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    My "adorables," laughing, CAS, dressing up, the great outdoors, painting, sewing, dogs, camping, traveling, gardening, did I mention dressing up......life is good. I choose to be happy; it's just that with life so short and unpredictable happy is better.

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  1. The long gun prize is an antique Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Rifle, manufactured circa January 1880 and appears to be all original. The model 1873 was the first trapdoor Springfield chambered for the powerful and famous .45-70 GOVT cartridge. The trapdoor rifle was the primary weapon in the U.S. military from the end of the Civil War to the end of the 19th Century, encompassing the Indian Wars and even the Spanish-American War in Cuba. The overall condition of this rifle is fine. The breech block is case colored. The blue on the barrel has turned dark over the years and has surface freckles on most metal parts. All markings are clear and legible with matching serial number date with 1880 cartouche date. The SWP cartouche is for Samuel W. Porter, the chief armorer at Springfield. The walnut stock shows use but remains solid with no splits or cracks. The bore is bright and shiny with sharp rifling. The action works excellent and is strong and crisp. It also comes with a original socket bayonet but is missing the sheath. Valued at $1600.00 Here is a fantastic example of an Indian Wars Trapdoor 1873 by Springfield Armory! This firearm is a true piece of history and is considered an antique (pre-1898) so no background check is needed.
  2. Prissy was Scarlett's maid but not Mammy's child. "The reason Prissy claims to know all about midwifery is that her mother, Dilcey (a Tara house servant who's not in the film), is also a midwife. Prissy, however, has never been allowed to participate." Excerpt from Gone With The Wind: The definitive illustrated history of the book, the movie, and the legend by Herb Bridges and Terryl C Boodman. So now we all know.
  3. A little late to the party but thought I'd give my two cents worth. I'm not a fast shooter but don't care to be (save that for those who like being 1st) and I'm not necessarily a clean shooter though I have been at times. I just enjoy going out and having fun with great pards who enjoy the same game. I'm probably the exception but I like all kinds of stages, don't worry if I get a "P" (which is rare) because brain fog happens to all of us. I'd be more likely to get a "P" on every stage if we had to say the line exactly (I can't remember a line to save my skin) but there's always something that will pop out and hopefully bring a laugh or smile. I have won in my category but when they announce my name I usually think they are kidding; I don't ever check to see who is in the category with me so I'm probably alone . I realize there are folks out there who like to build their egos with difficult stages but sometimes folks perceive a stage as difficult because they have to think a bit more than they want to and/or are unfamiliar with a sweep name or terminology. You must find your Vanna White to show the way through. I just wish they'd put in more shotgun targets......
  4. We have made some updates to the contests so take a look. We've had some great response and I understand the registration forms will be out very soon. YaY!
  5. No registration forms yet we just want to get the information out for the costume events. Think Kilts and Pinkerton's for your costuming pleasure. Join us on Facebook for up-to-date information. Hope to see you there.
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