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  1. Buying and selling is what a classified section is for. IMO if you sell something it then belongs to the buyer and he/she can do what ever they want with it. No doubt that there are Wire Hawks that jump on deals and resell them.  IMO "A deal is a deal". Once an agreement is made, it should be settled and DONE. 


    If you want to get cheated, then go with one of the Biggest Gun Auction houses in the world. They just flat lied to me about what the selling price should be. I watched the auction on the internet. They brought my item up. It should have sold for around $20K. The auction started, and 20 sec later the hammer dropped and they sold the item for $8K. I was told that it would open at $12K. This was nothing less than a "In House" fix.  






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  2. On 9/6/2020 at 8:06 PM, Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494 said:

    Saw them at the modified banquet and told them to be careful, they were 'behind enemy lines', meaning across the border.....:D.


    Will scores be on RR Bar site?  At present, it has no scores at all for year 2020....


    BTW, event is scheduled for April next year, and barring interference from state or county, should be better for weather.

    What are the dates of the next State Match that is scheduled next April?

  3. All of this just reinforces the need to supply a good place to stage/re-stage all firearms. The dropped gun issue has had a long road, with a few turns and twist over the years. I think the current rule is the best. In the case given by the OP, if his hand was off of the gun, then it appears to be a gun that slipped and fell with the muzzle down range... I.e., a 10 sec Safety. 



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  4. 4 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    Snakebite . . Unfortunately, your first three Premiss are incorrect.  Those elements have no real impact on Back-Splatter.  Your last observation is actually quite correct.  Target design and placement is key.  As is getting away from re-bar stands.


    PLUS ONE too Phantom 

    Well it just seems like a soft pellet would flatten out much easier and have less feedback. I would rather get hit with the smaller shot than larger, and if the velocity is high, there is a better chance of the shot disintegrating against the steel plate. I'm not convinced that I'm wrong about it.  

  5. I have no data to backup my opinion. But here it is... first thing, I believe that soft shot has less chance of feedback than hard shot. Next, I believe that smaller the shot has less feedback, but also presents less danger when it does. A faster velocity should also aid in the total destruction of the shot. Finally, as was said earlier. If your targets are set right and are in good shape, there should be little feedback. 



  6. I had one of the first one's available. Out of the box it was slicker than any of the Uberti 73s were, out of the Box. Parts were IMPOSSIBLE to obtain, so what work I did was approached very slowly because any part that I broke or took too far down could not be replaced due to the lack of spare parts. When it was done, the gun was indeed very smooth and nice. But when ask by folks if they should buy one for this game, my suggestion was NO. The Uberti guns have tons of both after market and standard replacement parts available. When they are tuned up right they are as slick as could be wished and if they do break you are not left out in the cold, every Quick Stop in the state sells parts.



  7. 3 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    I’m curious, how are shorts less safe than long pants?


    How are T shirts less safe than cuffed up long sleeve shirts?


    Definitely not trying to start an argument, that’s just a concept I haven’t heard before, maybe I can learn something.

    BTW @Snakebite having seen a classmate die of heatstroke during two a day football practice back in the seventies, and having seen a cowboy pard get increasingly confused and finally pass out from the heat, I have to respectfully disagree that heatstroke is ‘BS.’

    Being a retired EMT from one of the hottest places in the US, the central valley of California, I've probably seen and treated more heatstroke cases than most folks have seen first hand. And when you treat it, you DON'T strip them down, you wet them down and let the evaporation do the job of cooling.  You need to re-read what I wrote. I didn't say one thing about heatstroke being BS. I said that the idea of wearing shorts to prevent it is BS, and IT IS. I've worked the fields here in the valley when it was 100-115 degrees. I see it virtually every day. I defy ANYONE to show me even ONE person working out in that heat wearing shorts or even a short sleeve shirt. THEY ALL WEAR LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS and a large hat to protect themselves. This form of dress is cooler too if you are out in the sun. 



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  8. It's called Cowboy Action shooting. There is a dress code. For over 25 years we have managed to survive the extreme heat in the Central Valley of California for a couple hours while playing the game that we all signed up to play.  I realized that there are a few folks that want to dress down a bit during the hot season. But just how far does "Dressing Down" go?   Why would anyone join a Cowboy Action shooting club and then show up in Shorts? If you are that hot then just stay home and play in the sprinkler. This idea that it is necessary to avoid  Heat Stroke is just pure BS.



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  9. I have a 32 H&R conversion kit, everything is there (shell plate, powder drop/sizer, buttons, case guides, shell slide) and a set of 32 H&R Dillion dies for a 650. very little use. I want to swap them for  the same setup in 45 acp. If interested... contact me snakebite4767@yahoo.com 




    Yes... this use to be for 9mm, but I got the 9mm setup and now need a 45 acp. Don't need the 32 H&R stuff. 

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  10. 17 hours ago, Marshal Hangtree said:

    Thanks, guys for the input.  The local guy has 10,000 for sale.  3K are Winchesters, 1K are CCI, and the other 6K are the Remingtons.  I'm going to buy the 3 thousand Winchesters.  I don't really need to be reloading until next spring, so I figure the 3000 Winchesters will do me for a while, hopefully until the drought of primers blows over.

    If you can afford it, buy them all. 



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  11. 2 hours ago, Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494 said:

    :ph34r:  C'mon Snakebite,  us old guys are gonna keep doing WHAT we can, as WELL as we can, for as LONG as we can, and WHENEVER we can.


    Hopefully, we'll see you at RR Bar for the State match.   I'm operating at about 60% these days, but the smell of burning powder and the sound of lead clanging steel is a great tonic......

    It's still up in the air about RR Bar. I was originally going but dropped. I might still give it a try, but it will be a last minute decision.  

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  12. There has not been a box of 9mm for sale in our area for well over a month. My step son works security and has not been able to get ammo. I'm not allowed to give or sell him ammo under the state law. He was very fortunate however and found a large bag of 9mm under the seat of his car. Must have forgot it was there. :ph34r:





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