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  1. 28 minutes ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

    Showing my age a bit, but I recall the Spitfire Mark 1s were a two blade version, while succeeding Marks had three and eventually four blade props as Rolls Royce developed better engines.

    Loved that Spit 9


    Yup. The earliest were fixed pitch and made of wood. Variable pitch were added shortly. 


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  2. 1 hour ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    Same as airplanes do today, time it between two points of a known distance.  

    Must’ve had a lot of time on his hands, given the dearth of cars then. Or maybe he clocked carriages and other 4-legged conveyances too. 

  3. 34 minutes ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:



    that's a good plan.   Something else to do during your recovery...... DON'T watch any stupid news channels

    or anything that might perk up your blood pressure.

    1. watch The Andy Griffith Show with Barney.

    2. watch comedy movies or good Christmas movies.  Watch reruns of the Love Boat.

    3. watch a lot of the Duke in Westerns.

    4. watch some good Clint Eastwood movies.

    5. Listen to some good ole 50's, 60's and 70's music on YouTube.    These are good feeling songs.

    6. AND...always keep your heart pillow with you and use it for sneezing, coughing and even little

    laughs you may have.


    Do things that help you relax, get your mind off anything troubling, and things that help you

    smile..... but don't over laugh.




    Thanks Widder!


    No cable at this house so I can’t watch any news channels. Haven’t watched national or local news in eons. Have lots of DVDs to catch up on though, including ones you mentioned! :)

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  4. 11 hours ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

    No, but Dad said his flight suit needed cleaning - inside and out!

    They landed back at Kapuskasing, jury rigged and patched the nose Perspex and flew back to Ottawa for permanent repair and to have the NRC repair and re-calibrate the three camera mounts and the cameras.

    Scary part he said was that in the nose, operating the cameras, he couldn't wear his parachute and things were a little............interesting before the pilot got the plane back on the ground.

    He had a number of interesting things happen on that assignment, but when the cameras were running properly and didn't need attention, it was boring; flying from the Canada/US border to the Arctic Circle in strips 30 miles wide. Very precise navigation was required, to produce the photos from which detailed maps could be made.

    When things were quiet and the cameras operating smoothly, the pilot, knowing Dad flew privately and had a Super Cub, parked at Rockcliffe), taught him how to fly the Mitchel. 

    Canadian flag icon needed here. 

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  5. I’ve had several encounters with turkey buzzards and flocks of seagull-like birds that inhabit the central plains of Kansas and Nebraska.  You don’t see ‘em until just before impact, or they whizz by inches away. Fortunately the only impact was by a small bird on the leading edge of the wing. Left a baseball size dent though that required grounding of the plane until repaired. 

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  6. Can’t get the bunkhouse boss to watch Quigley more than once in 18 months. However, when I get home and am convalescing week after next, I’m gonna watch it over and over — since I won’t remember anything I watched!  :rolleyes:

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  7. 23 hours ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    Had to pull the motor in my old 88 GMC. The bell housing bolts were bolts with a stud on the head for clamps for plumbing etc. Now I don't remember which was which, the nut on the stud was 9/16ths and the bolt head was 17mm! The irritation came with needing 2 extensions and swivel to get on the top ones! Then get your hands up in there to hold on to the unwieldy apparatus. 

    And then there are lug nuts like those on my Jeep. There’s a decorative covering on an ordinary nut, which takes a 19mm socket, also the same as emergency wrench that came with car. When that comes off - and it will, you need and 18mm socket. Arghh!

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  8. 1 hour ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    Shortest poem ever:



                                  Had 'em.

    Shortest blues song ever:


    "I didn't wake up this morning..."

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