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  1. 6 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:


    All of that has to get to the moon somehow.

    But that is not the main mission. The main mission is say going to Mars. You won't need the fuel to blast off from Earth for the Mars shot. Yes you will still need stock the lunar base camp from Earth, but will be done with ships designed for hauling cargo, not a flight to Mars.

  2. Its my understanding the Keltech wasn't that popular. At one time it was about the only bull pup on the market, but once the IWI Tavor and newer version of the Steyr AUG became available, Keltech sales dropped drastically. I have the SAR version of the Tavor and like it a lot, while not as inherently accurate like an AR, its a lot of fun to shoot. 

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  3. Yes and no. The AKM is always a stamped receiver, but there were 3 types of AK47s. The first type used a stamped receiver but had too many quality control issues in manufacturing, so the Soviet’s went to milled receivers for the type 2 & 3. By 1959, they had improved their stamping technology to develop the AKM.

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  4. 19 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    The acting is way above par for war movies and has proven to me a long held belief the the Academy Awards are basically a list of things I don't want to watch.



    Its a great movie but if I recall correctly it was a made for TV film (for the A&E channel) and never had a theatrical release so it wouldn't have been eligible for an Oscar. 

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  5. 29 minutes ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:


    That might be the way they carry, but the OP asked what was wrong with it. IMHO, that's what's wrong with it. 

    I also carry my 1911 Cocked and Locked.

    You have that option, she does not.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Lone Spur Jake SASS #7728 said:

    Too bad we don't have a 1000 like her roaming every campus of these useless colleges, that hard working, tax paying, American citizens are seeing their tax dollars supporting.

    She is off duty Israeli military, not an armed civilian.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Alpo said:

    Notice it has both exposed hammers AND a safety.


    I thought that was modern lawyer-mandated idiocy, but apparently it's been around for a while.

    I believe those are referred to as stalking safeties, they are for hunting. You can carry the gun fully cocked and are much quieter than cocking the hammers. 

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