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  1. 14 hours ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    I’m gonna try this.  :)


    Dang.  The calorie count on my recumbent bike didn’t change unless I moved the pedals.


    Foiled again.  :ph34r:

    Next time, turn the resistance down and spin the pedals up really fast. Then put your feet up on the frame until it coasts down. Have a shot of scotch while coasting.  :D

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  2. Yeager was very critical of Crossfield in his autobiography. He said he said he’d given the operating manual to Crossfield the day before and claimed he didn’t bother to read it. He said that hydraulic issue was clearly covered. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I was watching AFTER THE THIN MAN last night. It's New Year's Eve and Nick and Nora have gone to a dinner at some of Nora's relatives house.


    Aunt Catherine passed out the pairings - "Uncle Willie, you take Nora. Charles, you take Mildred. And Nicholas, you take Cousin Helen."


    But there were no cards. When the butler announce that dinner was served, Aunt Catherine started spouting directions.

    Aunt Catherine was always spouting off. I love this “walk this way” gag with the butler and Nick. :lol:  



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  4. Despite some recommendations to start with a single stage press, you can learn to reload on a progressive. Just run one case at a time through the stages (just like a single stage press) until you’re familiar with the process and are happy with the results. There’s no law saying you have load up the shell plate with cases. 


    Find an experienced mentor like I did. Worth its weight in gold.  I learned on a Dillon 550, but bought a Hornady LNL. I now have two of them after 10 years and am very pleased. 


    Not trying to push one brand of press over another. My point is not to be afraid of starting on a progressive. You’re going to want/need one anyway, so you might as well start out with one. Hornady and Dillon are tops. You won’t go wrong with either.  

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  5. 7 hours ago, Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L said:

    My run in with lightning, about 100 yds from my house.




    Oh h**l, that happened 20’ from my house years ago. IIRC, I just threw my shorts in the trash. Cost $1200 to bring that oak tree down. 

  6. I used to work for Hallmark Cards where we were working on designs for the holidays year round. For me, the holiday seasons have been a blur of disconnected timelessness since the late '70s. Didja know the Hallmark Christmas ornament collections debuts in stores in July?  :blink:

  7. 2 hours ago, J-BAR #18287 said:


    Have you read the SASS Shooter’s Handbook recently?  :lol:

    When I started this game ten years ago, the handbook fit in my pocket. Before long, it’ll be in volumes like encyclopedias. :lol:


    And if ever you wonder how we got to this state of affairs, just mosey on over to Wire for a spell. You’d think the fate of Western civilization is hanging in the balance.  :rolleyes:


    Now back to the original topic. I learn something new every day! :D

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  8. Don't know if this helps, but this is my M1 Garand refinished with Minwax stain and Caseys Tru Oil finish. Someone before me had don'e a lousy refinish job on the stock, so I had nothing to lose. The stripper was something generic from Home Depot. You'll want to use a plastic stripping brush to get the final gunk off. 


    TO is linseed oil with a dryer in it. As I recall, it's three thin coats. Buffed with 0000 steel wool between coats and after final coat as I didn't want a high gloss or pores to be completely filled. I used Casey's wax with an old cotton t-shirt about a week or so after the final coat.


    Good luck!






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  9. 2 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Mom logged many-many hrs(WASP)in the P-51, and was an instructor pilot for them.

    She said it was her favorite A/C to fly. Added-that it would also kill you faster than any other A/C she ever flew.

    She lost several friends to P-51 crashes.

    Almost killed her with an engine fire on take-off roll from NAA.




    More pilots were lost to accidents than combat. Even a J-3 Cub or Cessna Skyhawk can just barely kill you. 


    Your mom sounds remarkable. Would like to have met her.  :FlagAm:

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  10. A Buddy of mine gets Shooting Illustrated, while I get American Rifleman. Mags are identical with regard to editorials & political stuff. Depends on how you define entertaining with regards to gun articles. Probably a bit more pistol stuff in SI.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Nasty Newt # 7365 said:

    We did several BP night shoots when we were doing Defend the Roost.  We tried about all of the above, and wound up with floodlights on the downrange side of the set, powered by a generator.  Lanterns on the loading and unloading tables.  We used black targets with white outlines.  You can aim the lights to have it as light or as dark as you want down range.  


    Yeah!  I became a Dammit Gang member at your shoot in '09. Below is an image of me with my Stoeger at that match. You can see the light illuminating the targets directly below the shotgun barre. Awesome match!



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