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  1. My uncle told me he used shoe polish in a tin to heat his C rations.


    I always wondered where "rock or something" came from. I used that term on a procedure I wrote once years ago :-) My boss got a kick out of it.

  2. Now my top pick for the best of all S&Ws ever made is: Model 19-3 or 19-4 "Combat Magnum."


    I've been eyeing a new Model 60 with 3-inch barrel. But, I don't need another S&W revolver..... :blush:


    I have a 19-4 with a 6" barrel. Been tempted to trade it in for a 27 or a 586 but I have a feeling I would regret that.


    I have the model 60 Pro with the 3" barrel and the full length stocks. Boy is that a nice carry / kit gun. It's light and slim.


    By the way, "needs" has nothing to do with it... :-)

  3. Trigger Mike, that's great! I have always been partial to S&W revolvers. I have always wanted a 586. Last Christmas I decided that I would get all the S&Ws wheel guns that I have always wanted. This year I have gotten models 19, 36, 10, 17 and a 60 Pro. I already had a 442 and a 327. . The 586, 25 and 27 are in the works. These will take me a bit longer so I figure I will have them in a couple years. I passed on my S&Ws for too many years because of one reason or another but this last year I sold a bunch of safe queens to get some guns I really wanted. Oh, i also got some cowboy guns but the S&Ws were just because I wanted them. If I can't afford all 3 of the last ones I reallly want then 1 of them will do nicely. I don't want to spoil myself... ;-)


    Congrats on your new toy.


    Merry Christmas

  4. I need a pull from that jug to keep me from snitzen.


    The deer traveled up, carting the sleigh

    Lots of happy kids will smile this day


    The list that he carries names naughty and nice

    But they'll all get presents, he didn't think twice.

  5. Gun or guns I most regret? Hmmm...



    AR-15s, 3 of 'em. - caught the bug. Useless implements as far as I am concerned.

    Glock 19 - didn't like it one bit.

    S&W 22S - too many reasons to waste time on.



    Huglu "Liberty" shotgun - got it at an auction. Supposed to have been new. 50 rounds of Win. AA shells loosened it right up and stock cracked.

  6. Army GI,

    If it's a longer sight radius you are looking for perhaps a tang mounted sight? Brownell's has a Marbles tang nounted sight for the Big Boy.


    Ranger Point Precision in Texas offers custom sights for Henry's as well as other things. They offer custom Marlin work too...including barrels. Pershps they can help you. I found them on Google.


    Did any of you "nay-sayers" consider the man wants what he wants?

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  7. I shot my new tifle today. Man is it sweet. I shot some cowboy loads and some different jacketed factory rounds including the Leverevoltion rounds and this gun is more accurate than i am with all of them. The faster loads hit point of aim. The cowboy loads shot a little high but nice tight groups! I have a definite keeper on my hands :-)


    Thanks for the powder advice. Looks I wil be getting out my cookbooks...yeehaw!

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  8. I shot a Henry today. A .22 carbine. Fine little rifle. I am buying one. If that little .22 is any indication of the larger rifle's workmanship I'd say they also might be worth a look for a hunting rifle or a truck gun. That 45-70 I saw at the gun shop might just be in my future as well.

  9. Excellent. Thank you all.


    Funny, in all my years of dealing with guns and ammo I never had to ship ammo so I was concerned it would be difficult or even not possible.


    This info helps a great deal...besides, I didn't want to lug all this to the USPS, UPS or FedEx and find out the on-line info was out of date or wrong.

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