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  1. I have 4 sets of opentops and Richard Mason pistols,  each has 2 sets of barrels one 7 1/2 or 8' and one set 5 1/2" . The only thing you need to be concerned about is the wedge fit for each barrel.  I made sure to get a wedge for each barrel and fitted it to the specific pistols and barrel.  Well worth the $15 for extra wedge. I make sure once fitted that I use that barrel and wedge on that pistol exclusively.


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  2. Works great in shotgun, I find it's a little stouter than App, needs to be cleaned quicker than App. I find that it was a cheap version of App, unfortunately they quite making it so don't fall in love with it. Sold for $9 a pound and I only have 10 lbs left.


  3. one of each! The Match I pulled my pistol cocked it on the way up hit the windowsill and blew a hole through the prop and gun flipped out of my hand! 

    Stage moved with a loaded pistol, pulled it and coked at the wrong spot then moved my feet.


  4. With APP or Blackmz I use bear creek moly bullets, with real black I use my own black powder lube bullets. I'm to lazy to swab between every stage. Again I know folks that can use coated bullets with success I just never have. You might want to try. For long range I would not use a coated bullet with real black.


  5. You are going to get lots of different answers,  in my experience no coated bullets do not work well with black powder.  I have tried molly coated that left an almost cement type crud. 

    I am sure some people have been able to get them to work but I have never been able to. 


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  6. Like coffin I have run black in my 66 and 73 both in 45 colt for years, get some blowback but never an issue,  good strong crimp don't download. Only spritz every 3-4 stages. Use them in local,  state,  national and worlds with never a hiccup. Sure 44-40 and 38-40 probably run cleaner but I only tear down 2-3 times a year and have never had excessive fouling.


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