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  1. Returned last night from shooting the THSS annual match called "Trailhead" at the Brune Ranch near Columbus, Texas.  Originally the match was scheduled for March but was moved to June.  Great match.  Officers took into account the summer heat and shortened down movement, yet still had movement.  Stages were not P traps.  Pre-work done for the match was clear in that many boards were replaced, some counter tops lowered, stairs up to the gallows were widened and had less of a step up,  at the Fort which is high up there was a pvc tube to send brass down to the unload table instead of brass pickers going up and down stairs.   Targets were appropriate in size and at reasonable distances....gee, I could go on and on about how they prepared for this match.  Match itself ran very smoothly, finishing in a timely fashion after which shooters were given a short, but reasonable time to put their guns away and attend the awards which ran in a pretty efficient manner.  Gee, did I say "great match" yet?.....yep, I did and it was.  

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  2. Been one I have long wanted to go to due to positive feedback I have heard in the past and again this year.  Unfortunately it is doubtful it is in the cards for me anytime soon.  I may never be there physically but my spirit is there with those of you who do get to shoot Winter Range.

  3. Both of mine (done at separate times) were super simple and recovery very quick.  I guess I drove the day after but could have driven that day but perhaps they did not want me to due to anesthesia.  I guess I started shooting within ten days or so but could have earlier.

  4. There are many good holster makers  out there.  I like Murphy Custom Gun leather.  Persimmon Dan will ask you all pertinent details such as amount of drop, cant, crossdraw or straight etc.  I am thinking cost runs about $575 or so and for that you will get a rig that will last forever.  Whomever you buy from, buy the best you can at this time.  With any company you can doll them up and run the price up.  Don't forget you will want a shotgun belt or bandolier.  I expect you will get a number of recommended makers here.  Call and talk to them and make sure you have a pretty good idea what you want before you order.

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  5. Never have met Velvet Glove and due to where I live likely never will but I follow her story every day.  So glad she has love surrounding her and happy she is able to return that love.  Her progress is remarkable and an inspiration to all.

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