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  1. They have an extensive collection of hats and helmets at the WWI Museum in KC. This is just one case of many. Hard to tell in the this photo, but the helmet in the middle, bottom shelf is quite elaborate, though not as brilliant as the OP photo. 


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  2. Carrying on..


    The problem I have cordless tools and appliances is that when the battery gives up the ghost, a replacement (if available) costs as much as the tool or appliance did - including the battery - when purchased. The result? Throw the thing out and get a new one. And another hit to the environment. 

    I have corded devices that are 25-35 years old…


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  3. Seems it’s all in the packaging these days, as opposed to the battery itself.  

    i just threw out a 2-year old Dirt Devil sweeper vac with a rechargeable battery that cost me $100. Thought I could get a replacement, but the battery was soldered in the machine and packaged in a way that can’t be replicated. The manufacturer doesn’t offer a replacement, nor does the aftermarket. The machine was fine, but a dead battery rendered the whole thing useless. 

    One more device added to landfill. So much for green energy and saving the planet….



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  4. Lawrence, KS is about 40 miles west of me and is where a pilot painstakingly restored a rare F4F Wildcat plucked from Lake Michigan to flying condition. It was beautiful. Once the US Navy got wind of it though, they claimed it still belonged to them and wanted it for their collection. 

    The restorer resisted, but the Navy invoked a little-known law claiming they could repossess government property. The owner was compensated, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t made whole on his time and expenses for the project. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Blackwater 53393 said:I heard and saw and wasn’t fooled.  I was already involved

    Farcically ridiculous!!  Even to a high high school sophomore!!  :rolleyes:

    Of course it was. But those same people who believed are the same ones who believe the border is closed… :rolleyes:


    I’ve sidetracked this thread enough and am done.  Lovin’ your music selections! :)

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  6. Don’t know how old you are Blackwater, but the garble at the very end of the song was enhanced and played over and over again as part of the great “Paul McCartney is dead” hoax of 1969. If you had a vivid imagination or were stoned enough, that could be “heard.”


    “I played Black Sabbath backwards -  and I saw God…” 

    - Cheech and Chong” routine. 


  7. 11 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    Honestly don't know on that bird one, but the four prop ones I've been around, you could hear from quite ways away or up. 

    Not me. I wouldn’t hear a NASCAR racer until a nanosecond before it hit me. 

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