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  1. My Iver Johnson is a later one that is good for smokeless, and it works just fine.  Even won a pocket pistol side match with it.  But I still shoot mild loads in it.


    There are other safe for smokeless top breaks, but the early IJs are not one of them.

  2. 5 hours ago, Duffield, SASS #23454 said:

    If you use 9mm Luger dies you can reload with 357 bullets and use the factory barrel. Mark it "9 mm Rimmed" so that someone doesn't  try resizing .360 bullets by firing them in it, that would cause a pressure spike! The .357 bullets will  work OK in your other guns for our game.


    Well, if we're gonna go this way, I could just go with .38 Short Colt.  No mods needed except getting it to work with the short cartridge.

  3. 13 hours ago, Reverend P. Babcock Chase said:

    howdy H.K.


    I'm not going to ask why you want to do this. If you want it, that's good enough. Now, from what folks here are saying, It sounds like it might be a bit pricey. So, no half measures. Get someone to make you a Volcanic repro for the .38 S&W. It might put you in the poorhouse but it would top the charts in style points. I want the second one.


    Rev. Chase


    Well, that's a dream too.  That someone would do this, in that caliber for both the rifle and pistol versions of the Volcanic.  :)


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  4. 15 hours ago, watab kid said:

    it sounds like a labor of love , as i think it would be way more trouble than its worth , why might i ask - would you want that ? i know of no main match revolvers chambered for the 38S&W , 




    Because I really, REALLY like the caliber.   At the moment, I do have 1 main match pistol chambered for it, a S&W New Model 3.  Colt also chambered the SAA and Bisley in the caliber back in the day, but in very limited numbers, making them uber expensive.


    Having a rifle in the caliber would just be really nifty.

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    A question for the gunsmiths here.

    How much trouble would it take to create a Main Match rifle in .38 S&W?

    Which rifle would be the easiest to do it for?   73, 92 or Lightning?  I'd guess the 73 would take the lease amount of action work, you could probably use that carrier that lets you run .38 Short Colt, and the other two might need a lot more work to make it function with such a short cartridge.   I'd assume that some work to the bolt face might also be needed.

    But the biggest question would, I think, be the barrel.   The needed .360 bore just doesn't exist on any rifles I know of.  So I assume it would need an all new barrel that would have to be drilled out for the purpose.

    I doubt very much that any of the makers of rifles for our game would ever create one in this caliber, so I am just wondering if it's even possible to have one custom made/modified.

    Yeah, anything can be done with enough money, and if it's prohibitively expensive, never mind, but I just don't know if it would be.

  6. It is entirely possible that your chambers may be too tight.

    I have never had problems with chambering in the following guns...




    Winchester 73

    Winchester 92

    Colt Lightning.

    (I have not yet tried my Marling 1888)


    These are all vintage rifles.  The Colt and the Marlin are antiques, so they were probably all "chambered" to original specs for the cartridge.  (Whatever that means.



    Colt Bisley #1

    Colt Bisley #2

    Antique SAA that started life as a .44-40 and was changed.  Likely some time in the 1920's

    Notice that everything on this list is over 100 years old.


    S&W Model M&P made in 1903, so again, a vintage gun with no problems.


    This gun gave me problems...


    3rd Generation Colt SAA

    Some of the chambers were fine, some were just too tight for my ammo it fit in the chambers.  I took it to a gunsmith and he reamed the chambers for me, now it works just fine.

    Curiously, I have have had similar problems with .44-40, older guns just fine, modern guns not so much so.  With the modern guns it didn't matter who made them, Colt or whoever, rifles and revolvers.  It was not a universal problem, but one that recurred with annoying regularity.   I have a feeling that the WCF cartridges are prone to some variation from the manufactures that can lead to problems from time to time.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Joe LaFives #5481 said:

    Well only if you wanted to add to the expense of shooting it.

    Hee hee....


    If' I've got a Gatling Gun, I am prepared to shoot it.  :)   

    I've also GOT plenty of Tommy gun mags, and I reload .45 ACP, so, it wouldn't be *too* bad, 


    But I am a strange duck.

  8. On 2/14/2024 at 1:53 PM, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    There are conversion cylinders available for them, too.


    Me, shooting my Walker with a conversion cylinder and an SAA.



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  9. 14 hours ago, Trailrider #896 said:

    No .44-40's? Bahhh!  Humbug! :blink:


    I do find it odd that it's .357 Magnum only.   But thinking about it, there are a few reasons why this may be the case...


    1.  It's just the introductory caliber.   Other calibers may come later.  I would bet on .44 Magnum, and maybe .45 Colt.


    2.  .357 is believed to be what will be the best seller.  If it will reliably also feed .38 Special, then it's all the more viable from a marketing POV.


    3.  The gun is aimed at the more general market, and not CAS specific.  This would be why .44-40 won't make an appearance in the short term.  If it winds up being a great seller, that may change.  


    In the end, I suspect all three reasons were factors, especially, number 3.   If they were really going for the CAS crowd, they'd all have front sights like the brass one.  But the more modern front sight on the carbines suggests to me a more general audience appeal than folks like us.  Plus, the specific large loop used seems to me to support this idea as well.

  10. It's not the large loop itself that's the problem, it's the shape of it.  Essentially a triangle, it looks kinda goofy.  To be honest, between it, and the front sight, I don't think those two are really aimed at the SASS crowd.   The brass frame with a more traditional front sight and regular loop is prolly more attractive to many in the SASS crowd.

    And if you wanna have a big loop, it should look like this...



    Or maybe this...



    But I've got weird opinions.

  11. 1 hour ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:


    The front sight on the brass frame is more to my liking, but while I don't personally care for the style on the other two, I don't believe it's not legal.  I've seen it on the range from time to time and no one has ever objected.

    Hmm..   The brass frame one could maybe be the basis for a Hollywierd Henry...


  12. 30 minutes ago, LEFTY MCDAVIS said:

    Ok then I'll ask this question...WHat is everyone's favorite powder for 38spc and 45LC light CAS loads? And whats everyones favorite powder for the lite shotgun loads? Thanks so much for everyone's help, your knowledge is very humbling and extremely appreciated. 


    Trailboss for pretty much every pistol or rifle cartridge.  Red Dot for 12 Gauge.   Green Dot for 20 Gauge.

  13. 16 minutes ago, LEFTY MCDAVIS said:

    Probably a dumb question, but what did everyone switch to after TrailBoss went extinct? 


    I used it till I ran out.

    Had some Win231, and it lists loads for .45 Colt.  

    Double charged a couple cases and lost 2 guns friends were using.

    Nobody's fault but mine, but I am hesitant to keep using it.


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  14. I use Trailboss for...


    .32 S&W

    .32 S&W Long

    7.65 Nagant

    .38 S&W

    .38 Short Colt

    .38 Long Colt

    .38 Special

    .357 Magnum

    .44 Special


    .44 Magnum

    .45 ACP/Autorim

    .45 Colt

    .50-50 Spencer





    7mm Mauser

    8mm Mauser

    .410 Shotshells using .444 Marlin Brass



    Might not be the best for any of them, but you can use it effectively in all of them.   It is also impossible to overcharge a case with Trailboss.  

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Rancho Roy said:

    It just recently showed back up on shelves here in New England. A fantastic all around powder that can be used in just about everything from 38sp to 38-40 to 44-40 to 45ACP  to 38-55 to 45-70.....a great Cowboy powder


    Which one and where?  :)

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