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  1. Hey Max.... I'm also 69+, been there, done that. Every time out with guys it turned into a race. After coming back from Tahoe at speeds well over 100 mph.... with my wife on the back, she just said one thing.. "That was too fast". I agreed, sold the XR Suzuki and NEVER did that stupid stuff again. Now I just enjoy a nice easy ride. The T100 is perfect for that... and, if I want kick it up just a little, there is enough there to enjoy without being crazy.

  2. They do look great, and we started out using rebar but have changed all of our stands to rolled steel to cut down on the feedback that comes from hitting the stand. As long as the shooter hits the target, it is just fine. Unfortunately some of us miss now and then and hit the stand. The ridges give you all kinds of erratic rebounding. We found that using them for rifle stands was certainly better than pistol stands... but with today's close targets it might not matter.



  3. I too see a fewer Cross Draw's in use. I've used a Cross Draw rig for 25 yrs. I am in the process of recovering from hand surgery and when I am ready to make my "Comeback", I plan to attempt to use two Strong Side holsters... It will be a Major change for me after 25 yrs of choreographing my game to play to the Cross Draw style holsters, and re-training muscle memory is not going to be easy. for me. I have always stood sideways to the line in order to not have to do the "Twist", and always draw the Cross Draw first. This has allowed me to make a faster move to the Right... I'm already facing that direction, and putting the Cross Draw away with the off hand can easily be done on the move. However, for me it is a detriment on a Right to Left stage. I do believe that using two Strong Side holsters opens up more possibilities for the shooter. Many of the newer style Strong Side holsters make it easier to perform handgun transfers from one hand to the other. I encourage new shooters to start out with two Strong Side holsters. It goes a long way toward keeping the Cross Draw gun from breaking the 180.








  4. I have not used Top Brass in 45 Colt. However I do have some mixed into my buckets of 38 special brass. Every time one finds its way into the hopper of my Dillon 650 case loader, and then down the case loading tube it will jamb up my loader because the base is too thick to enter the shell plate. For that reason, when I find them I put them into the discard bin.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Had a 1957 Triumph Cub, a 1960 650 TR6, 1967 650 Bonneville, 1969 Norton 750 Roadster, 1975 Norton 850 Hi-Rider, & later another 1975 Norton 850 Hi-Rider. I'm currently trying to resist buying a 2017 Bonneville T120 that I was drooling over in the showroom yesterday. I thought I was thru riding when I sold my 2007 Screamin' Eagle Ultra & my 2009 Concours about 6 months ago, but I'm starting to get withdrawal shakes.

    Max... I would sure like to have one of them Nortons! I looked at the 2017 T100 and T120, both water cooled and 270 cranks. I was agonizing about which way to go. I was a little apprehensive of the new motor.. although I'm sure it's a dandy, but will be more convinced after it's been down the road a piece. I was drooling hard over a New 2016 T100 which are being offered at some pretty good deals, and then this guy brings in this 2014 (same exact bike), that he bought new for his wife in 2014... well, she got sick and passed away with only 600 mi on it, so he brought it back to the deal to sell for him... the price was just great, so I jumped on it. It is not fast like those Japanese Crotch Rockets, but it is very quick and agile ... compared to the Old Bonneville it is a Rocket, and IMO, is loaded with Class. I think you ought jump on one and just feel the Retro Vibes.



  6. I wanted a Triumph but I was torn between the Scrambler and the T100 or a Vulcan 900. I ended up with a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT because I have arthritis in my hips now. The seat and sitting position on the Triumph caused my hips to hurt only after sitting on the bike a few minutes. Oh, I am not complaining. I am very happy with my bike but I am envious :)


    I hope you have many happy and safe miles on your new Christmas toy, Snakebite.

    I like all motorcycles. They all have their strong points. The type of bike one gets depends upon a lot of things... You ought to go down and find a Triumph America.... it is the "Crusier" version of the Bonneville... it sit very much like a Vulcan. I almost bought one................. and I may just get one of them too. ................... OUCH! My wife just hit me up side the head!



  7. Details PLZ :excl:^_^


    This is one of the new generation Triumph Bonnevilles. It is made to resemble the originals but with a lot of modern upgrades. It is air and oil cooled. Holds a gallon+ of oil, and has a large Oil cooler to keep things where they should be. I had one back in the 60s... I think that I pushed it as much as I rode it, seemed like I worked on it all the time to keep it going, and had to keep a pan under it to catch the oil leaks. These new ones are a heck of lot better, and have a lot more power. It is 865 cc over-square engine with a 360 degree crank that develops plenty of HP and mid range torque. It does have a counter balancer so that 360 does not hop around at all. It is quite smooth and sounds like a twin should. Those Carbs are phony!, Yep, it is fuel injected, and they are made to look like carbs.Has a input port to change the fuel maps... but I see no need to do that. I've had so my bikes that I can not remember all of them... from small to large, Many big Touring bikes, Crotch Rockets, Dual Sports, Dirt bikes, and a variety of street bikes. I must say that this one handles better than any of them that I can remember. (although my old BSA was pretty nice) I went to buy a new 2016 but they had this 2014 with only 600 mi on it! The 2014 is the identical bike as the 2016. I didn't want the 2017 Bonneville because they are a totally different machine which is larger and has different motor, water cooled, 270 degree crank and cost about twice what I paid for this one. So.................... I got rid of the Honda CTX1300D. Dropping 300# in raw weight was sure nice. I no longer plan to do the long tours so didn't need the big touring bike. This bike just fits the bill here in my mountain area. It's plenty quick, and nimble as a Cow dog. I think that it will be just what I want.

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  8. My memory of this issue may not be correct,and I have finally discarded most of the notes that I had of the many discussions while I was the Chair of the ROC. But my recollections are that the revolver in question was disapproved for use in SASS competition, at least in the USA. I'm sure that PW has his notes.... he has notes from the first Sand Box meeting in his Kindergarten class!



  9. I have two Marlin 32 H&R rlfles. Tired of them jambing. Work perfectly sometimes then they will lock up. Wife say NO MORE! Both rifles $1500 + shipping for the pair. Will swap for VERY NICE 73 Carbine in 38/357 that has a short stroke kit install. Must be in very good shape. Will be home later today.

  10. The idea for a sepcial category in which the top shooters can compete against each other is done by a lot of clubs, nothing new there. To have special awards for the overall winners in the category sounds like the start of "honoring the elete and ignoring the peons".

    Just my thoughts,



    You are correct in that this idea of putting the top shooters into a single category is nothing new.. Chorro Valley Regulators had the Magnificent 7... the top seven shooters at every match shot in the Magnificent 7 category the next month... It had one very nice advantage... it opened up the other categories for someone else to win, and..... it put the top shooters into direct competition with each other. It was a must do situation, so the shooter could not hide. I really use to like it... it gave me a goal trying to get into the top seven shooting BP. They stopped the practice a while back.. don't know why.. I like it. As for honoring the elite and ignoring the peons... that is just not correct... the elites as you call them, are the winners and they have always been recognized and always should be recognized. Of course there are those "T" ball types who think that everyone should get an award regardless of whether there was anyone else to compete against. A category like the one proposed puts the best against the best, and clears the floor for others to have a chance for their 15 sec of fame in their own category.

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  11. It certainly has ZERO interest for me, and I seriously doubt that many more folks would be interested in a Long Range 22 RF category.... of course if you can find someone else interested, then the two of you can most likely go out to the range and shoot it out. I do, however see some interest in short range 22 RF shooting gallery type side events, IF DONE PROPERLY. One of our neighboring clubs has a very talented member who has made a motorized arcade for 22 RF. It has the ducks and all sorts of whiz bang targets to shoot. This draws many shooters when ever he sets it up.



  12. I've had leather from many of leather makers out there. Most quality leather will last a very long time, if not a life time for many folks. Don't skimp on leather, it is just as important as you guns. Don't be influenced by anyone that says it doesn't. Looks are more important to some people than to others, but quality and functionality should not be compromised. I've had good luck with Kirkpatrick leather in general. Their prices are reasonable, and their delivery time is relatively fast. Waiting months on end for leather to be delivered gets old.

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  13. I attended every EOT from 1992 until 4 yrs ago. stopped going because I just can not breath at 7,000 ft due to some personal problem. It's got nothing to do with the politics of them leaving California, it has everything to do with the fact that they moved it to the dark side of the moon, where the air is too thin for me. However, I am attending this year.. gonna give it one more try, but I would certainly rather that it be held at a lower elevation. EOT has always been a great match and it is at a great shooting facility, and it has one of the Games best Match Directors in T.A. Chance, he is a swell guy, but it is just a bad location for me, so I don't normally go.



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