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  1. To my knowledge the range at 3 Points is open.  There haven't been any SASS matches held there in about 10 years. 


    Pima Pistol Club is holding a match this Saturday (2nd Saturday of the month).


    Take care, 


  2. 1 hour ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Above is your statement. You state "what did I miss". Not how many...therefore this means which target(s) were missed. 


    You then state that they (the spotters), should all have the same answer.


    So tell me exactly what I'm making up. Try to do it without the personal attacks...not "Cowboy" at all.


    Looking forward to your response.



    The spotters should be able to say rifle or pistol miss.  Even multiples of whichever.  Specific targets, no. 

    The OP is trying to find out how to "discuss" misses.  The TO is the main man, but he needs input from the spotters to try to answer the shooters question.


    You are right, I was way off base and I apologize to you.


    Take care,


  3. 39 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Oh really?


    So what if the shooter had both a rifle and a pistol miss?? One spotter didn't see the rifle miss and the other didn't see the pistol miss... Your answer...??


    So your belief that all the spotters should have the same answer on what was missed is 100% wrong.



    You seem to be great on making things up as you go.  Maybe,  just maybe,  if your head wasn't so far up the dark side you'd be able to read and comprehend what was printed. 


    Have a great day. 



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  4. 1 hour ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:


    But PLEASE DO NOT THINK or DEMAND that all spotters agree on what they saw!!!!



    I didn't say anything of the kind.  The TO is the chief range officer.   If you have something to discuss,  he is the one to go thru.  And the spotters should be able to say, at the very least, that it was a rifle or pistol target that was missed.


    For me, if I'm called a miss I ask one of the spotters as I walk off.  No argument,  just my knowledge. 





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  5. 1) you don't argue,  you discuss. 

    2) ask the TO "what did I miss?"  He should pose that question to the spotters.  They should all have the same answer. 

    3) move issues to the side, don't lock up the firing line. 



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  6. 17 hours ago, SGT. ELI 35882 GUNFIGHTER said:

    Just watched 10,000 Winchester small pistol primers sell for $1500 + shipping on GunBroker.

    Wow. About 2 weeks ago I picked up 2k Federal and 1k CCI small pistol primers at about $35/k.

    Just bought some 22lr off Gunbroker, not a great price but not extreme either.  My grandson is shooting up my 22s, so I've got to get them. 


    Take care, 


  7. I made it through 18 years before I got sea sick.  I knew that I was in trouble when I could feel the ship (Perry class frigate) rolling.  I was new onboard, not qualified for a watch station, so I had taken a break in the wardroom.  I looked out the porthole and we were still in Tokyo harbor with about 3 foot swells.  So, when we did hit some bad weather, it was really bad.  We were on our way to South Korea for some Christmas shopping and the Captain called off the trip.


    It was much better in the Spruance class destroyers.  They had a sea-water compensation system: used sea water to fill the fuel storage tank banks as you used up the fuel.  As you burned fuel you actually sat lower in the water.  We were in 20 foot seas and really didn't feel it.  Just a little rolling.  Oh, the good old days.



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  8. Around here 9mm brass & bullets are both in short supply.  Loaded 9mm ammo is almost non-existent.


    About 15 years ago I was going to start reloading 9mm and picked up components at gun shows, etc.  The first time I set up to load the powder overflowed the case.  Soooo, I put everything away.  Now I've pulled all that stuff out and dusted it off.  Rolled 1500 rounds off in fairly short order (no overflows - never did figure that out).


    Until all this rioting, COVID, and election get over it will be buy it if you need it, hoard it if you can.


    Take care and stay safe,


  9. You've got to be creative.  I found a pawnshop that had a good selection of primers.  I picked up 2k Federal and 1k CCI small pistol primers.  Don't know what they'd have now, cause I passed the info on. 

    Stopped at the local Sportsmans Warehouse and zero primers. 


    When I looked up the address for Federal,  it's on the northwest side of Minneapolis.  Makes you wonder how the riots affected their operations. 



  10. If you swap the holsters around so that the buckle is in the back, she'd have easier access to the cartridges for reloading.   Just a thought. 



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  11. 23 hours ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:

    well now , it seems some of the Navy folks be a mite touchy 


      and YES , I be grunt , 11B20  INF blue through and through 


      CB :FlagAm:

    I suppose that for grunts we could add pictures.  :)


    If memory serves me, a boat is less than 120 feet long.  A ship is over 120 feet.  And there are those other boats that are made to sink (and come back up).



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