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  1. I fired one today.  The cylinder free spins so you don't have to pull the hammer back to rotate the cylinder.  It is smooth and balanced and accurate.  if I had a complaint it is that I started having trouble seeing the front sight sometimes .  

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  2. One of the advantages of being stationed in Germany when the wall came down was the on post sporting club gathered up a bunch of Czech border guards pistols and the soldiers could fill out the army paperwork with command approval and buy one for 65.  I recall that it was similar to war trophy paperwork.  I am sure that they have records still.  



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  3. Lowes sells charcoal grills and advertised the smoker attachment.   I wondered about smoking a turkey and was looking at recipes but all of them are talking about electric smokers and one even said it would take too long to smoke on a normal grill.  My plan was to mainly use quality oak and grilling woods and not charcoal except to get the fire started. 


    This is a regular cast iron grate grill with mini grill you attache to build a fire for smoking

  4. Having tried the smith 686 and 60 and kimber and colt new cobra and having some pain from the pinched nerve I thought I would try the ruger GP100.  I tried one with the older wood in the center grips.   Very little pain or discomfort resulted.   I believe I will use it from now on. 

  5. Colt puts their 1911 in a plastic bag after oiling the pistol.  If you kept it in the plastic bag in the blue box would rust etc still be a problem?  I gave seen people selling colt black powder guns that rusted out of the plastic in the foam in the case

  6. I bought one when we had a queen bed 16 years ago and 12 years ago we went to a king and bought select comfort again.  We put the queen in the cabin by the pond for when we are there 

  7. sad to see a good dog go.  I used to not care but we now have an old dog we got as a puppy for the children and he indeed protects them and follows them wherever they go and if I am outside howls for me to pet him and wags his tail if I look his way.  I now know the value of a good dog.

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  8. I am thinking of getting a 17WMR rifle for shooting soft shell turtles that eat my fish or other vermin where a 22 would bounce but a 17 would go through.  While at the store they recommended a Hawke scope for 17 HMR .  Would it make a difference if the rifle it is put on is a 17WMR?  Is the hawke a good scope?  this one had various ranges on the reticle so I really liked it.  it was 4 power which my eyes need.

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