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  1. I'm in south Georgia and had been told it would be bad here, matter of fact my mom was in the Savannah hospital as thr Dr in Vidalia couldn't get the Stent to work so she was sent there to clear out the calcium, and first said they would keep her overnight but as Wednesday progressed sent her home instead I assume worry over the storm.


    We didn't get any rain out of it  , just a lot of wind.  


    Savannah did get a lot of rain and wind but not near what was thought as the storm drifted out to sea, before hitting south Carolina. 



  2. The first girlfriend was not what we liked but had her come to his birthday party a while back but did tell him to be careful.  Turns out she just stopped answering his snaps and text.  The last one we encouraged. He just wants control.  I get it.  Snap breeds other problems.  Local parties with 300 people are posted there etc.  

  3. He has a job at a farm, but uses snap while driving a tractor.  These days the tractor drive themselves he just makes adjustments at the end of each row.  It's also 3 hours of snap while at school, when he's supposed to be learning.  



  4. We really loved his last girlfriend.   She wins beauty pageants.  Her dad owns a contracting business.   Her parents insisted we all meet.  We had a good time.  She is a good girl and barely holds hands.  What any parent wants for their son.  She is aspiring to be a neonatal dr. 


    He decided he didn't like her and ignores her snaps and text.  He gravitated toward more worldly girls who don't reciprocate the affection. This last one posted a tiktok video meme that said "just because I post pictures of myself half naked doesn't mean I'm a whore" .  That told me a lot right there.

  5. I have the Verizon family plan so I blocked snap once he had his girlfriend take me off her snap.  He was spending over 3 hours a day(the Verizon plan tells me how long for each app) .   It bothers me though that information we need is shared on snap but no where else sometimes but that may be on purpose to keep us parents in the dark.


    He did threaten to go get his own prepaid phone so he could have snap but he doesn't realize how expensive they are .  



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  6. I'd like to hear how others deal with snap and their children.  My 17 year old is a senior and all messages from his class mates are only on snap,  including news about events, some school related, some party etc related.   


    I noticed he had several on his listed people he followed are people he doesn't know.  Matter of fact he got a new girlfriend that he didn't want me to meet.  He decided not to go out to eat with her when I suggested we all would go so we could see her, so I found her on snap and she added me without questioning who was I.  It was then I realized why he hadn't wanted me to meet her .  


    I was open about finding her so he had her delete me.  


    My 13 year old has a snap account and I friended his main friends and when he doesn't answer his phone I snap his friend to tell him to come home or call me.  He uses snap on his mom's phone as he has a gabb phone which is a smart phone without apps or internet.   


    How or do you police snap for your children?

  7. I watch it constantly with the dexcom continuous monitor.  I'm often surprised how even a steak house runs up my sugar.  Every night before bed I eat a handful of blueberries or similar fruit and a boiled egg.  If my sugar is already high,  just the boiled egg.  I adjust what I do based on my sugar and sometimes walk around the restaurant several times to burn off sugar before leaving lest it go up on the way home.

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  8. Pizza is my youngest child's favorite.   Pizza sends my sugar above 250, even if I add naked chicken wings.  

    Tonight she turned 11.  She wanted her favorite.   So I ordered Marcos pepperoni magnifico for her and a second for the rest of us.  I added a meat lovers pizza bowl which is just the toppings minus the crust.  In a plastic bowl, for two people.   


    I ate it and 1 small square of her pepperoni.   We then had her requested giant chocolate chip cookie my wife made from the refrigerated dough rolls.  I had a small portion. 


    My sugar made it to 178 but it took a long time to get there and went to 124 and bounced to 154 6 hours later.  I think I will get the pizza bowl from now on.   $8 a bowl but worth it.  

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  9. My 17 year old is a senior.  When he was a sophomore he played football.  Because he didn't try hard, he only played the last 3 minutes of each game.  He still managed to need shoulder surgery.  Surgeon said no football.   Said he wasn't built for it.  


    The next summer I told him to get my.moms garbage and I'd give him a ride home.  He opted to hop on the back of his sister's polaris rzr 170 and fell and broke his right hand, needing surgery and a pin put in .


    This year I told him to work , no football.   I had him resigned to it but then his so called "friends" convinced him he needed to play.  He got the coach to set up the physical with a dr that passes everyone.   I said no.  I kept saying no, but did set him up for his annual checkup with a dr that I figured would also say no.  


    The day before his physical,  he was goofing around on the way to class.from lunch with a lineman on the team.  6 ft 4.  Over 300.  My son is 6 ft 2 maybe 180.  


    He charged the guy like he was going to tackle.him.  the guy did what he does on the field and put his hands up and blocked him.  My son instantly rebroke his hand.  The same bone in your hand that doesn't heal on its own, only a half a millimeter below the last break.  Only the screw stopped it from going all the way.   


    Now he can't play football or work.  Hard to drive a john deere tractor and 8 row planter in a cast.  I've decided if he doesn’t work, he doesn’t drive. 


    Surgeon said it's beyond his ability.   He put a cast on it and referred him to a hand specialist. 

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  10. I did the same thing today.  A good store is 1 mile from my house.  I went in for a tool, but they didn't have it.  I looked for a certain remington shell my son likes for trap matches for the school but they didn't have it.  The guy showed me a cool ruger pcc in 5.7 with folding stock but I let it go.  My son begged me to get a howa in 308 they had, but I walked out with nothing.   I did buy a used governor for 600 a different store had recently but otherwise I try to sell one every now and then. 


    My kids don't like most of what I have so no reason to keep them for them.  

  11. Last spring the private school my kids go to had an auction, since my daughter lost her mind and left home in the middle of the night I took the purple glock 42 that i was originally going to set aside for her, had it cerakoted the school colors and auctioned it off.  it went over really well.  


    A couple of months ago I mentioned the local store has a ruger LCR in 38 that bubba had cerakoted and it was peeling off in spots.  I am thinking of buying it for $360, cerakote it the school colors, dark navy blue frame and carolina blue(think university of north carolina light blue) cylinder.  I can't decide if it should be that way or light blue frame and dark blue cylinder.  

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