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  1. Hello to All,

    I am offering a replica (I assume) Civil War type belt plate that has been converted to a regular trouser belt buckle. The conversion was done a long time ago before I got it. Whoever did the job ground down into a narrow hook the wide tongue that fit into the rectangular wire fitting on the sword belt. See the photos for better understanding. The buckle, though it shows heavy wear, is cast in very high relief. It is a quality casting, with very clean fine checkering. Would work well on a gun belt or trouser belt up to 1.75” wide. I am asking $30.00 shipped to you. Thank you for your time. Regards, Sgt. Q.



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  2. Hey Pard, I recently bought one off eBay for $50 bucks, by googling frock coats. There is a seller who sells used tuxedo rental items, it looks great and fits perfectly. Check it out. The seller is monkeysuits.

    Here I am wearing it as Herr Drosselmyer for Christmas Eve…


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  3. Hello to All,

    I am offering an Imperial Russian Navy belt buckle, with the two-headed Romanov eagle superimposed over crossed anchors. I really do not know if this item is original or replica, but it really doesn’t matter, as it has been converted into a regular trouser belt configuration. I got it some 25 or more years ago from an acquaintance who made frequent trips to Russia and was a nut for naval do-dads. Because it has been altered, it is not collectible, so I am selling it as a replica. Would work for a gun belt, if you wanted to use it that way. The buckle will accommodate up to 1.5” wide belts. $35 shipped to you. Any Russian Bill personas out there? Thanks for your time.

    Regards, Sgt.Q




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