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  1. It was about a woman who owned a saloon, who became involved with a younger man, something of a greenhorn. She teaches him about what it takes to be a man in the West, along with initiating him into the mysteries of love. In the end he leaves, ready to make his way in a man’s world, and before long she finds another young man to help along. It was a good poem.


  2. Hey UB, did you once, long ago write and post here a poem , called The Schoolhouse Saloon, or something similar? If yes, would you care to re-post it for me, and for new pards who might have missed it? If it was not you then my apologies to both you and the true writer. It is a fine poem. Thanks for your time.

  3. The top PIETTA 1860 was given to me by a volunteer at my museum shortly before he died. He was a hero aviator of WWII, awarded the Legion of Honor in the grade of Chevalier by the French government. He was a fine man, a retired general and a good friend. I will never part with it this side of the sod.


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  4. Hello to All,

    I’m selling a Lyman marked, Uberti made .44 calibre New Model Army revolver. Overall very good condition, although the grips have shrunk a little and are slightly small on the grip frame. Front sight has been reshaped a bit, but not disfigured. Photo shows all. $175.00 shipped to your door. Thanks for your time.


  5. Hello to All,

    I am offering a small, playing card sized tintype carte de visite group photo of four very smartly dressed couples. I have no idea who the people depicted are, or exactly when the image was taken. Perhaps not the bonniest couples, but a fun image.  $20.00 shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope. Check is fine, or cash. Thanks for your time.




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