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  1. I shoot 36 caliber C&B once or twice a season and know there will be some missed calls if all spotters are just listening to a ring with a hit. The conical bullets that I now use are a little more pronounced ring wise but if shooting 36’s makes you worry about misses then just switch to 44’s and forget about missed calls. I enjoy shooting my 36’s and a miss or two is no big deal. I have tried to inform the spotters I am shooting 36’s and could not tell if it helped or not.  If you shoot C&B revolvers it is just part of the game along with cap jams and smoke clouds covering the next target. I would not ask for a fresh paint in a match but that is my take on shooting percussion revolvers. DC

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  2. 1 hour ago, Mountain Man Gramps said:

    After spending too much of today looking into this topic, I've decided to take Sedalia Dave's advice - replace the original nipples with Slix Shot nipples that take CCI 11's or Remington 11's (doable but a looser fit according to Badman Bullets). 


    Thanks Dave and Dawg.

    Remington #10’s not Remington 11’s.

  3. I was raised in Gloversville NY. Personal check is fine with me. Will your FFL accept from an individual? I was going to be in Gloversville in August for our 55th class reunion but they had to cancel but not sure how legal it would be for me to deliver. I will mark it sold when I get home. My phone entries don’t always post. Thanks, DC

  4. I sold my Walker so don’t need the holster anymore. I had this custom built just for my Walker. It is a bright hand cross-draw that sits on your left hip. I tried a straight draw but the cross-draw was much easier.  $80.00 shipped CONUS. DC 




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