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  1. Yellow River Dance

    Honestly, I couldn't take but about 1/2 minute of that. I did fast forward to see the line dancing for about 5 or 6 seconds.

    It's not that I didn't think it was humorous, it was...a little, but unless there are smokin' hot ladies involved I think it's quite Fruity.

  2. Very true, Isom Dart.

    It seems that some people have no couth when it comes to how they act on line...or probably anywhere.

    The best people that I have ever known, as a whole, are here in SASS and on the Wire.

  3. Not to hi-jack your thread here Deuce but I haven't been able to find a manual that gives very good instructions on Disassembly and Reassembly of S&W revolvers.

    I don't want to learn by trial and error but I have a couple of older revolvers that I would like to re-do the springs as they are weak.

    Do any of you know a good resource for this that also list the special tools needed?


    My apologies for the hi-jacking.


    Pat Riot

  4. That is the loading block dispenser. You stack up to 8 loading blocks in there, one on top of the other and as you need them you pull the bottom block out and the others drop down and the next block is ready to go. When you finish at the unloading table you just put the empty block back in the top of the dispenser and after the match your empty blocks will be ready to reload again.

    That is such a cool idea, Yul.


    Beautiful cart.

  5. It amazed me that people that had nothing to do with the chase went towards the vehicle rather than the opposite direction as it passed by. That crazy drunk person could have had a car full of explosives.


    I found the video interesting at the end of the video, At the bottom left corner there is a video labeled "what lies below" it has a shot of a woman in a yellow bikini under water. It's a video of a guy on a beach with and underwater metal detector finding all sorts of things, including jewelry underwater at a beach.


    When I inspect that code, I get this:


    Now, all of that means mumbo-jumbo to me. BUT!! If you read through the code you can see in the second one where it says jpg - the first picture (from Amazon Prime) doesn't and appears to be redirected through a temporary link.


    Yes, it is only a link. I guess I learned 2 things today. One about photo sharing and the other was about Rossi 92's and 44-40 problem resolving :)


    I refuse to use Facebook so I am a "link-user" :D

  7. Thanks for posting this topic Mr. Riot. It got me to thinking about how much I hate photobucket. I also have Amazon Prime but never used the storage service, until now. Check out the nice no-dash 686 I left in the Test thread at the Saloon. Thanks again, to all.



    You are quite welcome. :)


    Hi-Jacking my own thread here. THAT is a nice 686. You Gents and you 686's are making me want to go out and get one. I have always been partial to 586's but a 686 might just be the thing to round out my S&W .38/.357 collection ;)

  8. Pat Riot


    Pard get yourself some big ,I mean BIG life insurance policy and she might just find it easyer to let you go ride that new KLR 650.......



    Jabez Cowboy

    You are too funny :lol:

    I made a joke like this to my wife a few months back and she didn't get it...I did get some dirty looks and a bit of a tongue lashing. :blink:


    I have tried to live the last few years following one of my favorite Clint Eastwood lines "A man has got to know his limitations". It has helped keep me in check, haha.

    Maybe I should get that tattooed on the back of my hand..... :P



    I am still envious. That is one pretty motorcycle. :)



    I really do have to start reading my comments before I click post...I am a fumble-fingers...

  9. Allie,

    That method doesn't work with Amazon Prime but thanks for posting it. I tried that and I get a message that says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." when I click "POST".


    That's okay. At least there is a way to link a photo if I wish to do so. I want to post a couple things in the "Classifieds" and I would like to be able to post braggin' photos once in a while :D

  10. Does anyone use Amazon Prime Photos for posting photos here on the Wire?

    I know that Photobucket and Imgur are popular but I have Amazon Prime and it comes with a free photo service. I would like to use that for posting photos here on the Wire, if that is possible..


    If you head over to the Saloon you will see a thread called "Test". It's pinned at the top of the list. Allie Moe, James and Tyrel Cody are / were trying to come up with a way that we could load photos directly rather than use a photo sharing service. It appears that with the way this system is set up that this isn't possible at this time. I appreciate their efforts, Thanks very much Allie, James and Tyrel.


    I could have asked them this question there but a lot of you folks do not frequent the Saloon and I thought t would be nice if you knew the effort that they are putting into this issue on everyone's behalf. Being the computer / internet Luddite that I am, in some regards, I need all the help I can get


    Have a great day.


    Pat Riot



    I cheated, I followed the link in the comment on the video.



    :lol: Haha...That's funny. I never thought of that :lol:


    And here I thought you were some kind of wizard or something with all those fancy graphics and such :D

  12. I like all motorcycles. They all have their strong points. The type of bike one gets depends upon a lot of things... You ought to go down and find a Triumph America.... it is the "Crusier" version of the Bonneville... it sit very much like a Vulcan. I almost bought one................. and I may just get one of them too. ................... OUCH! My wife just hit me up side the head!



    Me too. I have ridden all types of bikes. I looked at the America but the Vulcan just fit me. Hard to explain but the overall ergonomics work for me. When I decided on a Cruiser, after checking out the Triumphs and everything else, I tried every 900 and larger Cruiser out there as well. The Vulcan won out. My days of canyon bombing on crotch rockets and raising cain on dirt bikes are over...unfortunately.


    I do want to get a Kawasaki KLR650 as well but my wife knows my plans for it and doesn't want me tearing up the timber trails out where there is no cell service or civilization. I guess I showed my hand in that regard talking with a salesman at the dealership. She's afraid I will go down somewhere out in the woods and will have no way to communicate. I guess she wants to keep me around a bit longer...for some reason. :)

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