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  1. There is a HUGE difference between crushing cases (those were way more than wrinkles) and getting a decent crimp.  This is not that difficult.  Dillon has a separate crimp die.  Loosen the lock nut on your crimp die a few turns and raise the die a turn or two.  Then run your case with seated bullet up into the die.  Lower it and look at the crimp area.  Lower the die about 1/4 turn raise the ram, lower the ram and check the crimp.  Keep doing that until you get a nice looking crimp.  Run the now crimped shell back up into the die and tighten the lock nut.  Done.

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  2. This is right off the Dillon website:


    "Dillon Dies are engineered to give the very best performance, durablity and reliabilty on your Dillon Reloader.  Hand made in the USA from the highest quality sintered carbide , our dies are hand finished to exact standards.   All Dillon Pistol Die sets include our size / depriming die,  seating die and a separate crimp die (taper crimp for auto cartridges, accu-crimp for revolver cartridges)."


    I have dozens of Dillon dies and the dies for revolver cartridges DO roll crimp, i.e., accu-crimp.  The cartridge in your photo is bascally showing no crimp.  It is showing a sharp edge.  Fine for revolvers potentially not so fine for rifles.  Do whatever floats your boat.



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  3. Here is a schematic from VTI.  You need part #91.  Part #94 is the old style leaf spring.  You DO NOT want that.  VTI does not show the newer coil style on this diagram.  Part #111 is the pin the green arrow is pointing to.





    Sometimes the lever might have to be modified slightly for the coil spring.  Shotgun Boogie, for example, sells the lever already modified for his coil spring.







    Safety-Bar-Spring-1873-Uberti 2.jpg.webloc

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  4. Model 66s have a one piece trigger so the lever safety will not work with them.  (Some of the OLD Navy arms 66s had a two piece trigger and lever safety.)  73s have a two piece trigger to accomdate the lever safety.  (Some of the first original Winchester 73s did not have the safety.)  Some 73 tuners weld up the trigger to make it a one piece.  First thing to do is simply cock the hammer and see if there is some fore and aft wiggle in the trigger.  If there is putting the safety back in is easy.  If the trigger has been welded you will need to buy new two piece parts.  From your photo it looks like the safety lever pin is still in the gun.  Green arrow.  All that is needed is the safety lever and the safety lever spring.  The safety seldom if ever needs fitting.  A chimp working for peanuts can do the job.  Your mainspring (and answer to McCanless question) is a SLIX.  You will have to remove it as the safety goes underneath it.  I would not buy a flat leaf style safety spring.  The newer Uberti's use a coil and there are several aftermarket coil safety spring.   


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  5. 1 minute ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    Same here, they’re great for small purchases.

    Same here.  When I go to Costco I never use a cart as I only pick up one or two items.  The cash register lines always have 50 people in line with each of them having one or two filled carts.  I like being able to go to self-checkout and get out of there quickly.

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  6. Locally the thing that bugs me the most is I go to Safeway almost every night as I am bored.  So I only buy what I am going to snack on that night.  They use to have those little plastic hand baskets.  Last week I went in and they were gone.  I asked a clerk where they were and she said they get stolen so often they have given up trying to replace them.

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  7. Corrected post.  Grits on the left.  Yes everything is automatic.  I am lazy.  Powder measure is a Lee.


    P.S.  BP filler is the only thing Grits are good for.  I understand some people actually eat the stuff!  But then some people think Ballistol is a spray on deordorant.

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  8. Most excellent.  Anytime someone comes up with a fix to a problem I applaud them.  What I used was the 9mm case feed adapter (green).  It is the correct length and just needs a .38 rim size drill bit run down the center hole.

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  9. 25 minutes ago, Warden Callaway said:

    They do exist.

    The DID exist.  RIght now there are no kits and no aftermarket parts.  The Miroku has the lever safety and the safety built into the firing pin extension.

  10. Few if any "students" will see any repercussions.  Their professors by a large majority support them and the local DAs will not prosecute.  What really has me so infuriated that I could not sleep last night is that Biden intends to bring 100,000+ Gazans into the U.S. as "refugees."  Gazans by an 80 to 90% majority support Hamas.  I would call my Senators or Representatives offices but they won't do anything.  The current group in power keeps talking about "democracy."  Do they really believe that a majority of Americans want to import more people whose core believes include hating the United States?

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