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  1. 16 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    Congratulations Forty Rod. That’s some cool information. :)


    I was avidly searching on Ancestry and all kinds of internet treasure troves looking for info on everyone in my family tree. I had my Dad’s side tracked back to the 1730’s and my Mom’s side back to 1717. I was telling one of my sisters about this when she says “Did you know that Mom’s father was not her real father, her birth father?”

    I thought maybe she was just messing with me then she added “Call Aunt Helen. She’ll tell you about it.”

    So I did. 
    Here I am, 60 years old, just then learning that my Mom’s real father was a neighbor boy my grandma fooled around with at age 16.

    This pretty much took the wind out of my sails regarding researching my family’s history. 
    I lost interest. 
    I spent lots of hours and lots of money on this project. 

    I may take up the task again this year but my enthusiasm about it just isn’t what it once was. 

    Sometimes real life intrudes and throws a curveball, which is why I figure these ancestry things are nothing more than an approximation. Family secrets tend to distort the info. 

    A good friend found out at 60+ years of age after parents were long gone, that his father wasn’t his birth father. Seems his mom was prone to fooling around and became pregnant. His dad married her anyway and raised my friend as his own. 

  2. I remember vacs like this, where the bag was huge and suspended from the handle, similar to the Bissell. I also remember that dust and dirt settled in the bottom 10 percent of the bag and never came close to filling it up, requiring it be emptied frequently.  



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  3. As it turned out, there was more than enough wind over the deck that day that the takeoff length was less than anticipated. So much so, that the first couple of aircraft nearly clipped the island with their wingtips. Subsequent planes were told to hold the nose down a bit longer to avoid striking the island. 

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  4. 23 hours ago, usmc69 said:

    As I understand it, an M1911 can be used.  But what about a Colt M1909 U.S.Army in .45 Colt?  It is the predecessor to the M1911.  Just curious is all. 

    Colt M1909.jpg

    Colt M1909 Butt.jpg

    That’s a fine looking pistol!

  5. 2 hours ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    Those airman who were captured were executed as well as the population of any village that they passed through. Those Japanese islands should still be uninhabitable radioactive wastelands 

    Not all of them. As I recall, eight were captured, two were executed, and two died in captivity due to their maltreatment. 4 survived their imprisonment. 

    It’s been 60+ years since I read this:


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  6. 1 hour ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:


    Hmmm... I suspect a Photoshop.  Striping on skirt does not match the fanned portion in color or placement or width; I think the entire left edge of the "skirt" has been inserted.




  7. Celebrities think because people adore their performances onscreen or on field, they’ll also adore their politics and need to share them. 

    I wish there were more like Larry the Cable Guy who said to an interviewer, “I just told a fart joke. Who cares what I think?”  



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  8. The problem is $60-80,000 isn’t an uncommon price for cars anymore. A minor fender bender repair now starts at $3,000. 

    My car is 20 years old, but I still have to pay for all those new cars - and the lawsuits from those s**tbird ambulance chasers. “We get the big money for YOU!”

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  9. 2 hours ago, Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L said:


    I remember going up Kettle Hill with T.R.  Bully, Bully!



    fun fact:  T.R. was the only President to win the Nobel Peace Prize and earn the Medal of Honor



    Huh, I thought that was Biden…. :rolleyes:

  10. They look just like tabis (pronounced tahbee) that are worn with Japanese sandals called zoris (pronounced zorree) that looked like flip flops. They were common when I lived in Japan in the late fifties. Apparently they’re a fashion item now. 

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