    • Copy the address.
    • In the text box here, click the square Image Properties icon.
    • Paste the address there.


    I do not know why we cannot post directly from our PCs. That question has been asked many times.


    I don't do Facebook either...and soon Grog and me make fire.... :D

  5. Pat--- You'll notice when you go to a Pards pic of gun etc. many times if you continue to click on the arrow for the next picture, it scrolls thru every one he/she has in photo bucket. Some have been interesting to say the least ;)

    Just one more reason for me not to use it. Thanks Eyesa.

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  6. I wish we could post direct. I've tried the photo bucket route, no joy. I can post pictures direct to Facebook, craigslist, emails etc, why not direct to this forum? I've heard it takes up too much bandwidth....whatever that is..... but I don't really know. Seems like if we can send a man to the moon we ought to be able to fix this. If its a question of $$$$, I bet most of us would pony up a few bucks a year to pay for the privilege.


    What say you SASS?



    I had a Photobucket account and then one day a photo of my boat and my truck appeared in an ad for a company in Florida. Not such a big deal except it made me wonder what other photos of mine were floating around out there. I deleted my account and that was the end of that.


    I can't post photos here so I don't. No biggy...but it would be nice.

  7. Utah Bob, Interned, interred, you got my point. I think i made a mistake and my lovely auto correct, which is now inactive, kept making my mistake for me. Haha


    I think a lot of it had to do with ignorance of culture and prejudice in regards to why Japanese citizens were put away in much higher numbers. That and perhaps familiarity with German culture. If you look back the "official" language of the US almost became German, not English during the time the Founding Fathers were developing our country. English is our official language regardless of what revisionists say.

  8. I use a slide that hold 8 rounds. Each round is in it's own loop but it's spaced between each 2 like as if there is an empty loop between 2 singles on a belt. I also have a belt. On that I just load up how ever many rounds I think I will need and grab from the left, 2 at a time. I tried the 2 shell loops and like McCandless mentioned, it gets fumbly that way because the rounds aren't spaced when you pull them.

  9. No, it saved no lives. Note the record of the Japanese americans who served, for example the 442nd RCT. Most decoated unit in the Army. The Japanese immigrants were so determined to be Americans that many of their children were not even taught Japanese. When the military tried to recruit interpreters from the camps they found many young men who they thought would be fluent spoke only broken Japanese. They had to actually be sent to language school.


    And it's very telling that although the Japanese were interned, There were no camps for German or Italians.








    There were German and Italian camps but the numbers were much lower in population.

  10. I am a static magnet. When it's dry and cold the worst thing I can wear is anything poly, especially fleece.


    I remember years ago I was in NC and it was in the 30's and very dry. I was wearing a fleece liner in my rain jacket. I walked up to a liquor store door and as I reached for the door an arc come from my hand to the door handle that was at least 15" long, I kid you not. Made my arm numb and hurt like crazy/ People inside the store asked "What the heck was that?" when I walked in. They could hardly believe it, even though they saw it. From that day on I exited my truck by grabbing the door metal and then setting my foot on the ground but I still get zapped if I am wearing synthetics.

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