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  1. Depending on which one it could be between $50-$100 dollars, I would get a sheet of thick corrugated and sandwich the cover with Fragile do not bend or make a box for it. I found a John Wayne commutative complete box and cover for a little under a $120 but that was over 10 years ago. Check EBay as they are sometimes there and u can check out the bidding. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, Cockney Rebel said:

    Sorry guys, I was not at my computer this weekend.

    I have one going to Prairie Dawg and one to Nimble Fingers.

    Is that good with you guys?

    Sure it is!  Let me know how to send $$ to u, suggest PM


    Bailey wouldn’t have been stepping!  Every so often I need to be taught a lesson!  But thanks to Cockney, we both luck out!!  

  3. Just now, Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439 said:

    Yes I would!  Pm me the info, I can do Zelle, Venmo or PP for pymt methods

    Sorry thought I had hit submit the day you replied. Was at work and got distracted.   Just wanted to acknowledge you found another and were offering it to me. Bailey won it from you fair and square 

  4. 17 hours ago, Cockney Rebel said:

    Collapsible Doc Holliday cup from Tombstone.  $25 including shipping.



    Since Prairie Dawg beat me to it and I have a friend who lives and breathes “Tombstone”, I would love to get him one. Can you tell me where you got it?  Thanks

  5. 1 hour ago, Kid Death 6683 said:

    What would anyone want one for when you can buy AZOOM snap caps?

     Because I believe everyone is saying that the rim still needs to be filed down enough to stay in place but not get extracted. 

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  6. Not to but in, and I just making sure, that you won’t ship anything in the case. I had one Seller from eBay ship a 2nd Gen 1851 Navy with all the accessories in the case and the pistol moving during shipping broke half the dividers in the case. You probably are already aware of this, but I am erroring on the side of caution. I have a set and would cry if the case’s dividers were damaged. 

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  7. On 12/7/2016 at 10:48 PM, John Boy said:

    Virgil Ray Hality

    Col Nathan Riddles

    Mohave Gambler

    Howdy Doody

    Pigeonroost Slim

    Mean Matt McCord

    Big Ed - driven off the Wire by Chiz!

    Boy do I feel foolish I just responded to 2.5 year old post!  Well if it’s old news it’s old news. And I think Phantom’ ok, but we just have our differences of opinion on certain topics. 

    However I still and will miss all of the people posted!  As I said I learned a lot. 


    Unfortunately Big Ed passed on. I meant in outside of Tombstone and ordered two “Duke” style holsters for my son’s Colt Nebraska Commemoratives and then in Old Tucson Studios where he had opened a shop!  I consider myself a big man at 6’1” but I had to look up to Big Ed!  I remember the rest in your post from way past too. 

    For those of you missing Phantom, he and I spar occasionally here on the Wire. He is back unless I got the wrong Phantom  

    we do miss all of their wisdom!  I learned a lot from the lot of them!

  8. On 12/3/2016 at 12:27 PM, Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 said:


    May be why the whole Signature concept, of an Italian parts gun put together here and priced at three times what a "shooting" C&B revolver was, never took off. Priced like collector's gun, but mostly the quality of a shooter. As I said, would not be my cup of tea. I'd have it going to a smith right out of the shipping box to tune for competition if I had one. And there would go the specialness of it.



    You know it’s like art, it is only valued at what other people will pay for it and since there are a lot of people who value Colt Signature guns more than Uberti of the same model pistol or in this case rifle, they kind of are entitled to their opinion. I got you, you don’t value it hirer but don’t criticize the ones whe enjoy collecting 2nd & 3rd generation Colt pistols. I started with the 3rd gen Signature models assembled by the father of the man running Henry rifles and they were beautiful and well put together!! I sold those to afford the 2nd gen ones and then bought the cases and accessories( some Signature kits) to go with the 2nd gen pistols and other than the “signature” on the bullet mold or nipple wrench you can’t tell the difference!  So I appreciate your opinion on there not being any difference between Ubertis and the “Colts” but if others disagree and do value them more, respect their opinion as well. I would love to get a Colt 1861 musket for my collection and to represent my great, great grandfather’s service in the 1st Ohio volunteer infantry, even though they supposedly used 1842 muskets. 

    I am happy with the 2nd gen pistols I have and do value them more. They will be a legacy to my son and his heirs to follow

  9. Saw three in .38 spcl for sale yesterday starting at 1047.00. But none in .44-40.  I thought I had posted this yesterday and had included the name of a website where they were listed but don't see it today so maybe I am not suppose to list the website. PM me if you want the sight. 

  10. WHOA! Did I see where Sears sold the "Craftsman" name to Stanley? That has to be one of three nails in their coffin! The other two being DieHard and Kenmore. I always thought iot was stupid of Sears to put their tools in Kmart and Ace, losing traffic into their stores just for the tools. Wow.

  11. I was hoping for the FNX-45, thought that would be a great replacement in .45. I have it and love the way it handle the recoilk and its accuracy along with having a hammer. I guess now I know why Sig came up with a "copy" of the 250, could see the difference between the 2 pistols but there must be.

  12. That's curious, I talked with Tammy at Winchester last week and she told me that the 1873's were sold out until Oct/Nov when a new shipment was coming in, and that the 1866's would be available in February. I informed her to tell the website design group that the needed to change the "1886" to "1866" on the website page. So it is interesting that the regular 1866, that she said would be 1299.99 is out.

  13. And by all means, report back to us on all the new toys, and please check with the Colt guys to find out if there are more double action revolvers coming! We with live vicariously thru your travels.





  14. OK, Cayuse Jack, I stand corrected! As I said back in that day, the wire was full of his delays due to his health and lack of employees to assist him in his workload. But if I am wrong, then I say so. Sorry to hear that he didn't refund you, moved to IL, do you know where as I am from the north shore of Chicago and will in the next year be going back for a visit and it would be interesting to look him up.



  15. Got a New Frontier in .44 spcl, one with a 7.5" and one that had a 5.5" but that I threw on a nickel plated Buntline barrel on and did the same to my son's New Frontier in .22, He had a set of Colt Nebraska Commemoratives that he started to shoot with as a Buckaroo (If anyone knows where I can get a Colt Nebraska case, let me know!). I added the Colt Winchester commemorative and threw on a 4.75 .44 spcl barrel on it, and about 4 months ago got a nickel plated .44-40 with a Buntline barrel that I will probably downsize to 7.5 when I find a 3rd gen 44-40 one that is not too expensive. I have a Ruger OMV in .44 mag as a backup. Got a couple of extra barrels and cylinders and saving up for frames for my son, although he will get them all when I am in the ground. I don't shoot fast or competitive, being built for pleasure and not for speed, I just enjoy going around healed and get excited if I hit the targets. So I am not hard on them and can continue to shoot.



  16. Going to visit my folks in Green Valley AZ, and they took my wife, young son and I to Tombstone and then to Old Tucson Studio's and I was hooked from there! Came back to FL, checked out any clubs and found the one that I have listed in my signature, although I am not an active member currently. Had a Colt New Frontier and a Winchester 94, the Colt in .44 spcl and the Winchester in both spcl/mag. Volunteered to help out with the scouring and that is when I got my SASS alias, Nimble Fingers, from Jeremiah Longknife. I ordered a Ruger Vaquero in 44mag, got a cheap belt out of Shotgun news, and borrowed a shotgun until my lovely wife bought me a Baikal for Father's Day, and I have been shooting off and on ever since.


    I now have a much better outfit, look like the Duke when I do shoot, and I have even gotten my son involved but we are both too busy to fully participate. My Mother thinks I haven't grown up, and I tried to get my Dad interested when one of the last times I took him to a shoot in the desert, you guys in AZ are so lucky! Had a great time, he laughed with a bunch of the shooters, and I got "yelled" at for not bringing my irons to shoot!


    Where else can you go and pretend you are in a Western, walking around healed, unless you are in AZ!


    Nimbles (dreaming of another vacation with those mountains)

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