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  1. it's the meca of cowboy shooting.  a tourist trap for sure,,but that never stopped me from going there.  live in Tucson and still visit Tombstone dozens of times.  it's actually worth to trip to go see the reenactment of the gunfight at the okay corral. you'll be surprised.  wishing you a great trip regardless of where you're staying go. see what you at EOT.

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  2. For sale at Bordertown next week:

    (  SPF)  Dillon 550, set up for 45ACP, lots of extras, strong mount, roller handle yadda yadda yadda ( $550 obo) minimum value in Blue press $774.00 ;

    Springfield 1911  loaded NIB 9-mm $850.00;

    Ruger  new model single 6,  32 H and R.  Bought, sent to Lassiter for full race set up never fired.  Been in safe for years - $850.00.  

    Will be in town Tuesday.


    Can post pix tomorrow if interested.



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  3. I decided to take the dust off the reloader and make 32s once again  but can't find my formula.  I was loading 78 grains with Vita Vorie 310 OR 320 ,,, I forgot which.  Might anyone have a formula or suggestions!  I checked the   V V reloading book and no luck for cowboy loads.  thanks.

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