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  1. 3 hours ago, Major Art Tillery said:

    *Email I sent out to my Classic List


    Howdy all you classics!

     My younger brother has a side business or doing vinyl decal work and recently picked up a heat press where he can make Tshirts among other things.   I am having  him make me a few T-shirts.   Not sure if any folks would be interested in T-Shirts or not... But figured I would send out this offer. 
    He made up a design for the Classic Cowboy Showdown, the logo will be on the back of the shirt.  It will not have the Year or Location listed on it (some folks want one that have only attended previous Showdowns).
    The writing in the logo could be changed to say "Classic Cowgirl Showdown" for the Lady shooters that may be interested.
    The shirts are Sand in color with a Black Logo on it.  (Will attach photo)
    Prices are as follows:
    S - XL   $15
    2XL - 3XL      $18
    (Can add your Alias to front left pocket area for an additional $3)
    If your interested, please let me know. 
    For those attending the Showdown, your order can be picked up there.  We can discuss any shipping if needed.
    Thank You!
    I look forward to seeing many of you attending this year's Showdown!  Already 26 confirmed Classic Entries so far!

    Replied to your email!

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    I'm the odd man out.  Did 20 years in Naval Aviation and when I retired my Sea Duty Counter was 0000. Didn't plan it that way, just how it worked out.


    My first sea tour was with an EW aggressor squadron, VAQ-34 out of NAS Point Muga Ca and NAS Lemoore Ca. (We did a home port change when we transitioned from the ERA-3B and EA-7L to the FA-18) We deployed a lot training the fleet in anti-ship missile defense techniques.

    My second sea tour was with VQ-1 (EP-3E) out of NAS Whidbey Island Wa. Deployed to Japan/Okinawa and Bahrain.

    My last tour in the Navy was with a Fleet Introduction Team out of the old NAC Indianapolis at first with a home port change to NAWS China Lake. For a shore tour I spent more time on the road than I was at home.


    BTW I have a lot of respect for those that were "Haze Gray and Under Way".


    Dad was VQ-1 pilot 1958-1960 and is why we sailed to Iwakuni. Small world. :) 

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  3. On 2/18/2024 at 5:12 AM, Pat Riot said:


    I logged 11 days aboard the troopships USS General Mann and 8 days aboard the USS General Mitchell before I was 8 years old - as one of two-dozen or so dependents.  The other passengers were Marines.

    That’s how we transited the Pacific in the late ‘50s & early ’60s. :)

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  4. 47 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I noticed we have two people clicked on the confused button. Both of them from other countries. Huh.


    There used to be a singer (ODed in 2016) named Prince. Then, for some reason known only to himself, he legally changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol.




    After that whenever he was mentioned in a newspaper or magazine or on television or whatever, they didn't call him Prince. They called him "the artist formerly known as Prince".

    I called him TAFKAP. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Blackwater 53393 said:I heard and saw and wasn’t fooled.  I was already involved

    Farcically ridiculous!!  Even to a high high school sophomore!!  :rolleyes:

    Of course it was. But those same people who believed are the same ones who believe the border is closed… :rolleyes:


    I’ve sidetracked this thread enough and am done.  Lovin’ your music selections! :)

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  6. Don’t know how old you are Blackwater, but the garble at the very end of the song was enhanced and played over and over again as part of the great “Paul McCartney is dead” hoax of 1969. If you had a vivid imagination or were stoned enough, that could be “heard.”


    “I played Black Sabbath backwards -  and I saw God…” 

    - Cheech and Chong” routine. 


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