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  1. I use simple green and water  in a bottle and let them soak driving home from a match. Most matches are over two hours away so rinse and lay out to dry overnight before putting them in a tumbler. Seems to work fine for me. DC

  2. I agree that you need to shoot as many different C&B revolvers to see which you prefer. I shoot Rogers & 

    Spencers, Walkers, Remingtons, Dance Brothers, Griswolds and most of the colt clones. I even shoot brass frames where most give them a bad rap. Everyone has an opinion on Uberti or Pieta  so see which you like. My most comfortable revolver to shoot for me are my Pieta 60 Armies with Navy grips tuned by Goonworks in Georgia. Keep an open mind and you will find what works for you.I shoot all my revolvers at least once per year and each are just a little different but I enjoy shooting all of them. Enjoy the journey buying a C&B revolver.

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  3. I had one 73 that would cycle Schofield and an older production 73 that would not. Same was true for my newer Outlaw in 45 Colt will cycle Schofield but my older Outlaw will not. rotate with S hofield loaded. Go figure.

  4. I started with real BP and it is not that hard to reload with. I shoot cap & ball and tried Black MZ because it was cheap and not a good decision on my part. I load cartridges by hand as well as my brass shotgun shells. I know some load BP with a MEC loader but I have not tried loading with my MEC yet. If you shoot with anyone who reloads black powder just ask him for some advise. Welcome to the black side and have fun. DC

  5. On Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 11:10 PM, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said:

    I've gone to using a plastic screw thread protector on my 6th nipple.

    They are cheap & highly visible.

    I cut 3-4 rings off one with a thin blade.

    Easy to see which cylinder chamber is not loaded.

    I take 'em off when cleaning, & put 'em back on when I'm done.

    After 35+ years of shooting cap guns, I've shown that you can teach an old Dawg new tricks!




    I have used these for six years and they work great on the empty cylinder.

  6. I shot 45 colt in my 73 for many years and I did take the side plates off after each match and cleaned the inside. I found it easier to clean each time and not try to remember the last time I cleaned the toggle system. Sometimes it really needed cleaning and sometimes not so bad. I shot 250 grain as well and squirted PAM every other stage just because I think it helped. When I (needed) another rifle I did switch to 44/40 only because I wanted to. Shoot the 45 and enjoy the Black. 

  7. 17 hours ago, Johnny Reno said:

    What barrel length? I've got a 6-1/2" and would like a dedicated holster.


    17 hours ago, Johnny Reno said:

    What barrel length? I've got a 6-1/2" and would like a dedicated holster.

    My Dance Brothers eight inch barrel sticks out 1 1/2 inches so I think 6 1/2should fit.

  8. 3 hours ago, Rancho Roy said:

    Where can I see this new lever lock?

    I am looking for the brochure and will post it when I find it.  Everyone received one in their documents at HOW.

  9. Bringing some holsters, western and modern, Pedersoli 45-70 trap door, Tula 28' S x S  hammered 12 gauge,  CVA bowie knife, 45 caliber single shot pistol, Walker, 51 Navy,  some free copies of Shoot magazines I just located.  See ya at the swap meet.  

  10. I have owned two Model T's and two Model A's all with mechanical brakes. I drove my 1930 Model A Coupe up Pikes Peak highway and still have cramps in my fingers going back down.   Yes I did use  the emergency brake more than the mechanical brakes going back. Old cars are fun but unless you are driving a 16 cylinder Cadillac not very comfortable. The picture is my 1933 Dodge Brothers sedan which is equipped with hydraulic brakes. The other picture is my 1950 John Deer Model MT which takes three men and a boy to stop. DC



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