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  1. 1 hour ago, Lash Toru said:

    I’ll check that out, but it’s funny I didn’t have any problem with the older primers. Same press same brass! Just strange. 

    That is always that first thing every says when a problem props up.  I have had this happen several times over the years.  Ammo loaded fine the last time I run a batch and then problems.  The last time this happened I was having the exact same problem as you are having.  Six or seven primers out of a hundred were getting squashed.  Turns out it was a broken index ring and the break was not visible just inspecting the press.  It is highly unlikely the problem is the primers.  Check your machine very carefully as it is most likely something has gotten out of wack.


    Scroll down a few posts and look for the thread XL 650 “old faithful” broke.

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  2. I will have these guns available for sale at EOT.  I will NOT ship.  They will go to the first person that posts here "I will take it."  I will arrange to meet the buyers at EOT.  If after inspecting the gun you decide you do not like it that is OK.  I do not take BitCoin, Venmo or Credit Cards.  In God we trust, but all others pay cash.


    1.  American Derringer M7 Ultralight.  These are all-aluminum and probably not suitable as a side match gun.  They are meant to be carried a lot and shot a little.  .380 ACP.  Comes with dies and holster.  $200.00.  I have owned it for 25 years but never shot it.  (The box says stainless because they never made any boxes reading Aluminum Derringer.)






    2.  American Derringer stainless steel in .38 Special.  $175.00.  This would be a suitable side match gun.  SOLD





    3.  Colt 125th Anniversary Single Action Army.  $1,500.00.  This is a 1961 vintage 2nd Gen in .45 Colt.  Unfired.  SOLD





    4.  Winchester 1887.  $900.00.  This my favorite 1887 and has a totally reliable drop-two ramped barrel modification.  First generation, single extractor.  These are easier to load than the later version and work fine with modern hulls.  NOT for heavy smokeless loads.  Best with black powder.  24 Hour Hold 





    5.  USFA Lightning.  $1,200.00.  This has a 26" barrel and is in .44-40.  These are scarce and as close to a real Colt as you can get.  Yes it does slam fire.  SOLD





    6.  Ruger .44 Magnum Carbine.  $750.00.  1967 production.  This is the version with the built-in Williams receiver sight and no barrel mounted rear sight.  Scarce.  I looked for years to find one and then it has sat in the safe for the past 20 years.  I have never fired it.  SOLD



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  3. In all honesty it is hard figuring out what you are talking about so let's do a little explaining.  Here is a new Pietta .357 cylinder.  The red arrow is pointing to the cylinder bushing.  All Pietta's I have ever seen have this bushing.




    Here is the bushing pulled part way out of the cylinder.




    Here is your photo.  The cylinder on the right has a bushing.  The cylinder on the left does not appear to have a bushing.  The ratchet diameters and teeth look different.  Something just does not look right.  If you have two correct Pietta cylinders they should both have bushings.  If one cylinder does not it would seem you would take the bushing out of one and put it into the other.  HOWEVER, this is very unlikely as the bushings are fit to each cylinder.  With no bushing the cylinder would be flopping around loose on the base pin and the gun would not function at all or function very poorly.  EMF is THE main Pietta distributor and is owned by Pietta.  I looked at KC Small Arms website and they just look like a big gun store.  I would trust what EMF tells you.







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  4. The most frustrating problem I have ever had with my 650 involved the ring indexer.  I was getting some cases that the primer was getting squashed going into the case or turning sideways and getting mashed into the primer pocket.  I fooled with the machine for hours trying to find the problem.  Took apart the machine to examine the parts above and below the tool head.  Everything looked OK.  Then when putting the ring indexer back on the ram I noticed it spread apart just a bit.  Turns out it had broken right where the thin part of the ring joins the ramped section.  It was opening and closing at random and was not visible just looking at the ring indexer.  You could only see the break when you pulled on the ring on either side of the break and it spread out.  Broke right where the red arrow is pointing.  Fortunately I always keep some spare parts on hand and Dillon is just down the road.



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  5. With the cylinder out make sure the hammer is fully down and look at the tip of the pawl.  If it is retracted below the ratchet pocket it should free spin when the detent is removed from the gun.




    If the pawl tip is flush or sticking out the cylinder will not free spin.



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  6. The free spin feature does not depend on the little spring loaded detent.  How well it works depends on how well the tail on the pawl fits into the groove in the gripframe.  Some are well fitted from the factory some are not.  The detent is actually supposed to keep the cylinder from spinning backwards.



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  7. 2 minutes ago, Mad Major Shelton said:

    So here are my questions:
    1. If anybody has the same gun I have, is this normal for the 9mm cylinder to only need half cock? No it is not normal.  Trying to shoot the gun from half-cock can damage the full cock notch on the hammer or the break the tip off of the trigger.

    2. Since the .357 cylinder worked perfectly, I have to suspect something wrong with the cylinder.  But what is it about the cylinder that affects the hammer??  I thought the trigger is the only thing that affects the hammer?  What stops the hammer from going back further is the fit of the hand/pawl to the ratchet teeth.  Once the cylinder locking bolt drops into the cylinder notch the hand cannot push the cylinder any further and the hammer cannot get to full cock.

    3. How much response has anyone had from Pietta customer service?  Most service is not done by Pietta as they are in Italy.  Warranty work is usually done by the importer that imported the gun.  For example, Cimarron, Taylor or EMF.

    4. Do y'all think I can get a new cylinder without having to send the whole gun back?  If it was a factory twin cylincer model the cylinders should have been fitted.  A new cylinder probably will not solve the problem.  The hand needs to be adjusted so it works with both cylinders.


    Looking forward to your responses and many thanks for your advice in advance!


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  8. Just now, Colorado Coffinmaker said:

     I was just gonna suggest a small punch anna Ball Peen.

    I tried a LARGE punch and a ball peen.  Would not budge.  That is why I was asking.  Bond and others have a screw so you can easily change barrels.

  9. The Arizona Cowboy Shooter's Association (ACSA) shoots its monthly shoots at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility.  Yesterday they had a warm-up match and today and tomorrow is the club's annual pre-EOT match .  Ben Avery is a very active range and just to the west of the CAS match a silhouette match was going on and just to the east a benchrest match and a high-power match on the 1,000 yard range.  (All of these ranges are used for EOT.)  The main tent and vendor tents were also still being worked on so it got to be quite crowded for this weekend's CAS match.








    Some people were getting a jump on the EOT swap meet with several tables full of goodies.




    The weather is sunny and 75 and the crowd is having a good time on the stages.






    Cowtown (located about ten miles west of Ben Avery) is having Fire and Ice this coming weekend and as soon as the shooting is over pretty much everyone heads over to Ben Avery to pick up their shooter packets as EOT registration opens on Sunday, February 25.

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