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  1. Is there anything that i can do ??

  2. I am having 20 made that is PINK SASHES

    may have to have more T-Bone and i came up with 6in wide and 7,5foot long may have to have some 8foot well see how far the materal goes

  3. It would be nice to know who established the official clarification.

  4. well you mat say you did not change the rules ect. but, sure sounds like you did the rule to stop a 13 year old from being number 1 .I hope he stilll does and the cry babies can run home to thier mommmies. I know what I think does not matter but,what youall did smell bad to me .

    So we have no new rules so who established the official clarification of a qualifer for the ovrall.what are thei...

  5. I do not what game you are playing but I still hav enot gotten your massage

  6. COLT you two are top HANDS and that is for sure ps no rule change for EOT

    the very very few who are on the band wagon are a--- holes to start with .The only time they want the rule book out is when it helps them now they want to not use it or change it.

  7. i need no excuses facts or fact .

    The chances of us shooting togeather are slim and none I do my best to avoid your type(live is too short)

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