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  1. On 7/30/2020 at 8:51 AM, Capt. James H. Callahan said:

    My wife is from Las Cruces, NM. She swears  there's no better smell than rain in the desert. I've smelled it, can't say I disagree.




    Yes, your wife is right.  The fresh air after a Southwestern desert rain yes incomparable.


    Cat Brules

  2. 51 minutes ago, Whiskey Business said:

    We don't have to go. They keep threatening to come to the burbs.

     That would end badly for them.


    Don’t tell them.  I’m here giggling right now.


    I heard a movie line that went something like this (which may be appropriate here).

          “They say you could see their line of retreat from the bones of their dead.”

    I have been wrong before, however I find it unlikely that even those morons would be foolish enough to attempt invading suburban or rural areas.  I imagine they would have to be taken out in dump trucks.  However, it’s always the followers and never the leaders.


    Cat Brules

  3. Interesting that Ghislaine Maxwell was picked up at home, then is immediately rushed off to a hospital, critically ill with what?.....Covid19, of course.  

    I wonder how long she’ll live now?  I hope she left behind a closet-full of of video, stashed with people she trusts, so that after she’s murdered in hospital or jail, the video is used in a massive blackmail scheme or dumped on the Internet.

               Cat Brules



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  4. If you’re shooting a Uberti or any Win73 clone......

    .....a steady diet of a factory or HV reloads of .357Magnum or HV (high-velocity) .44-40 or anything else, will loosen up and damage the rifle.  


    Longer term, I see these rifles as being suitable for “standard” .38Special and lower velocity reloaded ammo for competition purposes only.  I won’t fire hi-velocity ammo in mine at all, regardless of the caliber stamped on the barrel.   All that tells you, really, is the chamber size and “recommended” ammunition.  It will likely fire that .357 factory-velocity ammo “safely,” all day long, but i believe the rifle will,’ longer term, be a sloppy mess of stretched metal parts......functional maybe, but a “rattletrap,” ready to fail any time.

    Just be cautious.  I’m not going to discuss this....this is a warning, so I have no desire to research this to “prove” it or disprove it.  In fact, I would be very surprised if you find anything that does “prove” my contention.  Just give it some thought.


    Cat Brules





  5. On 3/19/2020 at 8:26 AM, Sixgun Sheridan said:

    Given what I've seen of the human race the past month aliens would have absolutely no trouble overtaking us.


    Four words for the aliens (space aliens), AND, the illegal aliens:




    Cat Brules

  6. On 10/15/2019 at 6:41 PM, Turkey Flats Jack said:

    Love that this thread exist. Been a minute since anything's been added so I'll throw up this plastic Cabela's flask and a nipple wrench for cap guns. The nipple wrench has some rust but it's never been out of the package. Just pay shipping (flat rate box is $7.90) 


    T.F. Jack


    Turkey Flats Jack,

    I can really use the flask and the nipple wrench!


    please PM to me your contact information.

    Cat Brules..... (805) 441-0992

    Thank You

     Cat Brules


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  7. On 1/15/2020 at 6:19 PM, Cypress Sun said:


    Okay, I know this isn't a cartoon...........butt


    A wife tells her husband that she wants a breast enlargement. He tells her that costs a lot of money and there is a more economical way. He tells her to rub toilet paper between her breasts twice a day for a month. After a month she tells him that she doesn't think her breasts are getting any larger. He says, I don't know why not, it worked on your ass.


    Hey, I didn't make it up.....just repeated it.






    Cat Brules

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