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  1. 21 hours ago, Rooster Ron Wayne said:

    I have Zero use for one.

    I'm Not into Black rifles at all.

    But if we don't stand and fight for everyone & everything.

    One day that thing will be your thing.

    It's hard to believe that they would come for Single Action Firearms. 

    But they want to take them all !

    So we need to fight every battle to protect all Rights.

    God Bless America :FlagAm:

    They can have mine when they pry them from my cold dead hands. :angry:


    They do want them all.  A while back the current vice president was very coherent in detailing how they wanted to ban all cartridge guns including those made prior to 1898 .  

  2. 44 minutes ago, Springfield Slim SASS #24733 said:

    Is she laughing because she knows the cops are going to be there a while while he makes the list or is she laughing because there is no way he is handing them a list and let them go through all his guns?

    He only had 4 according to the pics the show showed .  

  3. My wife is watching a crime show about a guy who was taking a shower and heard a gunshot and found his wife murdered and so the cops asked him to write down all the guns in his house so they can see if any are missing and she let out a loud laugh .  


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  4. 10 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I don't know the answer to your question, but your post brought the question to my mind.


    You have a permit to protect your crops from coyotes?


    Aren't crops plants? Corn, sugar cane, beets, beans, etc? I was not aware that coyotes were vegetarians.


    Protecting your livestock - your chickens, your sheep, your calves - that makes sense. But your crops? :huh:

    Deer are considered predators when it comes to crops and the state gives farmers a permit to hunt out of season and since they prefer night time to destroy are plant based crops we need night or thermal sights and coyotes come a lot at night as well sometimes I see their droppings by my barn and cows and baby chickens.

  5. I have a coyote problem and a permit from the state to protect my crops from predators and thought a clip on thermal that attaches to my daytime scope might be a good idea.  It’s an sig 1-10 .  Pulsar seems better for bigger diameter scopes.  Any ideas on who might have a good fit for an Sig 1-10 24mm ?

  6. 1 hour ago, Crooked River Pete, SASS 43485 said:

    Looks like a threaded barrel, add a can, sub sonic rounds = FUN.


    Very cool.  Now a ruger pcc is cheaper but a threaded cowboy style rifle would be awesome

  7. 12 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Just like most pickups I  see on the road look like B post-apocalyptic movie fare that will never feel dirt or carry more than groceries or a flat of pansies. 





    My son has that white Shelby in your picture and it stays filthy but we live on a dirt road .  He got it used with a lot of miles on it so the original owner drove it a lot.  

    I’ve thought since the Tesla is bullet proof and has a covered bed I would put a small gas generator in the bed to charge it with and put steel bumpers front and back .  

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  8. My only concern with the Henry version is the plastic orange front sight is bent on some in the store so I can only imagine after a few years .  

  9. Due to the downfall of news reports being accurate it is hard to know what is really happening in the world.  In particular the war in Ukraine and Gaza.  

    several reports say Russia has taken large portions of territory and videos of blown up Ukrainian equipment and men are shown.  Then you see several reports of Russia didn’t capture any territory and see

    videos of blown up equipment and men.  

    same for Gaza.  Israel is winning or Israel is losing.  

    Biden is leading or Trump is leading.  

    inflation is sky high and others say inflation is better.  

    I miss truth.

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  10. When I lived in a subdivision squirrels got in my attic so I loaded my ruger 10/22 with shot shells and killed a couple of them.  It was useless if they were across the yard so I put shot shells in my lever action 45 colt and tagged them better but it was louder.  Evidently my neighbors were scared and called the cops and I was told

    i I couldn’t shoot even BB guns .  I moved to the country where everyone around me shoots regularly and now I use whatever I want to.  

    now if I shoot everyone else starts shooting as well like animals calling each other 

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  11. Ruger and Taylor’s sell or sold a 357/38/9mm single action revolver and today I got an email from Cimarron that advertised 38/9mm convertible revolver.  

    since some have said the 9mm was not as accurate out of a convertible 357 would a shorter cylinder frame size help matters if converting to 9mm since 38 is shorter ?

  12. I got a call on my cell from “Medicare associates “ and the foreigner asked my age and I said 32.  He replied,” don’t waste my time, you are and he cited my age and then said “quick, give me your date of birth. Fast now!” .  I replied he called me and wasted my time and I not telling him anything.  I then hung up.  


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  13. Local sheriff deputy recently told me they don’t have an animal control department and if a stray comes, especially the pit bull that kept showing up, shoot it.  

    a local farmer took his injured hog to the vet after his former dogs got in the pen and tried to eat it.  Note he said former dogs.  

    once a dog gets a taste of livestock it won’t stop.  Ask my chickens.  

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  14. Me neither.  Just last night I was driving my wife’s ford suv.  Dirt got on a front sensor and camera so you can see how close you are to obstacles.  Every time I approached a traffic light or stop sign the my crash warning would go off and the front camera would come on to warn me I was going to hit the car in front of me or worse yet hit the white stripe on the road.  Once I wiped the front cameras with spit and a left over receipt from a store it went away.  

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