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  1. Why do you want to bury your propane tank.  Mine is above ground partially hidden by bushes.  A generac generator with above ground propane tank is great to have.  The downside is I wonder if my neighbors noticed i have lights while they sit in darkness even though I'm 2/10 miles from the road.   

  2. Saw a guy at a range with a sig ar and he could not cycle wolf steel ammo but i could in my smith and wesson.  We traded .


    Tried steel in a 9mm revolver smith and wesson the other day and had a hard time extracting the spent rounds even though they were in a moon clip.  Not a real fan.

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  3. There is an app that ties to alexa and you tell it Alexia, I am being pulled over by the police" and it immediately starts the video recording and notifies your friends .  


    Just do that and take their picture and a social worker may stop by later to offer platitudes.  

  4. 21 minutes ago, punxsutawneypete said:

    Having cash in hand is a big help in negotiation.

    definitely and he knows I have the cash.  we are neighbors.  His grandfather used to farm the land I live on.  I am glad he did it that way this time as it saved me some money.  He gets ornery sometimes.  a friend of mine grew up with him and said his father beat the snot out of him regularly.  I don't hold it against him.  It just saved me money and I really didn't need it.  I was just tired of my Sig 1911-22 and wanted something with more rounds.  

  5. I have bought numerous items from him and he is usually at least 10 % higher than he should be.   Sometimes he will come off the 10% , other times he will take off the tax.  He knows I will go elsewhere as my son wears the t shirt from the other store into his store.  Right now he knows he will sell it.  He has been selling 35 guns a day lately. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Capt. James H. Callahan said:

    Better in some ways for sure, but I ain't got one. The AR is alot more portable and faster to reload. I expect the napoleon would be considerably more effective at dispersing a mob!


    Yep, that's what I was thinking about.   The lawyer had room for one , even loaded with powder only would have solved his problem. 

  7. the rock island 1911 xt22 22 mag would not leave my mind after a couple of weeks.   I even bought the required amount and type of round the manufacturer said it prefers for a break in period.  I had my doubts but thought if it worked it could replace my sig 1911-22 I keep in the car.   


    I took a single shot hatfield 410 to trade to save money and because I am trying to thin out my collection.   


    They offered me $50 and refused to budge off the 599 for the pistol.   I walked out with my 410.   I now can put the xt22 in the back of my mind.   It was a bad idea anyway as anything it can do, A real 1911 can do better.   

  8. on the meme thread it has a meme with a close up picture of the lawyer defending his home from criminals and I noticed he didn't have a bayonet lug on his rifle.  If he had a bayonet attached it might have calmed the thugs down sooner.   


    Maybe I should break out my Mosin nagant rifle and attach the spike bayonet just in case. 

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