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  1. I did change the hammer spring too. I couldn't pull the hammer back with the stock spring duelist shooting. Both thumbs are arthritic. I tried 18lb and a 19lb Wolff springs and both worked fine without any duds. B.P.
  2. Howdy I found the 30oz spring brought the trigger too close to 1 pound pull. I used the 40oz which brought it up to just under 2 pound. I didn't want a one pound trigger for new shooters to use. I ordered both springs to try out. B.P.
  3. Holsters for sale. Top set Russet color is made for 1858 conversion pistols. Made by Russ the Carver. They are close in color and one holster has 44 cal bullet loops attached. Either 1858 Uberti with Howells conversion cylinder or Taylors factory conversion Uberti pistol will fit well as shown in photos. They are not lined. One holster is a little tighter than the other as they were made at different times. Both have a two inch drop which helps clear the eight inch barrels. $75.00 shipped THE PISTOLS ARE NOT INCLUDED AND ARE NOT FOR SALE. BOTTOM SET SOLD. Will be sold to first I will take it. Please send PM with info. B.P.Gunns
  4. Howdy D-H. Something that might help with question #2. When Montana Anna was shooting black powder with Vaqueros and her Marlin rifle I made a scraper out of a 357 brass by just belling the open end and silver soldering a brass rod to the end of it. Attached a file handle would push it into the pistol cylinders and rifle chamber a couple of times. I could feel the crap from the blow back pushing on the 357 brass. Follow up with an oiled patch and you could see the crud and some lead deposits. I found that Starline Brass was a problem too. The wall thickness is just heavier enough than Winchesters and did not expand as well both in 38s and my 45 colts. Hope this helps. B.P.
  5. Howdy Caboose I have two pair of grips with screws that were removed when I bought the guns. If Evil Dogooder can't help you PM me. I don't know what kind of price to put on them. B.P.
  6. 100 once or twice fired 30-40 Remington Krag brass for sale. Tumble cleaned, not deprimed. $35.00 shipped. Post I'll take it here, then P.M. info for shipping. I will return P.M. with my info. B.P.Gunns
  7. 330 pieces of 45 Colt once fired Starline brass. Fired with modern powder, tumbled clean, not deprimed. $50.00 Shipped Priority mail lower 48. Post I'll take it here, then PM with mailing information. Thanks. B.P.
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