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  1. 6 minutes ago, Hoss said:

    I roiled up some alum foil into a ball, stuffed it in the arbor hole to get the proper fit! The “elegant” solution is to use a Dillon locator button. Attached to cylinder arbor, then grind it to proper thickness. 

    Who do you think came up with that fix?



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  2. Do you have an accurate caliper and do you know how to make accurate measurements?  The pin should be .098" in diameter.  What is the diameter of the pins you have?  The closest drill bits are going to be number drills.  #40 would be .098" and #39 would be .0995".  2.5mm is .098" and a roll pin has a certain amount of spring to take up tiny variations in OD.  If you cannot find the proper size roll pin at your local ACE PM me your address and I will send you one.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    I think there's a tool that basically compresses the pocket from the inside...therefore making the pocket depth a bit shallower...I think...

    That is what it does but it is only about .002-.003".  Hardly worth the effort.

  4. I can see making it deeper, but how do you make a primer pocket shallower?



    You have my curiosity peaked so I came back and edited this post.  Why would anyone want to do this?

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  5. In case you have not heard Hodgdon has renamed Titegroup.  It is now High Gun.  Here is a post I copied from a shotshell reloading site.


    "I just received this from Hodgdon..............

    Hello Danny, The High Gun powder is Titegroup with a shotshell name, we felt it was often overlooked for shotshell use even though it is excellent for that. Perfect pattern is however a new powder of its own.

    Thank you

    Luke Otte
    Customer Service Manager

    Hodgdon Powder Co.
    6430 vista dr.
    Shawnee, Ks 66218"

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  6. In the late 1950s the CIA thought it would be nice to drop cheap guns into Commieland.  The WWII Liberators had been scrapped so they came up with a die cast aluminum gun in 9mm.  Very few were ever actually produced.





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  7. 9 hours ago, Dirty Dan Dawkins said:

    In the Atlanta radio heyday, the 90’s

    The radio stations are just fine.  You are just 30 years OLDER.  The heyday for me was the late 50s, 60s and early 70s.  They do not sell 45 or 33 1/3 rpm records anymore.  In fact they pretty much don't even sell CDs anymore.  They do not even sell IPods anymore. Modern kids get everyting online.  The music business today bares no resemblance to decades past.

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