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  1. I have loaded 35 grains of FFG for over 15 years and all SG knockdown targets fall. Why someone would want to triple this load is above my pay grade. I am sure the noise knocks as many targets down as the shot. Too each their own I guess.

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  2. I use hammered doubles in 28,30 and 32 barrels. Sometimes they have animal cutouts for SG staging and occasionally I need to move it away from a prop to give me room to stage. Have shot for 18 years and never hit a prop yet, just take a step back and no problems. I do shoot an 87 with 18 1/2 barrel that is fun to shoot. Shoot what you like but just have fun. DC

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  3. I called customer service at RCBS to obtain a new handle for my Partner Single Stage press. I bought the press 26 years ago and the handle was stripped and would not tighten up. They said that taking the old press apart to replace the handle parts could lead to more broken parts decided to just mail me out a complete new press. No questions asked if I was the original owner or what caused the handle to break only saying they were mailing me a new replacement. Customer service based in the continental USA is more efficient than one based overseas. Thought I would share a good experience with an American product. DC

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  4. I am trading with a guy for some 12 gauge brass shot shells and he called and wanted to see if I wanted some 16 gauge shot shells as well. He said he has 125 new brass shells so checking to see if anyone might be interested. I will sell them for $35.00 per 25 plus shipping if anyone is interested. I don’t need them but sure wish he had some 10 gauge. Thanks, DC

  5. I started with a coach gun and within two years added three Russian Hammered doubles with 30” barrels that I still use most of the time. Props can get in the way but most clubs I shoot at now have props but shotgun is usually on one end. I did buy a 87 with the 18 1/2 barrel that I really like. Sometimes when they have a prop too close to stag3 the long barrels it can be a problem. I prefer the longer barrels. DC

  6. I think a posse of ten is too short. In a perfect world the number 10 works but I do not live in a perfect world. I think 12-14 shooters on a posse is a better fit. I shoot Frontiersman and watch the ULT for about 2-3 shooters and then help out where needed before I shoot again. In a as ready shooting order I try to go first to not hold up anyone. Just the view from my saddle.

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  7. I traded for the revolver 10 years ago and never shot it. It appears to be the black powder frame according to the front to faced owl head grip. I would prefer a FTF sale in Colorado but would ship if buyer pays fees and shipping. I will include 100 rounds of ammo as well. Asking $90.00. Pics available with an e-mail. Thanks, DC

  8. I would not have a problem allowing someone to shoot Frontiersman with the 58 carbine. It would not take that long to exchange and cap the new cylinder in the carbine. I have shot with one pard who shot a percussion shotgun with preloaded paper shot shells and that was a lot of fun to watch. I agree that the cylinder should be capped on the line as well. I shoot with South Park Slim and he is a safe shooter so could handle the transition well. Looking forward to seeing him at a shoot with his carbine.

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