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  1. 5 minutes ago, Smokin Gator SASS #29736 said:

    And then some people get upset that some shooters thought ahead and stockpiled components that they will use themselves when prices go up or the components are unavailable. 

    And those same people get upset that the person who thought ahead is "price gouging" if they try to sell them at current value.

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  2. Remember the old saying "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it?"  As a add on to Snakebite's post the people that keep saying "gee I use to buy primers for $25.00 a thousand and powder for $19.00 a pound.  I ain't gonna pay these high prices" are getting annoying.  Prices are NEVER going back to what they were and if you ain't gonna pay you ain't gonna play.

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  3. 1 hour ago, T-Square said:

    The Dillon powder funnel (no 4)  is manufactured for .429 bullets - so in both examples, the powder-drop barely touches the top of the brass. There is no case mouth expansion.

    I am not sure what this is supposed to mean.  What do you mean the powder drop barely touches the top of the brass?  Are you using a Dillon measure?  If so it should not drop powder unless the funnel/expander is going well into the case.  What do mean by there is no case mouth expansion?  If properly sized the funnel/expander should be expanding the case mouth or something is wrong.

  4. After years of piddling around with different .44-40 rifles and pistols with bores ranging from .423 to .435 I went with the original Winchester and Colt specs - .427 for everything.  At SASS velocities never had any severe leading problems.  The problem you are having may be because Dillon has two expanders that they use for .44-40.  One for .427 and one for .429.  Check the code on you funnel/expander.  The one for .427 should be #4.  The one for .429 should be G.  To make matters even more confusing I have two really old E expanders that work fine for .44-40.  HOWEVER, the newer E's are for .45 Colt.  The only way to tell for sure is to take an accurate measurement of the expander neck.  The one for .427 should be around .423.

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  5. OK, we have two suggestions.  One says washers at the front of the spring.  And, one says washers at the base.  Let's vote.  


    Vote A - front, purple arrow  OR  Vote B - base, green arrow.  


    This is more exciting than Rank Points vs Total Time.





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  6. It is kind of a tossup.  You can go to a kiosk or self-serve counter and be confused.  Or, you can go to the pimply faced $20.00 an hour moron and be baffled when your bill is 19.07 so you give them a nickle and two pennies and a twenty dollar bill and they stare at you.  After a while they hand you the .07 back and a handfull of change.

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  7. A few weeks ago Longhunter posted a photo of the round he uses.  A 105 in a .38 case with the bullet crimped in the grease groove.  This gives an OAL of 1.510 which is about perfect for feeding in a toggle gun.  I could not find the photo so I mocked one up real quick.  As soon as I use up my remaining 125s I will probably go with this round for rifle and pistol.



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  8. 32 pounds in a shotgun is about 11,000 rounds.  That is not even a year's shooting for a competitive shotgun shooter.  A whole BUNCH for CAS rifle and pistol though.  Wow Bear that was a score.  Red Dot has been hard to find for a long time in my area.  I just used my last 8 pounder and have been looking for months for a suitable powder to continue loading in my trap loads.

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  9. I get a few flakes of power by the end of a match and never have sticky residue.  From the amount of unburned powder you have it almost looks like it might be contaminated.  Ballistol is a HORRIBLE case lube.  Oil can kill powder and primers.  I use Ballistol on my guns but would not have any of it in my loading area.  Ditch the Ballistol and try Hornady One Shot CASE LUBE.  (I.e., the stuff in the red can not the black can.)  It is wax based and will not harm powder.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, John Kloehr said:



    +1.  Rugged Gear has had at least three differnt ways of attaching the rear wheels.  A photo of this "pin" would help.


    P.S.  I would go to the Rugged Gear website and click on the contact information and call, write, or email them.

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  11. Bit the bullet this morning and went to a match at Cowtown to test the Chicom all cotton Henley shirt.  Last night's late night news report said it might hit 120 today but we were going to start at 8:00 and only shoot four stages.  It was 115 but overcast for the first two stages.  But it only felt like 114 to me.  The sun was out in full for the second two stages so it felt like 116.  So I would say it was a wash so too speak.  :P  It did feel a lot better than anything made out of synthetic fibers.  I will definitely state it would feel cooler than a black flannel shirt. B)

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  12. The factory measure seems to be very accurate.  The factory measure comes in a dedicated location on the press.  Left in this location you either cannot use a powder checker (I like the RCBS lockout die as I cannot hear the ones with a buzzer) or have to use a seater/crimper combo die instead of separate seat and crimp dies.  I guess they have had enough complaints that the factory had a powder measure relocation kit on their new products page on their website.  However it was not yet for sale so I decided to use a Dillon measure as the Dillon measure also uses the Mr. Bullet feeder funnel/expander and saves one die location.  Also, I do not like leaving powder in the measure and there is no easy way to remove the factory measure to empty it.  All my Dillion measures have quick releases so that was another plus.  After I substituted the Mr. Bullet Feeder in place of the factory feeder the relocation kit became available.   I got one and at some point may reinstall it.

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