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  1. Augustus you look like a preacher in that froth coat. Why don't we have a fine meal and discuss some philosophy. I want my son Newt to be with me to hear it too. Woodrow, what has happened to you???
  2. I hear you pard, if it's real LOVE, and I know you mean that it is, hey, We both know, Life is soo goood!
  3. OK, I know this is the wrong forum to put this on but if you are like me, you only look on this classifieds so, hey, I'm just saying to:: Kiss an Angel Good Morning!! My life is the best now !!
  4. Howdy Pards, I'm old and I want to give away happiness, So what am I talking about?? I'm talking about waking up in the morning and smelling, COFFEE AND BACON!! Yes, I know I'm old but if you have a lady that love's you like I do then you UNDERSTAND!!!
  5. Come on pards, we shoot this sport because we want to have fun,,(You guys that only care about winning , ok, you are shooters and so you are still cool) you know, get away from the day to day crap, let's just have fun. Hey back in the day at Tyler Texas Peacemaker shoots I shot all black powder dualist and for several years I was as the Pres. said the club clown, I was there to have fun and I didn't care what place I got, it was so much fun! hey, who wants to have fun???
  6. Just leave off the rear sight on that ROA and you have enough to get a good sight picture with what's left and guess what, you really do have fixed sights. I did this and when questioned said, look at it, it ain't got now rear sight at all ! and so I shot in the duallist catagory everytime. Now, my spelling ain't wright are it?!?!
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