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  1. I have two stainless, 5 1/2” ROA barrels for sale that were on a set of Old Armies that got octagon barrels from Snake Oil George. I doubt I’ll be needing them so they can be yours for $125.00 each shipped or $240.00 for the pair.









  2. The titles say it all. Colorado Jackson won the LOCAS Gun Cart raffle drawing. They sold 287 tickets. Thank you everyone.


    Here’s a few pictures of the one he already has. The lumber is highly figured claro walnut.







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  3. 54 minutes ago, Texas Red said:


    Tell him what rifle you're shooting and he has stocks that he fits to......So mine is a Uberti 73' Straight Stock....Pretty common.

    Thanks for looking....Check Darrell out if you're in need of Leather....



    Double Diamond probably has a stock or gun for about anything out there.

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  4. 3 hours ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    I included the loading stand segment in the video just for comparison.  I have never used a stand to load (OK Griff, “charge”!) my guns at a match since I started using percussion revolvers about 18 years ago.  The Tower of Power in the video was part of a package deal  I bought from Yul Lose.  You saw the first time I have ever used it in the video!  So I have no opinion on different loading stands, other than I don’t use them.


    When to shoot?  I’d say do what you like.  I can’t always be at the unloading table because we have some shooters at our nearby clubs that need to sit down more than I do.  When they take over the unloading table, I do other chores.  Usually I like to shoot near the end of the posse.  I can spot or shag brass or run the timer for most of the shooters while figuring out how I want to shoot the stage.  Then I can get at least one revolver recharged while the posse moves to the next stage, listen to the scenario reading,  and then I can finish the second revolver while the first shooter is on the stage.  That way I am available to relieve any worker who wants to go shoot, and work most of the stage until it’s time for me to ride drag.  Not saying anyone else should do it this way, it just works for me.

    Thought that looked familiar.


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  5. 1 hour ago, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    Was there anyone in the stands to see it? 

    I haven't heard if your (sorry, maybe not "your") the governor had allowed sporting events to be opened up yet.

    I can't keep up with who is allowing what.



    There weren’t any fans in the stands in Texas for the first two grand slams either. I can’t keep up with who’s allowing what either.

  6. 3 hours ago, Scarlett said:

    If you buy your bullets...you have more time for shooting... (Full disclosure: I am @Bullets By Scarlett :wub:) HOWEVER, I do think I have some valid points for you to ponder:

    1) you will shoot/practice a LOT more with the 38s than with the .45-70.  There are a LOT of weights/profiles for the 38 Special... that would mean a lot of molds... buy the 38s. - at least until you settle on a weight/profile THEN, if you're so moved...buy the mold.  You'll have to cast so many of these that it might take some of the joy out of casting - it becomes like work.


    2) the .45-70 are big - 405gr is what you will probably settle for (its what I shoot in my 1885 Hi Wall and LOVE IT).  I have a few pards who cast the 405 and really enjoy it...then, when you shoot it, hit the target at 200+ yards, you'll be incredibly satisfied that YOU cast/sized/lubed or coated the bullet that hit the mark.


    3) This should have been first - figure out where you will source your lead.  There is NO SHORTAGE of lead but there is not a lot of "free or cheap" lead...and wheelwrights are mostly zinc now.


    Of course, if you cast your bullets, you'll have to buy something else from me in order to get your FREE HUG WITH PURCHASE! :D


    Big hugs!



    I got my bullet shipment yesterday. Great bullets, great service and great hugs. No I don’t cast.

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