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  1. Title pretty much says it all, 20" hammered coach gun. This is of recent manufacture so no "dolls head"

    bbl's like on earlier CZ's. Flat faced bbls make loading a breeze unlike earlier dolls head bbl's. Newer

    CZ's also have black chrome bbl's the earlier versions were blued so better wear and corrosion

    resistance. Really vibrant case colors and BEAUTIFUL wood! Comes in CZ velvet covers inside a CZ hard case.

    This IS NIB never even chambered ard in it!     Asking $875 shipped CONUS.

    CZ lt.jpg

    CZ rt.jpg

    CZ stock lt.jpg

    CZ forearm.jpg

  2. This is NIB, a Premier SA in 45LLC and 45acp and box so marked.  5.5" bbl, cch with

    dome blue finish.This  is the last of my USFA's and these are HARD to find!! Extra cylinders

    were sold by Evo gun works after USFA closing for $500+! Comes in black box, sock, cardboard  sleeve, etc.

     Looking for $2250     27XXX serial range so 100% US made!!

    USFA CONV.jpg

    USFA CONV close rt.jpg

    USFA Conv (2).jpg


  3. Consecutive set of USFA Premiers, 5.5" bbls, cch frames, in 45 caliber.

    Hard to find a consecutive set anymore let alone a set in like new condition.

     These have some of the nicest CCH I've seen!! Dome blue, etc.

    24XXX serial range so 100% US made.

    Bought from an estate sale, if fired they were only function fired, not a mark on them!!

    NO cylinder lines, etc. In USFA sock in black boxes original to the guns and with

    cardboard sleeves........... $4200 for the set.

    USFA DBL  right.jpg

    USFA DBL left.jpg

    USFA DBL cyl.jpg

    USFA DBL cylB.jpg

  4. Why can’t you shoot jacketed bullets at steel targets? 

    ever heard of the steel challenge? Virtually all shooters use jacketed or plated bullets!
    You just can’t shoot the ridiculous low velocities that are now standard for cowboy shooting? Might be nice to go back to mor realistic velocities?

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  5. got a cpl USFA's that the varnish is thinned out on. Thinking of re coating but not sure

    what varnish or if it's a thinned varnish, etc.

    Also how would I get the old varnish off without damaging the cch?


    anyone have any experience doing this ?


    my thanks in advance

  6. Walmart corporate months ago stated all handgun ammo and any 223/556 rifle ammo is also being phased out  at ALL stores!!

    hunting and shotgun ammo will still be

    carried at stores that have a market for it.

     Mine closed out their handgun ammo at

    50% off weeks ago! 
    I feel safer already!!

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