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  1. 8 minutes ago, Shooting Bull said:

    I'm going to beat Phantom to the punch and give a resounding.............................OY!!! :lol:

    Ha... Phantom is Cool... I've known him a for a long time, and he is standup guy.... ornery sometimes, but a Standup guy. 

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Dantankerous said:

    Handicap points for those of us with failing eyesight too. And chronic sore joints. :D

    Well of course... if a younger person has some physical problems that the older person doesn't have, then most certainly we could adjust the point spread to compensate for the age difference. Also, we should bring into account the 1-10 pain scale. If you are having a pain day of 8, you should get more points than someone with only a pain day of 4. That just goes without saying. I'm sure that we can work it all out so that everyone gets a fair shake.

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  3. Seems like there has been enough whining to go around lately so I've got a idea to solve all the problems and perceived problems. Let's have just 3 categories. One Handed, Two Handed and Both Handed. (possible expansion for BP and costume) All shooters will be Handicapped by the age difference between him/her and every other shooter in the category.... i.e., if you are 63 and I am 73, then you have a 10  handicap against me, but you also get a 10 handicap against the guy that is 53, and a 20 against the guy that is 43, etc, etc up and down the age list.  Now if that don't jerk your tongue out then nothin will. :P



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  4. 38 minutes ago, Branchwater Jack SASS #88854 said:


    When someone suggests that everyone competitive drop into the open category, it sure does give the shaft to everyone in the 17-35 age bracket don't it?

    Sorry, You are of course correct... I would not want that to happen. It would require a true "Open Category" for the purpose given. I've always opposed folks "Category Shopping" by moving down in Age Based categories. I would prefer that anyone shooting in a Age Based category shoot in their own age group. Right now that doesn't happen.

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  5. I am torn, I do see both side of the situation. But here is a fact that some just don't grasp, 99% of the people playing this game just don't care if you win or not. YOU are the only one that really cares. I can and will issue sincere congrats if your win, it takes a lot of work, but on my Oath care much more if the people playing this game have/had fun and enjoy the game. Nobody even knows who won your category at the last big match, but everyone remembers if they had a good time at the match. If stopping all coaching would help in that regard I could get behind it 100%, however, I do not believe it would help and I don't think that most folks would support the action. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be a Knot Head,  but IMO this game needs to do what the masses want. Through out the years I've witnessed first hand all the changes that came about because of a few folks that wanted the game to be more of a real and true shooting competition. Well it is a competition but it is also much more.  Making room for everyone is a good goal. I proposed an Open Category MANY years ago, a place for those that are intensely interested in competition to battle it out with others that want the same thing. It didn't get off the ground I'm sorry to say. But this game is not about just YOU or ME, it is about everyone. If there is a real and widespread desire to stop all coaching, then the folks need to take it to their TG, and hopefully it can come to a vote.



  6. I’ve been all over the board in this game. 30 yrs ago I was 6 yrs old playing Cowboy and having more fun than imaginable. As I got better at playing the game I went through my Competitive phase. Still fun but not as much as before. Everything became much more serious. Rules became a major focus. I’m am now in the Old Man phase of the game, where the majority of us are. The biggest determinate of Competition now days is who’s Arthritis, Hip Joint, Knee pain, Breathing difficulty or Brain Fade is giving the least problem on Match Day. Sure, everyone likes to win… that’s why we have so many categories now, but the VAST MAJORITY of those playing this game today are here more for something to do than to be a Star. If I leave a hull in the shotgun, or stop at the window instead of the door, or start to shoot the wrong gun, I appreciate it when the T.O. tells me. I believe that most folks also do. For you guys that still believe that this is truly a competitive shooting sport I would suggest that you all stop shooting in one of the Age based categories and gather into one Open category where you can all compete against each other. Getting enough to fill that category might be tough since most want the protection that Age based Categories offer. You could all just make it clear to the T.O. that your don’t want ANY COACHING what-so-ever. That might be the easiest way to solve the problem without effecting everyone else. Just a thought.

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Outlaw Gambler said:

    "Any place, whether it be firearm related or not, that doesn't take credit cards but does their business on line is usually going to be a scam."

    Cypress Sam, does this mean my 20+ year old business is a scam??? You should be more careful when you generalize, some people might not take too kindly to being called scammers.

    Hey, Backoff.... your own name says it all................ You are a OUTLAW! :P

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  8. 38 minutes ago, Tequila Shooter said:


    I really like that, sounds like real fun (plus a good way to pattern).  Was that the only SG target?  

    No, I would usually put at least one knock down on the side of the door frame. However... it's really not necessary because it always takes more shots than expected to get a hole that the shooter can work through. I wouldn't let them get up so close that they could just stick the barrel through the hole. I tried that one time and they many just stuck in the barrel and tore the paper, so keeping them back a bit stopped that. 



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  9. 12 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    While I agree...my experience has pushed me more to Assassin's opinion.


    T.O. on my posse saved a person's long gun from falling...oh it was definitely falling...and got to deal with hell afterwards from the shooter. 


    It wasn't falling!!!!


    Okay, if it was falling, how did you know if was going to break the 170?!?!?!?!


    Fine!!!! But boy am I going to bad mouth y'all to everyone I know!!!!!!


    Screw it! Let the damn gun hit the ground. Maybe next time they'll be more careful. But yeah, I'll save the gun if the table, prop...whatever gives way. Outside of that at anything other than a monthly...nope!



    I certainly see your point, but I say let em Howl. If they are that stoopid I think most folks will see through them. IMO saving the Gun from falling (if it's not too much of a risk) is not being done just for the sake of the gun itself, it is for the "so-called" safety aspect of the situation, and it could be considered part of "Safely assisting the shooter through the course of fire". 



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  10. 1 hour ago, Goody, SASS #26190 said:

    I can recall a stage that I shot at Columbus my second year of shooting. There was a large pistol target positioned 8 or 10 yards behind a wooden frame that held a sheet of poster board stapled onto it. If the poster board had not been there it would have been just a big hole, some 20x30 inches. Anyway, for the shotgun on that stage the shooter was to use as many shots as they wanted to shoot a hole in the poster board until they could engage the pistol target. Was a lot of fun.

    I use to do that with rifle targets behind the screen... but I used Butcher paper...it was MUCH cheaper and worked just as well. Had a roll on a dowel above a frame, and just pulled down another section after each shooter and sliced off the old section. It was great fun. Folks were always amazed at how small the hole was from the shotgun.... some folks have it in their head that the shotguns spread out much more than they do as such close range. 

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  11. 7 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    I always listed shotgun round count as 1+

    when I would write such a stage.  

    We called them "Lucky You" stages.

    That's the way I handled it too. Pretty much solves the problem

  12. https://bestdefensearmoryandrange.com/shop/


    This place shows Winchester Small pistol Primers in stock and ready to ship. $195 for 5000. It has a minimum order of $200, so I started to buy 10,000. Some of the verbiage on the site was just not right.... kinda like Chinese English so I did a search. It came back as being a SCAM, no such address. There is a real place with the same name in Mn, and they report that this place has been trying to steal their name, and that they have been getting calls about Non-Shipment. 



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  13. 21 minutes ago, Cliff Hanger #3720LR said:

    I reloaded for cas shooters commercially for 18 years.

    I bought and broke several cheap hardware store plastic timers.

    They always broke during a big order.

    I went to the electrical supply store.

    I got a mechanical timer.

    There are lots to choose from but I got a 4 hour timer.

    I only needed 3 to 3.5 hours for cleaning.

    I have run that timer for over 15 years and it is still on my work bench.

    I wired it to a power strip and ran as many as 4 tumblers at a time.

    Mostly 3 and keep 1 back in case 1 of the tumblers broke.


    I would fill the tumblers when I emptied them each morning.

    As I left for the night, I would turn them on for the 3 to 3.5 hours.

    Leave so I did not have to hear them running but would be ready in the morning.


    Here is one of these timers but you can get 1 of several makes.





    Would you be interested in Renting yours?

  14. 31 minutes ago, Yul Lose said:

    Rio Grande Supply. I bought 5 lbs of it about 10 years ago and still have over half of it left. It’s about $27.00 for 5 lbs but it only takes a teaspoon per batch. Some people on here still bitch about it being to expensive. If you buy 25 lbs your great grandkids grandkids will be wondering what to do with it.

    OK, Hummm 5lbs, 10 years ago, half left, that's  2.5 lb in 10yrs, or 1/4 lb's per year, or 4oz/year, .16667 oz per teaspon, one half teaspoon per batch, that's 50 batches per year or approx 1 batch per week. Sounds like a it will work. I'll need to find several guys to go in with me on this purchase so as not to over buy. ;)

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  15. 3 minutes ago, Tequila Shooter said:

    I’m hooked on the @Yul Lose method, brass comes out clean.   If I really want shinny brass (I like my brass SG shells extra nice) then I use a vibratory cleaner.   The place that sells the Stratoshene also sells impregnated media, pricey but works well. 

    OK.... where? I don't need 25 lbs of the stuff. Who sells a smaller quantity? 

  16. Well OK... I'll get some of that Stuff and try it again without the SS Pins. Garrison Joe. Getting the media out works just fine if I put them in my tumbler/separator. What I was talking about was the built in media separator on the Lyman machine. It drains the media out a hole. Problem is that I end up with the stuff all over the floor where some of it doesn't get into the drain pan, and there are always some of the brass cases that don't get emptied when using the drain. 


    Yul... give me your address. If this doesn't work I'm gonna get "Chewy" to do a drive by BA! :P



  17. I know, this has been BEAT TO DEATH. Don't care.... I've been running a test the past two days on my dirty brass to decide what method is best for my routine brass cleaning.  I have a Lyman 2200 Auto-flo Vibratory Tumbler, an Extreme Rebel 17 wet Rotary tumbler with SS pins and a 2.5L Ultrasonic Lyman. I just replaced my Red Walnut shell media and bought a bottle of Hornaday One Shot case cleaner. I had about 3,000 mixed 38 special Brass cases to be cleaned. I cleaned 1000 by each method and made sure to not over load.  I used One Shot at the recommended dose in both the Wet tumbler and the Ultrasonic cleaner. 


    First went to the Rebel 17. Cases were absolutely sparkling. This was the slowest process with prep and separating the media. About 2 1/2 hrs plus drying time. 

    Second place went to the Ultrasonic cleaner. Cases were bright, but not sparkling. No media separation needed. About 30 min. plus drying time. 

    Third was the Vibratory Cleaner. Cases were clean but dull. The  Auto-Flow left media everywhere and never got everything out of all cases. About 2 1/2 hrs.


    The Ultrasonic cleaner was by far the easiest and fastest. This was the first time I've ever used it to clean cases, and the first time I've ever used the One Shot.  

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  18. Team shooting is the WORST thing that has ever come into this game. Whole posses were formed just so they could help each other. I had so many problems dealing with them that it was the number one issue on the ROC. Every member and every WB member was oppose to it and one WR member put a stop to it, at least at one WR where it was running rapid on one posse. They were ALWAYS in the way of the T.O.. They would get into Spotting positions and do their cheerleading, coaching and yelling and never saw any misses or anything that the shooter did wrong. It was in fact one of the most unsavory things that I a have ever seen in this game. 

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  19. 48 minutes ago, Assassin said:

    Considering all TO's aren't the same, along with other stage officers. Yes, "silence" should be the golden rule.

    The TO isn't supposed to be watching targets or hits and misses. He/ she is supposed to watch the shooter and guns. If doing their job properly (by the rule books) they cannot possibly coach a shooter in all situations. Shooters need to be prepared when called to the shooting line. I get lost on occasion, that's on me, no one else. 

    Well I thought I was done, but I must respectfully disagree with this. A Good T.O. watches everything. The T.O. doesn't concentrate on watching targets, but very often should look at targets... especially in tight situations where the Spotters might not have the best advantage to see them. Not watching for misses, but target order, sometimes a possible edge hit that they can relay to the Spotters. Nowhere does it say that the T.O. should just watch the shooter and the gun. A good T.O. should and will take in a very wide berth of what is going on during execution of the scenario by the shooter. I have indeed seen many poor T.O.s that just just don't understand what their job is. They just hang their hat on that old line about watching the gun, and then stand there like a Post holding the timer. THAT is not being a good T.O. Nobody can do the Job of T.O. for long periods of time without a break. It takes concentration. Also... I realize that we are just speculating as to how we might like to see things be done, and I agree with a lot of it. I am on record of suggesting a limited amount of coaching but we must remember that Coaching is part of the T.O. job (at this point in time) as listed in the RO I, so any good T.O. should be prepared to Assist the shooter when needed. 



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  20. 4 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Nope - don't need it for a restart...boy would that slow the match down :lol:



    There is no doubt that this entire situation can be "Sticky". We all know that subjectivity is a part of the Rule enforcement in this game. Unfortunately everyone that get their hands on the Timer doesn't have the same view of things. I agree that offering a reshoot at the Big Matches ought to have concurrence by a Major Match official before it is given. I just don't see any way that "Coaching" by Peanut folks or kneejerk reaction from others on the Firing line will ever be stopped. The closest we can come is to educate shooters that if they respond to instructions from anyone other than the T.O., that it falls upon them. I can offer one excellent example of that. EOT a few years ago. Shooter pulls second handgun and sweeps the target from the wrong direction. A shout comes from the back field to "Stop". The shooter stops. I instructed him to continue. He refused. I told him he would receive a DNF. He then continued and we got a time on him. He appealed and lost the appeal. Turns out that the call came from his wife. If he made a mistake she would yell stop, he would stop and then argue with the T.O. and get a reshoot claiming that he was just following orders. I had a couple folks come over to me after the fact and tell me that was normal routine that he and his wife used at matches. This was NOT a run of the mill shooter.

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  21. 34 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Well I know that at WR and EOT, you are required to finish the stage. You as the T.O. do not have the authority to issue a reshoot... particularly during the running of a stage.


    Monthlies... Whatever.


    So that's the way it goes...




    That is correct. Both matches require approval before a reshoot is allowed. I don't believe that directive is in place for a restart. Even if it were in effect I see no way it could be inforced. JMO

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