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  1. I believe that the bushings are peened in place.  I think what I’d try first is drill and tap the existing buishing for a larger screw size, then JB Weld a screw in the bushing, then drill and tap that screw for the proper screw size.  The proper way would to use silver solder, bur I’m lazy and JB Weld is cheap and easy.


    If you don’t have a lathe, you might be able to make a jig to do this.  But it would probably be easier to just order a new bushing.

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  2. I guess after all this discussion I’ll just keep using a squirt of car polish (not wax) and a cap-full of mineral spirits!


    (My wife doesn’t like me cleaning my brass in the dishwasher anyway!)

  3. Back in the earlier days of CAS, we had stages that used a pocket pistol or derringer, but never from “concealed on the body”. I know that other shooting disciplines like IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Assn), require concealed carry, but they have strict rules on how that carry is to be done, and they use modern guns.

    Many of the derringers that we use and I believe all of the pocket pistols must manually be put on half-cock before closing because the firing pin protrudes from the frame and could strike a primer upon closing.  And derringers not on half cock always have the hammer down on a live round.  The potential is there for disaster in the case of a dropped derringer ot antique pocket pistol.


    It is fun to use them on main match stages, but stage them on a table rather than drawing from concealment.

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  4. In my experience the Lee 6 cavity molds can be problematic.  They are fine if you pay close attention and make sure they are fully closed before filling with lead.  It’s really easy to get oversized bullets from a 6 cavity aluminum mold because of its length where a small bit of material can stop the mold from closing all of the way.  With care you can make pretty good bullets though.  (Not as good as a Lyman 4-cavity mold though).

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  5. I'm pretty much convinced that a mere mortal can't outrun a properly timed rifle.


    I remember reading of Ed McGivern, who could fire 6 shots from a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver in 2/5 of a second with all shots hitting a playing card. I also remember reading that McGivern could pull the trigger of a semi auto pistol faster than it could reset the disconnecter. I've also seen videos of Bob Munden "bump firing" a 1911 so fast that it sounded like a machine gun.


    I would really like to see some high speed video (super slo mo) of someone shooting fast enough to outrun the gun! I remain unconvinced.

  6. I've heard this term used for many years, but never heard a precise definition as to what it is.


    Some pards say that on a '73, they pull the trigger and can open the action before the hammer falls - outrunning the gun? I don't think so. I think their trigger timing is such that they pull late in the cycle, or they have a faulty gun and the hammer follows the bolt without pulling the trigger at all.


    Both Marlin 94's and Win/Rossi 92's have internal safety's that prevent the firing pin from hitting the primer if the trigger is pulled too soon or to late. Even with lightened springs the hammer fall is very quick. Quicker than reversing directions and opening the lever far enough to prevent discharge.


    Springs can be lightened to the point that gun function is impared and fast operation "outruns" the spring, but is that "outrunning the gun?"

  7. The single trigger in a Stoeger is mechanical. When the trigger is pulled it switches over to the second sear upon it's release, sort of like a semi auto resets after firing. If the trigger is squeezed like you would squeeze a trigger on a target rifle, the recoil will cause the gun and trigger to move away from the finger for a split second. As the gun recovers from the recoil, the finger re-engages the trigger causing a second discharge.


    Causes could be springs that are too weak or not enough distance for the reset.


    My personal Stoeger has never doubled with me shooting it. But with a few other shooters it will double every time. When I tell them to pull the trigger more firmly, the doubling doesn't happen.

  8. Mud,

    The Titusville rifle and Pistol Club range is about 3 or 4 miles west of I 95 near the town of Mims. Palm City, just South of Stuart, is probably 150 miles south of the range.


    There is also a match at the Malabar Rifle and Pistol club on the fourth Saturday that would be about 50 miles closer to Palm City.


    And of course my match in Orlando on the first Saturday at the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club.


    Lucky Jake and crew put on a good first match! I'm sure they will only get better as time goes by.

  9. Überti made both 66's and 73's in 22 rim fire and Winchester made the original 73 in 22 as well. Colt also made SAA's in 22. I woul think that more folks nowadays would opt for a Marlin or Henry in 22 though.


    I think the concept of allowing shooters to shoot 22's in local matches is a great idea. I don't think very many would switch to 22's to get a competitive advantage though. (I could switch to full auto and still couldn't bear Deuce!). A thought is to bring a set of loaner 22's to matches to let new shooters experience the flavor of our game.

  10. Fastest sight picture for me hands down! Like others, I use it as a ghost ring with the little notch in the bottom removed (That's the thing with the he white diamond on one side).


    I've tried the flat top sight which some say is fastest for them, but find elevation control is much harder. I miss high with flat top sights.


    Disclaimer: I can't keep up with Cowboy Junky, but he's not in his 80th year either!

  11. The Weewahootee Vigilance Committee here in Orlando has FREE hotdogs and sometimes Brats cooked by volunteers on a donated by gas grill. You have to bring your own beverage though, adult or otherwise. Adult beverages (That's beer to you Waimea) only after guns are put away and away from the firing line per club rules.


    The funds for the food and gas for the grill comes out of match fees at a rate of about a buck per shooter.

  12. Garth

    I would also suggest that you talk to Halfbreed of Classic Leather Works as recommended by Jersey Bird. He is almost always at the Lake County Pistoleros monthly match in Eustis, next Saturday June 18.


    Something to keep in mind when choosing a rig: Even though CAS is not a quick draw game, it IS a quick re-holster game. You'll find that you can loose a great deal of time if your guns don't go back to leather easily.


    Hope to see you in Eustis Saturday.

  13. Waimea, The SKB's and Brownings are really nice guns but expensive. It costs almost as much to convert an SKB trigger from inertia to mechanical as a Stoeger costs! I'm told that the conversion is about $300, while I paid $325 for my single trigger Stoeger (used of course).


    I have been using a Stoeger Supreme, single trigger for about 4 years now and after some initial modifications for function, I've had no problems with it. I have found that with some people the gun will double but it never has with me. I tried to analyze what caused the doubling and came to the conclusion that the problem was with the trigger squeeze.


    Some folks squeeze a shotgun trigger just like they would squeeze a target rifle trigger, pressing back slowly until the trigger breaks unexpectedly. When the gun recoils from the first shot, the finger is separated from the trigger for a split second, but during recovery the finger re-engages the trigger and pulls it a second time. The result is a double shot.


    I think that this could be remedied with heavier trigger springs and/or changing the angle on the sear engagement for a little heavier pull.


    You are welcome to try out my Stoeger any time you'd like. Let me know. I'll have it at our match in Orlando on May 7.

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