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    I had the same concerns, but I took the risk with the Tornado Brush.  I now have a 2-1/2 year history of using it in both my own and my wife's BSSs, with both bores on both guns still looking like mirrors.  There are no scratches evident, even in the chamber and forcing cone area, where I brush very aggressively. 

    I might add that I usually brush the chambers and bores after about every two stages, so the Tornado gets hard service.  I usually use it dipped in Hoppes #9 or after a spray of Ballistol.  It clears out powder, plastic, and leading better than anything else I've tried. 

    But I do follow it with a dry cloth patch.  I buy the red shop towels at Harbor Freight and cut them into quarters.  The quarters are  perfect size for a 12 GA.  I run them down the barrel, using the Tornado Brush as a jag.  Fit is quite tight, which is what I want.  I launder and reuse the patches.  

    I also use the tornado brush with great success. I used to shoot BP with the plastic hulls and with a squirting of Vinegar Windex the black snot rolled out. I now shoot only brass shotshells and still use the Tornado brush even though no more black snot. Do not notice any scratching using the tornado brush.

  2. I shot my Spencer for five years and not one pard complained. I was able to cycle 8 Schofield rounds and only had to load two rounds over the top. Cock, lever, fire and repeat worked for me. I always shot my 32 inch hammered shotgun paired up with my C&B revolvers. It is not a rifle for everyone and hope to find an affordable Spencer Rifle to shoot at a match. Once you developed your routine it is fun to shoot. DC

  3. I just traded for this shotgun and already have five shotguns so will sell or trade for another cowboy gun. It appears to have a full choke and a modified choke. It is stamped Amarillo model and has a stock pad. Has some cart dings but everything else looks fine. $645.00 includes shipping to your FFL. Thanks for looking. DC





  4. I am selling my Ariat Ropers sized 9 D. I never wore them to a shoot and now they do not fit. I wore them as dress boots only not work. Selling price of $40.00 plus actual shipping cost to buyer. Thank you for looking. DC



  5. I I agree with everyone about the slight chance of a chain fire with a loaded uncapped cylinder. I always cap the sixth cylinder on a reload before starting the string because I feel safer doing it this way. I have had  only one chain fire shooting CAS and it was caused by a fine Crack in my ASM revolver which ignited the bottom cylinder taking out my loading lever. I took the cylinder to a machinest  friend and he checked it out and found the crack. The cylinder was never shot again and have never had another chain fire since with any of my other revolvers, sold my ASM and bought nothing but Piettas since. DC

  6. I shoot mine with full black powder loads. I only own long barreled cartridge revolvers so am used to the long barrel. I use a 200 grain bullet in 45 Schofield. I like the Schofield round with black powder. I do OK shooting duelist but not as well shooting with two hands. It is probably me not the revolver. I like the open top revolvers rather than the top strap revolvers. Shoots POA and feels natural to me. DC

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  7. I shot a Hartford 92 in 38 for about ten years shooting black powder. About once I year I took off the stock and soaked it really good and then blew everything off and lubricated it good and back shooting. I prefer the 73 now in 44/40 only because it really is easier to tear down and clean. You will enjoy the 92 in 44/40 shooting black powder.

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  8. I would like to sell my Pedersoli Trapdoor rifle in 45/70 with the 32" barrel. Cabelas name is stamped on the rifle. Selling price will be $800.00 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL. The shipping cost will be cheaper if I use my FFL which is fine for me. Pictures are attached. Thanks, DC  May consider a single shot rifle in 357. 






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  9. 9 minutes ago, Boomstick Bruce said:

    Why are you looking for just Schofield?? Any that's made in 45 Colt will chamber 45 Schofield...

    I have two Remington Outlaws, one will cycle both 45 Colt & 45 Schofield but the second one, an older build date, will not cycle Schofields. You need to try both rounds in a revolver to verify they will or will not shoot both. I have not tried and of the Colt clones only the Remington Outlaw.

  10. I have shot my Walker paired up with my 1851 Navy snubbie at a few matches and had a great time. I use a cross draw with the Walker which makes it easier to draw. One of the pards I shoot with shoots gunfighter with his Walkers with conversion cylinders. I have trouble reaching the hammer on my Walker but can make it through 6 stages without any issues. DC

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