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  1. This is Rose, (in repose) our Shar Pei/terrier mix. She agreed to join us last January when she was 7 1/2 years old. We met at the shelter and all we know is she's originally from Mississippi. Would love to know more about her background, but so far she isn't talking.  All we know is she's a character and a sweetie! :wub:



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  2. When I bought my Series 80 twenty some years ago (alas, my only 1911), I swapped someone the flat for an arched ~ found it to be more comfortable. Thinking now that I might want to get another flat...

    If I had the coin, that's exactly what I'd do -- have one of each! But alas, I'm unable to do that at the moment. Other gunly things are higher on the list.

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