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  1. I needed a new shirt but hate Vass pro redhead brand, but am also cheap and used my points to buy a 511 shirt from cabelas website. 


    I am wearing it today.  It is soft and comfortable and seems durable.   What I like most is behind the pocket is another pocket with velcro.   The pocket is so big that I have a smith and wesson model 63 3 inch barrel revolver with a ton of room to spare.


    It looks so good on me , that two nurses asked me to pull it up , using the excuse that they wanted to attach ekg sensors to me, but I know the real reason since they also said I could take my mask off. :-)

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  2. This past weekend we went to a hobby lobby an hour from us in a college town.  There have been 4400 cases total in that county and 600 in my county .  


    We don't wear  mask and my sons and I were looking at model ships etc and a college boy turned the corner to come down our aisle and saw us without a mask and he jumped back like a rattlesnake was there and on the other end an old man was wearing a mask below his nose and a college girl walked past him and saw us and also jumped back with here hands raised like we had a gun and was robbing her.  She immediately left.  We scooted down the aisle so the boy could look at the bobble head models.

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  3. My 9 year old daughter not only insist on watching Gomer Pyle when it comes on every week night at 9pm, but she insist we turn it to that channel long before it comes on so we won't miss it and if it is a long while until it comes on, that we watch recording of it.  The only show she watches more is "My Little Pony"

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  4. Babies are born with their moms immunity for at least 6 months.  All 4 of ours were passed around, as were all of my 3 siblings and I.  We never stopped going places growing up or with mine.  The hope was that passing them around they would be exposed to colds etc and build immunity. 

  5. do you want the rifle or carbine?  I have both.  the carbine is not a bubba cutoff but instead I got it from the CMP which got it from the Army.    $2000 for the carbine, or $950 for the rifle with bayonet.



  6. Yahoo email uses ads and one I see a lot is a picture ad from match.com .  It is an lady in her 50s or so and she has the same hair color and similar facial features as Nancy Pelosi, just younger and somewhat better looking.   Every time I see the ad it reminds me of Pelosi, which is several times each day.  




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  7. I got an email from midway advertising Howell conversion cylinders.  9ne was to convert a pietta 58 from 44 to 45acp.  Hiw good are the acp cylinders out of a 58 remington?  


    On a side note , do they make a conversion cylinder to convert a pietta 58 remington 44 to 44.40?  

  8. I bought some 17hmr a while back but didn't look in the bag and notice they gave me 2 boxes of mach 2 instead.   Since stores have lots of it but no hmr I am stuck with it.  


    I have a Ruger American 17hmr.  I have ruger 22 mag pistols.  Since no one has a 17 mach 2 gun in stock,  can I shoot the ammo out of anything I have on hand?  

  9. Faucci originally said mask don't work because they cause infections because your lungs can't expel germs that get stuck under the mask.  


    A study was done and determined that over 84% of those who got the virus wore the mask.  


    I was around two sick people without a mask who got it from each other while wearing a mask.  I was around them later after they took the mask off.  Even though I was around them without a mask I didn't get it.   


    A buddy of mine wears a mask and gloves everywhere.   His wife rarely went anywhere and wore a mask and gloves.  She dies from the virus after getting her hair done after staying home a year.  He also got the virus.   Mask and gloves won't save you.   

  10. 9 hours ago, WOLFY said:

    whole thing could a been avoided if it wasn’t for another gun counter expert

    You got that right.   Likely he told her 22 mag is too weak.  I thought the light recoil and extra 2 rounds might be better plus for years she had a NAA mini revolver in 22 mag that I gave her when I was a cop. 


    Back then I tried her with a 38 and she picked the 22 mag instead. 

  11. I let her shoot my kimber k6 357 with cowboy loads since it has better sights but she said it was too heavy.  


    I might see if she wants to shoot a ruger lcr in 9mm to see how she likes it, if tge hogue grips don't make her happy.   

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  12. They do look good.  


    I put a hogue on my mom's and she can tell a difference,  hopefully she feels like trying it out this weekend.   She has been sick with a tooth infection lately. 



  13. Over here the radio keeps saying that Pfizer never tested to see if it protects others from you .  They are saying that if you get the vaccine you still need to wear a mask to protect others incase you are still a carrier.  


    They are also saying that Hank Aaron died after getting the vaccine.   

  14. I read an article on cnbc.com that the cost of shipping is rising due to a shortage of shipping containers.   Usually a shipping container cost $1,200 but due to the virus and the resulting shortage of containers,  especially for Chinese shippers, a container is now $6,000. 


    I doubt it takes long for the consumer to have to absorb that cost. 

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  15. I manage my moms and am not convinced stocks.will go down under biden.  They usually go up under democrats.  Under Obama it was hard to make money but it could be done.  Biden will likely be the same since many of his advisors are Obama people.  


    I refuse to buy any mutual funds but other people are better off buying funds .  On tge rare occasions that I buy a fund, it is on a down day and is an index fund.  Usually if the markets have been down a while.  


    Keep in mind though that my advice is free and back in February and March I almost went under because I was too invested in the market and not enough in cash.


    I tell folks to buy companies you know , especially if they pay a dividend. 

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