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  1. Gonna take a break from the Wire and Saloon for a bit. These forums have been a pleasant diversion for a long time, but recent posts have been getting me down more than usual. Real life demands more of my attention at the moment. I'll be back when I regain some proper perspective. Until then, see y'all down the trail. 



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  2. Nothing against her - she's an actress working for a living and for the exposure she gives the company, I would think she'd be worth more. I just don't like the character she plays. Things that make you go "blechh!"


  3. 1 hour ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    Does anyone really like Flo and the Progressive ads? They have been so (too) long running.

    No. They were amusing for the first year or so, but not since. She’s getting a little long in the tooth and kinda creepy these days. 


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  4. I roll my own paper cartridges for an original 1863 percussion Sharps carbine. It's tedious, but necessary for this rifle. Personally, I'd rather watch paint dry than spend time making enough paper pistol cartridges for a match. It's far more time-consuming than the few minutes saved at the range. For some, that's part of the fun, it's just not for me.


    I load my .44 Pietta Sherifs off the gun as the loading lever is too short to load on the gun. I used to use a cheater bar for leverage until I discovered it was bending the loading lever to where it wouldn't latch reliably.


    Some folks like to buy and pre-load extra cylinders to save time at the range. It still takes time to load 'em at home it and takes even more time to clean 'em after the match. A nice gun could be bought for less than the cost of extra cylinders. 


    Removing an empty cylinder, installing another and capping it on the clock for the second pistol string is a time-consuming and fumble-inducing endeavor. Kinda like using a single shot rifle or shotgun.  Bet you only do it once. Adding on, the average TO knows little of C&B peculiarities and probably would be very nervous watching you make the swap. If you attempt it, be sure they know what you're going to do ahead of time as they may ground your pistol, if they let you do it all.


    I like to keep C&B as simple as possible. Others think a lot of fuss and minutia is fun, and I'm not being at all critical of that. Whatever floats your boat. That's one of the cool things about C&B, there's a hundred different ways to approach it. Every time I load my pistols for Frontiersman, I'm reminded of what a marvelous and remarkable invention the self-contained metallic cartridge is!


    Have fun!

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  5. 58 minutes ago, Hoss said:

    I wonder if that would be an allowed modification?  I like shooting my Henry every once in a while, but hate the Henry Hop. I use a dowel, but have  to hold the rifle just in front of the receiver, which reduces accuracy. 

    Looking forward to pictures! 

    I'm guessing it's not because the gun wasn't offered with one back in the day. I've been wrong before, though.  

  6. 9 minutes ago, Cypress Sam, SASS #10915 said:


    I use a wood dowel as a spacer to go on top of the 10 rounds in the mag tube.  I milled a slot in the forend to allow the Henry follower to go into the forend enough to let the dowel to pusher the cartridges onto the lifter.  We are at the beach right now, but when I get back home next week I’ll take some more detailed pictures and post them for those who might be interested.

    I’m interested and looking forward to your post. I use a dowel as well that allows me to avoid the “Henry hop”. I’ve often wondered about a slip on fore end. 

  7. I think the problem is our celebrity obsessed culture. So a soccer player announces she won't sing. Why is that news? Why do people care? Because the media puts it out there as if it's important. And people respond thru social media with outrage or support and the media reports that. Then we have the talking heads on TV twittering about it ad nauseam. The celebrity then thinks anything they have to say is of cosmic importance. And the cycle repeats itself.


    Celebrities thrive on attention and the public loves giving it to them. Wish there was a way to ignore them so they'd go away.





  8. Just now, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    There's nothing wrong with talking about change.


    The problem arises when folks question rules or definitions which use some degree of arbitrariness on the part of the sanctioning body of our game...and would be counter constructive to our game to not have a level arbitrariness. 



    Just, wow.

  9. This game and the rules have evolved immensely in the last 30 years.  It’s even way different and better than when I started 10 years ago. If it wasn’t for people questioning the status quo, our game would have died a long time ago. 


    It’s just a discussion and a GAME. The fate of western civilization isn’ hanging in the balance. Carry on. 



  10. Sounds like my parents. "Because I said so, that's why."  Never answered my question then, nor now, but that's the way it is.


    BTW, I don't try to have fun, I am having fun.  :P

  11. 1 hour ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    My understanding (and others have said this) is that CC is about the Old West, and 1892 falls after that period as SASS defines it.  That's why it isn't legal for CC.  What would it take?  I don't believe the ROC has anything to say about this topic.  The ROC clarifies rules or makes rulings on WTCs, but doesn't create new rules or alter existing ones, other than the change to the rule about duelists having two pistols out at once.


    I believe the Wild Bunch would have to allow it on the agenda and a majority of TGs would have to vote in favor.  I don't think either of those is likely to occur.

    Then in what period does Frontiersman fall? Is that not the old west? In that category, one can shoot any SASS legal long gun except a '97. The conundrum for me is the firearm restrictions, particularly for long guns that seem arbitrary and contradictory.


    I've shot a lot of Frontiersman over the years and have recently been shooting CC. It's the contrast of long gun requirements between the two that got me scratching my head. Just thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion.


    So far it has been. I appreciate the replies.  :) 



  12. Thanks Phantom, I respect your opinion. This is the kind of dialogue I'm looking for. :)


    What say the rest of you?


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  13. Ok so totally/entirely might not be the correct term. But without getting lawyer-esque, it is integral to our game. As has been said repeatedly on this forum, we aren't re-enactors.


    The question still remains. Why is this gun excluded and what would it take to make an accommodation for a classic and iconic western firearm?



  14. Our game is based entirely on Hollywood westerns. The Win '92 is by far the most prolific lever action rifle ever used in Hollywood. John Wayne's "Stagecoach" and "The Searchers" are testament to that fact. After 10 years of CAS, I still don't understand why this magnificent rifle is excluded from Classic Cowboy. I've no problem with the caliber requirements, but this seems senseless.  What would it take for the ROC to make this rifle acceptable within current caliber requirements for CC?








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