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  1. While doing my research I also found out that sig has a scope, range finder system. The range finder sends the info to the scope and the scope tells you where to aim the croashairs.  I figure if I'm going to spend that kind of money on a rifle, I want good optics.  Since the new tech is not currently available,  I think I will wait on the rifle. 

  2. had a 13 pound butterball for us all.  325 for just over 3 hours.  covered it first in sunflower oil and butter and but pats of butter and pork meat under the skin on the breast.  salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, orange zest spice, a few carrots and blackberries and pecans in the cavity, lid off until the last 45 minutes.  just right.  

  3. My grocer had a package of pork side meat cut up like bacon so I bought it.   I put the slices in a zip lock bag with salt , pepper and brown sugar to sit until we cook it tomorrow morning.   I took 4 pieces and tucked them under the turkey skin .


    I'm wondering if the bag with salt etc will work?

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  4. 9 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    And all who are lost do not wander.

    That is true.  We were in basic noncommisioned officers course during land navigation.   A sergeant got lost.  We searched for him from late afternoon until the next morning.  Enough lights to light up an airport.  He never moved from a hilltop near the road We were launching from.  He never wandered from that spot, though he was lost and could have seen the lights and heard us call his name all night long.  


    He was sent home.  

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  5. For fun I put a comment on fb that business owners should be issued an ar15 and looters should be shot in hopes they block me for a while.  So far they have not. I don't know how long it takes.  

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  6. While I would have told my son to stay home, Rittenhouse had every right to be there.  It's a free country without travel restrictions.  


    A lot of those looters came from several different states and had less reason to be there than he did.  They were looking for trouble and some of them found it and thankfully will not be causing trouble anymore.   


    Even his attacker confirmed he threatened Rittenhouse first and Rittenhouse responded.

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  7. My 12 year old was told by his teacher he could earn extra credit if he sent her a video of him firing a flintlock.  I recorded him firing a harpers ferry flintlock pistol.  It was too big to email so I posted it to YouTube and sent her the link.  YouTube deleted it as it violated their standards.  

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