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  1. 8 hours ago, Raylan said:

    Had a guy I knew thru work get in an argument with his girlfriend. She grabbed a steak knife and stabbed him in the heart. He was DRT. 

    Her her name wasn’t Cathy S was it

  2. Several years ago our son was looking for a way to give back over Christmas, He remembered how much he and his twin sons enjoyed Hot Wheels. He founded a small charity called Little Wheels Big Hearts to raise cars to donate to Toys for Tots. He enlisted the help of a couple social media friends and in three years the have collected over thirty thousand cars.

    At our age my wife and I need very little so we donated most what we were going to spend on each other to Little Wheels Big Hearts. Our wallets are empty but our hearts are full 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Bugler said:

    UPDATE: Stolen Browning Hi Power Recovered

    Spoke with the deputy on the details of this recovery. Gun was NOT used in a crime but was in the coat pocket of a parolee that had broken parole.

    Bad Boy!!!

    They are sending the gun to the FBI for forensics testing to be sure it was not used in any crime after 14 May 2020 which when the burglary happened.

    Sheriff's Office will search where he was staying for other firearms that might be there as well....could be mine or someone else's.

    Apparently when you break parole, LEO's don't need a search warrant to search the premises. Didn't know that.....

    The process is still unclear as I have yet to speak with the FBI agent in charge.

    At least I know WHERE it is at......now the process of going through whatever hoops are put in front of me.


    AKA Bugler

    Has the insurance company paid you for the gun. If they have the gun is no longer yours

  4. 14 hours ago, Lawdog Dago Dom said:

    Maybe I'm getting cranky in my old age. On the advice of a relative who works there, I applied for a credit card from a large home improvement store. Easy enough. Card came today with a big notation in capital letters, VERIFY YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS ARE CORRECT. And then an 800 number.


    Typically with an ethnic last name, that name takes a beating. These folks butchered the first name. That's a first. And it's incorrect. So I call the number


    1st operator says they can only correct LAST names. Apparently I am the first person in history whose first name they have misspelled. She will have to get a supervisor.

    4 more supervisors. They each act totally bewildered at my issue. They had my account number, but never verified my identity with a birth date or anything else.


    The last supervisor said I need to send them a business card or a letterhead with my name, spelled correctly, on it.


    Sensing my courtesy was about to take a left turn down a 4-letter highway, Shortcake yells to thank them and hang up. We'll try the card and see how it goes.


    It shouldn't be this hard to convince a company that I want to give them my business.


    Or am I getting cranky?

    I would be much more concerned with the interest rate I was talked into a Home Depot card and was shocked that the interest rate was 32%.  I didn’t activate the card and destroyed it 

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  5. Fifty years ago I was watching the Hallelujah Trail with my Girlfriend. She got on the phone with her sister and pretty much ignored me so I started to take a shot every time Bert did. Let’s just say that by the time her father got home from work at midnight I was rather intoxicated and spent the night on the couch. He was not impressed 

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  6. 25 minutes ago, DocWard said:



    I'm right there with Forty Rod. We've disagreed more than a few times, but you have my respect, and I believe we're better off with you here than without you.

    I want to thank both you and Forty as well as everyone else on this board I’m not going away I enjoy the people here to much to do that.

    Wouldn’t this be a boring forum without the spirited banter and debate that makes this place what it is 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Joke 'um said:

    My current inclination is to resist this hoax/power grab as long as possible.  So, it will be "NO" until proven harmless, effective and free of mind control additives.


    I know.  Shouldn't doubt our government so much.  After all, its not like these same folks would steal an election then use their propaganda machinery to hush the whole thing up.

    Please tell my neighbor and friend who is in a coma and on a ventilator that it’s just a government hoax. BTW he probably isn’t going to make it

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