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  1. 19 hours ago, Rootin Tootin said:

    Anybody know why you can't find Federal small pistol primers or when they will be available again?. Cant find'em.......................... RT

     I haven't seen ANY small pistol primers available from any dealer... regardless of brand. I've been wanting to try some of the Fiocci brand small pistol primers but could not even find any of them. Fortunately I'm not in any trouble for primers yet, especially considering how little shooting is going on now days, but when they become available again I will build up stock. 



  2. It is a long established fact that POI will normally rise in a handgun with a heavier bullet due to muzzle lift, whether slow or fast.  Also.. I've watched people over the years fret about consistency, accuracy and all such factors that the precise re-loader needs to deal with. If you are shooting ground squirrels or Bulls eye, or anything that requires such accuracy then there are many things that the re-loader has control over and should do. If your are shooting at a 18" target that the stand is sitting on your foot (like the majority of targets are now days), any bullet existing the barrel is likely to hit the target if the gun is point in the general direction. There is no GOOD reason that every shooter doesn't clean most stages now days.   :P

  3. I know that gun sales are brisk but are the guns being bought/sold made by Remington? As far as I can see hunting is on a huge down swing compared to what it use to be. The cost to go hunting is getting completely out of line. Fishing isn't cheap any more either. Seems like the gun market now days is directed in a different direction than what it use to be. The big Gun Games now day are mostly "Black" Guns.  



  4. I don't get it. You can down load, scan or take a photo of any label that you want, and print them out. Or you can load them into any of the Print Shop type programs and change them to say anything that you want. Not sure why anyone would buy them when they are so easy to obtains for free.



    cartridge 44.jpg

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  5. Early on I bought into the "Hoppla" about loading BP. I made medal hoppers for my Dillion, had grounding wires connected all over the place. Then I started actually doing a little research to see what I could find out about this perceived danger.  I could not find even one actual event pertaining to ignition of BP in a loading machine. So I took some BP in a dish and used a Pizo sparking unit out of a BBQ to try and ignite it. I was unable to make it happen. I've never worried about it since. Without doubt, Static electric charges have ignited Grain Storage dust, and Supposedly have set off some Powder production plants where there is a lot of actual BP dust in the air. I believe that if electrical or spark ignition is to take place, there needs to be very small particles in the form of dust in the air for it to happen.



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  6. You join a long list of responsible Match Directors and Club Leaders. It cost us dearly to cancel our Fort Miller match. The bulk of our club funds were tied up in it.  Everything had already been paid for, all material printed and ready to go. After 25 yrs of providing a first class Cowboy Action Shooting event we saw no way that we could move forward while satisfying State Mandates and Safety requirements and still provide the quality event that our attendees have come to expect and deserve. I applaud your decision and God willing, may try to come back and support you next year. 



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  7. I have appreciated PWB for a very long time. Working with him on the ROC was a real pleasure. Tom has a vast storehouse of knowledge and documentation of the game. He still has the notes from his Kindergarten indoctrination class. He doesn't delete anything.



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  8. There are a number of folks that think it is really cool to wear a Kilt to a COWBOY match. A lot of these same folks also think it is cool to do a Hawaiian dress day at a COWBOY match. There have been those that thought it was cool to dress like a Football team at a COWBOY match, or even a Baseball team. Some folks seem to think this game is about the Boar Wars, some think it is a RODEO with guns. I've seen one that thought it was a skin contest wearing a Speedo Bathing suit, and then there is the Godzilla type and Space man type... don't forget the Blues Brothers, and the Clowns, or by all means, the Steam Punk crowd, the Spanish American war buffs and a few misplaced WWI show up from time to time. Bottom line is that the Dress code in this game has NEVER been enforced per the intent of the rules (hint: it's a cowboy game, however that could be subject to change, or some creative "Clarification" ) You can wear totally incorrect dress styles or even totally out of period styles that have NOTHING to do with CAS, and nothing will happen, in fact, it is often sanctioned, because someone thinks it is Cool. However, if you look like a for real 1870s cowboy, and shoot CC,  and happen to have some lugs on the bottom of your Boots, then you are subject to a SDQ for every stage you wear them on. (that's not cool). Folks say "It's a Fantasy game", so I guess that covers it. For me, it's a Cowboy game, I'll dress like a cowboy.


    Before anyone starts bashing me for my hard core CHOICE of clothing, consider the fact that I've had the same attitude on this topic since day one. I have never changed, never participated in these deviations, But also have never made too much of a big deal about it.... because, about the only one that agrees with me is the Judge, and he hasn't said anything about it since he banned modern Levi's at the Second TG convention at the old Frontier, only to have to take it back because the Theme for the next EOT was "Silver Screen Cowboys"!  Ha!  So if you want to wear a skirt...I mean Kilt, to a Cowboy match.. do it.  :P



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  9. Primer Type Height Min Height Max Diameter Min Diameter Max
    Small Rifle/Pistol 0.1150 0.1260 0.1745 0.1765
    Large Rifle 0.1230 0.1360 0.2105 0.2130
    Large Pistol 0.1150 0.1260 0.2100 0.2120

    Jul 2 2020


    I used to load my 38-55 light load cartridges using Large Pistol primers without any problems. Don't think that I would go the other direction however. 



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  10. 6 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    By today's media Political Correctness standards, somebody would expect them to change their name.  

    They would have a hard time changing the name of Charlie Daniels famous song of that name, or it's message. I think that the last people on earth to worry about Political Correctness are Americans "Rednecks", and they are not all in the South. :D



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  11. 47 minutes ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    One of the most common criticisms I hear when trying to recruit new shooters into CAS/SASS. Has to do with how close the targets are placed to the shooter, when compared to other disciplines. 

    Some feel our game has become more of a "spray-n-pray" deal, with very little accuracy needed.



    I have thought that for a long time..... HOWEVER.. I recently attended a large national IPSC match. The vast majority of the targets were as close or closer than what I see at most Cowboy ranges now days. The difference being that the paper Bullseye targets that they use are scored by accuracy...i.e. a center shot counts more than something on the edge. Of course a hit anywhere on our steel targets usually counts the same. Yes, I was surprised at how close the targets at this large match were placed.



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  12. 4 hours ago, Marshal Chance Morgun said:


    While that is a very well produced video and some truly great shooting. I wonder if  a prospective shooter might find it a little intimidating. "Looks like fun, but I would be so slow that I'd be embarrassed." 

    I agree with you. IMO attracting people with videos would be more successful if they emphasized the fact that THEY could play the game without being an accomplished speed shooter. one of the reasons the game was originally started was to get away from the fierce competition that existed in other gun games. I realize that has changed, but I think that just seeing other "Regular" people playing the game provides more encouragement than watching someone that is doing something that they most likely will never be able to do. Once they get involved, then I think that they would be more interested in watching the speedsters. Also, it depends upon what direction that you want to take the game.



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  13. On 6/29/2020 at 2:46 PM, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Does it matter?


    Are SASS Affiliated Club bound by some contractual arrangement to abide by them?



    NO! I support shooters taking precautions and adhering to recommended guidelines. Clubs should provide as much reasonable opportunity as possible for their members to be safe and to meet any current legal requirements. Beyond that, just being respectful to other shooters by staying out of their "Space" and not crowding them is something that everyone should do. Only some @$$#0!$ would do otherwise.  I CHOOSE to follow most of the safety recommendations. Some people get the idea that they have the Authority and or the Power to force everyone to do things the way that they think it should be done. Those kind of dictations are little more than folly. They can't enforce them, and if they try they will just further deplete their cub membership. If you choose to mask up etc, then good for you, I happen to agree with that, but if you choose not to... that is YOUR choice and I will support you on it. What ever you choose, please stay out of my "space" and allow me the opportunity to exercise my free will.  If that is not acceptable to you, then you really should consider staying home.  



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  14. Don't need any, but after reading all of this, I took a spin around the internet and checked with every place that I have ever purchased primers. I could not find any small pistol primers for sale, of any brand. 



  15. On 6/29/2020 at 10:32 AM, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Actually it has more to do with components being used for finished ammo production.

    I believe that this is absolutely correct. Ammo sales appear to be up. Local stock on 9mm and 45 acp appear to have dried up a bit in our area of California. A family member is a security guard and needed both 9mm and 45 acp. He could not find either of them anywhere in town! (Fresno, Ca.) California gun laws prohibit me from giving him any ammo. But low and behold, he really lucked out, a bag of just what he needed was found just sitting around. He must have overlooked it the first time around.

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  16. 16 hours ago, Mister Badly said:

    During this reorganization, what's to stop a region, say the Southeast, from spinning off? SESS? I have only been a member for about a year and love the people and the sport but what does the national organization offer the members in return for membership dollars and match contributions?

    Any club can spin off anytime they want. They have always been able to do that. SASS has no direct hold on any club and never has. They own the Name of the game. Since the beginning, the main thing that they have provided has been the Organization. The desire to be a part of that Organization has been what's kept things together. Sure.. someone can break away, but they would most likely continue to follow and maintain the current rules and game structure that SASS has worked to provide. I have watched as many things in the Game have changed over the years. Some changes were for the better, some not as good. I know that nothing stays the same for ever. The membership at large is heavily composed of "Older" folks. Most of them just want to play out their hand as long as they are able. There are a few "Hot Dogs" that think the game is about them, but they are little more than a fart in the wind... they will pass. The WB has more than earned a break from the strain of trying to keep things afloat. They have seen us through many storms, and we have all benefited from their guidance. I am and will be eternally grateful to them for the Wonderful Fantasy that they gave us many years ago. It has provided me and many folks like me with a lifetime of joy by providing us with an avenue of escape from our daily grind. There is no doubt that the new administration is facing a storm right now, but I believe that they will rise to the occasion. There is one thing that is Paramount to all of this, and everyone should remember it. It is something that I use to say when I was the Chairman of the ROC, and it is something that is just as true today. "The Game Belongs to the Members". I don't care who owns the Name, We, the members, own the Game, and NOBODY can take it from us. We can play it as long as we are able and willing, and I plan to do just that. 



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