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  1. Here are the rules: 1. You can only post Memes. 2. You can react to the Memes with the Smiley Emoticon Thingies. 3. If you don’t know what a Meme is Duck it or Google it. 4. Any comments that do not include a Meme will result in mocking and persecution. ^^^ This is a GIF...not a meme ^^^
  2. Howdy, I have some questions about the Rossi 92. I am looking to get a new rifle for CAS. I have been wavering between a Marlin 1894 and an 1892. I can't justify the cost of a Winchester '92 nor am I interested in any '66's or '73's. I say this because I do not intend to solely use it for SASS. I want a strong action for non-SASS ammo. I will be shooting .45 Colt but I will be loading some hot loads for hunting and for big varmint medicine, be they varmints in the 2 or 4 legged class, when I am out and about in the woods. I do intend to "slick it up" a bit but not to the "race gun" standard that Nate Kiowa Jones mentions on his site. In other words I will deburr the working surfaces and that is it. The springs stay as they are. So, on to my questions 1. Is the action of the Rossi 92 as strong as a Winchester's? 2. Is the Rossi cartridge length sensitive or are they okay as long as the cartridges are within SAAMI specs? 3. Is the rifling on Rossi barrels suitable for accuracy out to 100 yards? I know the Marlin 1894 has a strong action, not as strong as Win '92's but stronger than most other pistol cartridge lever guns and that would be my second choice but only if it's a newly manufactured one after RemLim made all their machinery updates. OR an older gun made before 2006 or 2007 but it would have to be in fine shape for me to consider it. Currently they are only making .44 Magnum chambered rifles, from what I can glean from the Internet. Anyway, those are my questions. Thank you, Pat Riot
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