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  1. 7 minutes ago, Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L said:

    Phil, What size of boot do you wear?  I have a pair of Earth Walkers that were made for me and didn't fit. I"m a 9.5D and feel that they are a 9D.

    I had him build them with a side zipper for ease of getting into them. I have another pair that fit me and they are very comfortable and I can run like a 72 year old man in them.

    Johnny Meadows

    10wide thanks 

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    That I will not be the one making a run at your time this year?  You're on.


    Right now - If I could do it under 30 without an IV and oxygen - I would be amazed.

    Get well my friend.

    I  was in my prime when I ran that time. 

  3. Good idea - put the latex glove on at the loading table and take it off at the unloading table. Just use a new one for each stage. Should only be on about 13 seconds.  Lol

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  4. Shooting with the Grove on ain't going to happen.  I can't pickup my 97 with the glove on with or without grip enhancement.  Would go to plan "B" but I don't have one yet !

  5. They are Copper fit groves and they do have grip enhancement. You need to keep the  wound dry and the Copper fit gloves improve air circulation.

  6. Can one  use  fingerless gloves while shooting. I just had hand surgery and have an incision across my palm. I'd like to start shooting a little early without dragging guns directly across the incision. 

    Hells Comin

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  7. 6 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:


    That would equate to about 40 CASES of shotgun shells.     YEP, that sounds about right.... or atleast



    To be more specific:

    5 cases:  of PROPER practice will get to a few good stage runs at the local match

    and you'll get a couple pats on the back for a good SG run.


    10 cases:   With proper practice, you'll start to find out if you got 'IT' in ya to be

    competitive or not.   And also, you'll get more consistent in your SG stage runs.


    20 cases:   With proper practice, you can start to feel 'comfortable' with your SG

    and hope you can get some stages with multiple SG targets.  This will help your

    scores and build more confidence.    Your competition at local matches will

    start to watch and observe you when you shoot.


    30 cases:   If you don't have any health issues that hinder you,  this will help

    you compete with the top SGer's.   You may not whoop em, but atleast you'll

    feel confident enough to 'play' with them.   You'll also learn that the expense

    of buying 10-20 MORE cases to practice with will help you reach your goals.


    40 cases:   Now you have a good chance to compete with those like Deuce,

    Sante Fe River Stan, Aracia Outlaw, Prestidigitator, Sidekick, Copperhead Joe,

    Phantom, Hell's Comin,  Missouri Traveler,  Missouri Lefty and Red Knee.


    The key word with all this is:   PROPER PRACTICE.




    Per week

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