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  1. 1 hour ago, Smuteye John SASS#24774 said:

    I just carry Louis L'Amour westerns to read.


    And wear a suit and tie every day.

    I don't own a suit...Might still have a tie....Just not sure where it is....I think I put it on about 45 years ago...Might be outdated...


    Texas Lizard

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  2. I have a sister in law that lives there...She is Chinese and being this is right in the middle of the New Years time...I can not call her for now...If something is real bad she will call the wife...But for now we can only wait....


    Texas Lizard

  3. 9 minutes ago, Dawg Hair, SASS #29557 said:

    Nice, but definitively not Florida.

    True, but in Florida you may have gators walking across your driveway not turkeys....


    Texas Lizard

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Three Foot Johnson said:

    SASS Vaqueros are .357 and .45 Colt only. The .357's have 4 5/8" barrels and the .45's are 5 1/2", so these are .357's.

    Thanks for the education...I did not know this...I shoot big frame Rugers, they fit better in my hands...


    Texas Lizard

  5. 2 hours ago, Calamity Kris said:


    HA HA HA   NO


    (Remember I work for a government contractor.....)  {I'm not that stupid.}


    1 Christmas cactus and 4 Orchids that are ready to bloom.

    I thought maybe you gave your plants names....Not what it is....


    Texas Lizard


    Well maybe just a kidding....Keeps you on your toes.....

  6. 11 hours ago, Capt. R. Hugh Kidnme said:

    If you've got bourbon, cigars, coffee and a flare gun you're set for at least 3 more days.

    And if needed...Cat food...Not as good as dog....


    Texas Lizard

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  7. 3 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Ramped front sights are not legal in Frontiersman.  You were lucky you did not get DQ'd.

    For me not knowing this...What does make a legal sight for this or any other cap and ball pistol...


    Texas Lizard

  8. 24 minutes ago, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said:



    Hey TL:

    You were probably thinking more along the lines of this 3-1/2 inch ROA (yes, I have a pair!):P

    --Dawg (who hopes you & yours are doing well!)


    IMG_0442 2.JPG

    So do I...Thanks to Jim Bowie...Just need to put a front sight on it...If all goes well will use them a EOT....Along with a dozens others...Hopefully I can keep some them running to finish the shoot...


    Texas Lizard

  9. 21 minutes ago, Tequila Shooter said:


    Sorry for the confusion, it shows that I’ve got 60% space available, not sure what’s going on. 


    Not you was me...Have not checked my end for a couple of years....All clean now...


    Texas Lizard



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