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  1. Please explain why you think this is unconstitutional ?

    were  the firearms acts of 1930 and 34  as well as the 68 GCA , not to mention the  AWB’s in many states not upheld?

     If local LE fails in it’s duties the Gov can and have called  Out the guard many times in many states . 

      I can’t believe that for decades we were warned about this and we have ignored the warnings 

      Always told myself not in my lifetime!?

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  2. Pull permits  and have a journeyman electrician do the work

    If something goes wrong later on, fire, accident , etc. at least your insurance will cover you.

    Most folks don't realize if the above happens the insurance company will look for

    reasons to deny coverage. 

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  3. PayPal....REALLY PAYPAL ??????  Why not just send

    Monies to the Brady foundation while you're at it?!:unsure:


    Don't we have enough troubles without supporting anti gun groups?!


    McCandless we all know the dip sticks that say just send it as a "gift"


    Sorry I'm old and see our gun rights eroding daily, NY, Cali, Now VA !!!

     We don't need to support the erosion of our rights.:angry:


    I'm so riled I may have to go buy an AR just to calm myself:P

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  4. Here the number to verify PMOs

    866 459 7822


    Lately Ive had Sellers hold cashiers checks

    hey as long as they’re upfront about it I’m OK


    while you think a check clears the bank , they are actually allowing you access to the funds Before they actually clear as long as you have funds in your account to cover said check!

    somebody sends me a ck they have a week to clear on an in state check, 2 weeks for out of state.   Take a large out of state check to your bank and see if they don’t tell you the same

    i had BofA put a 21 day hold on a check


     Not going to debate this! I spent 25 plus years working in and managing IT depts  specializing in remittance processing at BofA, Chase and a few others

  5. It would be the hand spring that they replaced by the coil and plunger, but this is NOT part of Long Hunters basic package

    The bolt spring could have been replaced by either a flat or a wire spring

     The mainspring HAS been replaced by a lighter flat spring as LH does not do a coil mainspring

      I am probably wrong but I believe Bob Munden pioneered the coil mainspring conversion and AWA used it in one of their clones


     Work done can be confusing without paperwork! I’ve bought more then one LOng Hunter USFAs  and folks selling them were unawares of what they had!

  6. I’ve dealt with this varmint before!!


    Do NOT trust his descriptions

       Firearms I bought from him were MUCH

       Nicer than stated

    Do NOT expect fast shipping

      he’s actually quicker than fast

    Do Not think his price might be lower

       His prices are more than fair

       NOTE this rifle has grade 3 wood!!


    Pard if this was in 45 it would be MINE!!

     I just need to keep saying no more 44-40’s!!

    free bump for a good pard!

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  7. retired couple months back, wife and i have been having health issues so we're just going to take things easy.

    Won't be shooting much of anything so EVERYTHING is going. I'm asking what I'm in them and most times less.

    I tend to own and shoot higher end firearms so my loss your gain. Anybody who's bought from me knows as much.

    I'll run them here a day or two then off to gunbroker.....

    I'm not tying up site bandwidth if interested email me at NAument@aol.com for pics



    2 NIB .... NOW 1 as 1 sold, never cycled a round Cimarron 73 saddle rifles in 45 LC, octagonal 18" bbl, yes holds ten rds,

    cch receiver , deluxe checkered walnut straight stocks, (not that shoddy orange wood).... paid $1150

    apiece , they retail for close to $1400 asking $975 apiece 1 is sold


    USFA Rodeos , these are ALL later made, ALL US MFR ....NO Uberti parts as follows


    NIB, 4.75", 38 special consecutive pair of Rodeos in box w all paperwork, try to find these!....... $2450


    LNIB 38 special SAA Premier model, 4.75" bbl, beautiful case colors, this has been fired but never holstered.

    Faint line between a cpl cylinders, won't show in a pic, Box is not original to the gun........ $1650


    New Unfired Turnbull 38 special,4.75" bbl., brushed hard chrome, action job, some type of ivory knock off grips

    perfectly fitted...... no box or paperwork........ $1600


    NIB Consecutive set of 45 cal Rodeos 5.5" bbls., with action jobs by Long Hunter to include, triggers, 11 degree cones,

    polish internals, plus widen rear sights, serrate front blades 40lpi, thin sides of hammers, AND has flat hand springs

    replaced with coil springs ala Ruger,, there's over $500 in smithing, These do not have boxes or paperwork just their

    USFA colored bags.............. $2200 for the pair.


    NIB 45 Cal Rodeo 4.75" bbl , to include cch hammer (extra cost for that), just as it came from USFA.... $1400


    Payment by Postal MO ONLY, NO PAYPAL and sorry no trades, I'm cleaning house for good!


    anything I missed or questions please email me at


    NAument@aol.com for quickest response

  8. Crockett was there because he was promised a role in the new government of the republic,, he was seeking a fresh start after things in Tenn soured for him.

    As to his heroic stand, in reality he and his men (what was left), ran into the mission and sought "sanctuary" not to be critical I would have too........

    the Mexican soldiers dragged them out and Crockett was presented to Santa Ana who ordered him immediately executed.

    he was run thru by one of the Mexican officers.


    as to the men knowing what was going on, they were until the Mexicans were over the wall convinced Fannon then later Houston himself was coming with

    a relief force.


    PS anyone firing a weapon any weapon let alone a cannon while under a white flag is no soldier, and deserves no praise

  9. Springfields were built for them from Argentina on FN machinery ala FM Fabrique militare. Not sure if they were metric or inch??


    DSA builds some really nice ones these days not too expensive. was looking at

    one at Rifle Gear it was an FN Para for $1600ish.


    I too prefer an AR pattern rifle. Bought one of the new daniel defense V's

    very nice.


    that said when i was a younger lad I wanted an FN so bad but like most couldn't

    afford it when i was younger.

  10. I used to shoot IPSC, steel challenge, etc., competitively many moons ago


    Think on this You have airfare, lodgings, food then the cost of the class which isn't cheap

    ( says a multiple gunsite alumni) You're looking at well over 2 grand.


    why go with a gun that may or may not work? And you're going to find firing a 1911 as fast as you

    can is a far cry from that 1 rd per second gun range rule.


    There are many guns which give you more for your buck than a Colt

    SA-TRP for one, les baer UTC, or again buy a used ed Brown for under $2K and

    you'll never look back. Don't muck up the experience with the wrong gun.

    Heck unless you're wedded to the 1911 bring a glock it'll work everytime


    I've seen too many folks at training classes have their experience ruined from both a technical as well

    as an emotional stand point. edited in ...because of firearms failures


    Also you will dry fire more than you shoot

    Bring surgical tape for your thumb for sure and other spots that will rub raw from thumbing the hammer

    and dry firing a whole bunch.as well as other weapon manipulations.


    Once you get thru the course you'll be considered "family" and quit a family it is



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