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  1. years ago my wife drove to the south store with my paperwork and she picked out a correct grade H & R garand and a service grade Winchester Carbine that the staff helped her pick out.  She had my two youngest in tow, one a baby and the other not far from it. they were my Christmas preset that year.

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  2. Congratulations.  A major milestone.  I know, I had 6 bypasses in January.  Each step back to normalcy feels great.  I tried a 20 gauge the other day but have not tried more than a few rounds from a 308.  Hurt some afterwards.  Hang in there.

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  3. I rarely have a dry turkey.  My wife refuses to cook the turkey and years ago told me if I want one I have to cook it.  Been roasting them for years.  I season with salt and pepper and poultry seasoning and sometimes a little hot sauce before cooking.  I also put a small amount of water in the bottom of the roasting pan and keep it covered until the last 30 minutes.  I also put pats of butter under the skin and olive oil all over and a few pats of butter outside and baste it once in a while as it cooks.  Sometimes I also put white wine in the cavity but this year I forgot and it was still fine but did put lemon slices and carrots in the cavity.  

    so now my turkey also has vitamin c and A from the carrots. 

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  4. I want to sell my colt SAA 4 5/8 barrel.  It’s Nickel but has many spots that have flaked off.  Functions great and matter of fact when I bought it off this forum my dealer cleaned it up for me and confirmed it functions as it should with timing etc.  Shipping cost have gone up so I need $1,025 shipped and insured to your ffl.   I fired 50 rounds out of it myself.  It’s just been sitting there doing nothing and since no one bought my Old Glory converted 1860 by Cimarron this one will go.  










  5. Way back in the 1980s senator moynahan from Boston proposed a 1,000 percent tax on ammo.  After I saw that every time I went to a store just about I bought a box of ammo .  Then when the virus hit and you couldn’t find ammo , nor toilet paper, my local gun store sold toilet paper so I traded 5.56 ammo for toilet paper and now can buy that ammo for less .  No bulk buys , just steady buys.  

  6. I don’t know but one of my dogs is an anatonian shepherd and he is huge and bread to take out coyotes to protect livestock and the other two are yellow labs.  The shepherd has a deep bark and charges the coyotes and one of the labs always joins him, the other one barks from the porch 

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  7. This morning when my truck was broken into my dogs were having a fit.  Tonight since dark they have been constantly barking, lot more than usual.  Every so often I go out with a thermal scope to look around.  I also praise them if they come to me.  There is a druggie homeless guy in the area that has broken into some of my neighbors cars .  

    after a while they moved up towards my neighbors house so I texted him.  

    after they finally settled down, I heard coyotes in the distance and that set my dogs off again.   

  8. I suspect it is this druggie that lives in the woods around here.  He was living in one of those loft bedroom portable homes and got evicted and now roams the woods and recently was seen in a neighbors car who lives a mile up.   He’s kinda nutty .  

  9. I have a 2023 ford f250.  It was parked under my awning at my barn.  It was locked.  I haven’t gone to town in a couple of days but see the truck daily as it is by my cows.  

    this morning about 7am I heard a horn go off, which seemed odd as I am at the end of a dirt road and off to myself.  

    my son went to get in his truck and saw my passenger door wide open.  The rest of the doors were locked.   Nothing was taken but trying to figure out how they got the locked door open without any sigh of damage.  

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  10. Seems like we should learn from grant and Sherman.  My wife’s grandfather 3 times over fought grant at Vicksburg and was sent home and promised to never fight again and 30 days later he was in Virginia with Lee fighting grant again and caught again.  Her family learned not to fight the government after that.  

  11. I’m watching Kelsey Grammers historic battles on Fox.  They are discussing Vicksburg.  Grants hope is the confederate general pemberton will give up the city for the sake of the civilians.  In the process of the siege and bombardment he kills numerous civilians in his “total war” .  His trusted subordinate General Sherman will employ the same tactics against Georgia and South Carolina.  Without civilian support, armies crumble.  

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  12. 45 minutes ago, Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619 said:


    Ulzanas Raid was very good; I saw it on dvd long ago, and it's one movie I haven't been able to find or listed on any of the streaming services. Would like to see it again.

    november 18 on INSP 12:30am, maybe you can record it


    I like the tactics and the action 

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