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  1. Thanks for the info. They are great pictures. It's good to see someone with the same interests as myself. B.P.
  2. The Mountain Man pictures on the wall in the first picture of the boots are by the artist James Bama. He did most of his western works in Wyoming.
  3. Rio. I like the Bama,s on the back round wall. B.P.
  4. Here you go Jack. Total length muzzle to rear of hammer--10-7/8". Total length of ejector housing--4-1/8". Total Barrel Diameter tapered from rear sight 3/4" to 43/64". Total ejector O.D. 7/16". Total height of barrel to bottom of loading leaver assembly is 1 43/64 inches. Height from top of cylinder to bottom of trigger is 3 1/4 inches. All dimensions were taken with a vernier so add what you will need for clearance to get the gun in and out of the holster. My holster is a 1860 style and the biggest rub area is the ejector housing. B.P.
  5. Howdy I have a few that I have put together and most have parts from JWHCustom. With a Kidd receiver and a bolt from JWH I don't have any feed or jam problems at all. B.P.
  6. Howdy Dawg. I found an open box of 147s in my stash and I know there are at least 900 in the box. Only thing is they are not sized or lubed. I used to buy them from Island Pond Paul this way so I could size and lube with SPG for my wife's Marlin. If you want them send me a PM and I can figure a price and shipping. B.P.
  7. Pee Wee. This one looks good. cncmasters.com CNC 1340 Lathe Base Machine B.P.
  8. portlandheadlight.com. One of the nicest lighthouse's in Maine. This is what most visitors want to see when are in the area. Bus tour companies always stop there during leaf peeper season in the fall. B.P.
  9. Hi Yul Check out tubalcain on Youtube. He has everything he has used for sand casting on his Youtube videos. B.P.
  10. I have just one with all brown background and brown sheriff. If that's what you are looking for I can mail it to you. Send me a PM. B.P.
  11. I have downloaded the videos to YouTube. Try to access them at my account BPG. I will attempt to download them here. Wish me luck.
  12. Great video Buckshot. I like the little generator and lamp too. I see this is a YouTube video. Maybe I will try to use YouTube to show the Ford engines running. Thanks B.P.
  13. Howdy Buckshot. Three more pictures for you. I built the small beam engine first and then increased the dimensions 100% and built the larger one. The second one is what I call Ford 1. It runs on gas and is fed gas through the modified drip oiler. The third picture is Ford 2 which is a twin cylinder version and runs on gasoline. I tried to download a video of ford 1 running but don't know if it worked.
  14. Sorry about the missing video. Working off my old POS pc for pictures and videos. B.P.
  15. Howdy Buckshot I don't have any of the toy model steam engines but I build them from plans and scrap material. I belong to a model engineering association (NEMES) and get help and ideas from other members. Most are powered with about five pounds of compressed air and some are gasoline powered. I have a shop here at home. I hope these pictures can be seen ok. The video is of a model of Henry Ford's first attempt at making a 4 cycle engine. Google Ford's Kitchen Sink Engine. (He stole the idea from Benz.)
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