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  1. I once did a test between a wilson cqb and a kimber pro carry and colt and sig 1911.  The colt was not even close.  


    The kimber and sig were neck and neck, only the kimber would start to jam or get sluggish after it passed 200 rounds.  


    The wilson was better.  It was somewhat more accurate but a whole lot smoother and just felt better.  


    My favorite is a wilson ultra light compact carry .  It is noticeably better than the cqb.  


    The difference between a wilson and every other brand i have tried can't really be described in words.  


    All guns are generally fun to shoot.   All 1911s are fun, but a wilson is just a joy.  I've never tried a les bear though.

  2. When I target practice with my repro civil war musket I pour boiling water down the barrel with the barrel canted so some flows out the nipple and then turn it upside down to empty the rest.  I then swab it and use a brush and repeat the procedure until it is clean.  I once in a while pull the nipple and re lube the threads.


    Today I  fired once at a deer.  She was 120 yards out, I missed.  


    Do you go through the entire process for one shot or just scrub it with lobbed patches and a pipe cleaner for the nipple?

  3. I remember in the 1980s when senator Moynihan advocated a severe tax on ammo.  I started adding ammo back then, whenever I could.  A box here and there and not really buy during times of shortage unless I had shot some.  


    I've noticed that cap supplies can be found right now so I bought some like I used to do ammo.  

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  4. 46 minutes ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    FBI switched to 9mm again so many municipalities and civilians followed.  The market dropped out of 40 a couple years ago.  Many retailers talked about being shocked by the demand for 40 during this COVID scare.

    I was wondering why my local store had 40 caliber.  Many moons ago my department toyed with the glock 23 for carry even though we had to buy our own at the time.  Then I opted to trade my glock 23 to a local deputy that was good to come provide backup to us since sometimes we only had 1 officer on duty. 


    I traded for his 686 Smith and wesson.   Then since I had no hips and the 686 pulled my pants down I gave it back with the understanding he would give me cash.  


    He was murdered on duty not long after our deal, but before he paid me  for the gun he had from me.  A few years ago I missed him still so I bought another glock 23.  It seems to have brought me closure.   I've never fired it.   I did buy ammo, including the other day.   Might have been a good purchase for lots of reasons. 

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  5. What's odd is he still wants to hang out with the team and I get the impression play again.   His younger brother who played more than he did wants to play.  There is no way as far as I'm concerned. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    I wonder how many of those happen and how large per capita they are. As I wrote, there is no logic proving curfew is helping prevent the spread of covid. Further, the first massive spread was in a senior-living complex.

    None of the rules like curfew will fix the nursing home problems.   I had a church member who was 98.  After she got to church she got confused so I drove her home and family put her in a nursing home where she suddenly got the virus and soon died.  How many others have got it the same way?  


    Telling me to not have Thanksgiving because of increased deaths at nursing homes doesn't solve that problem. 

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  7. It seems that my son now has a torn Ladrum in his shoulder from playing football and the dr says he needs surgery.   A search on the internet says it does not heal on its own.  


    Does anyone have experience with that type of injury?


    For future reference NO MORE FOOTBALL!

  8. My 11 year old has a state shotgun match tomorrow.   Most have been in 80 degrees or higher in higher elevation.  Usually 150 miles from the coast.


    This match is going to be in the 40s in the morning and 60s in the afternoon and near the coast as in 10 miles or less.  


    He is shooting trap , skeet and sporting clays.   


    He usually likes remington 1145 fps #8 12 gauge.  


    Wind should be 10 to 15 mph 


    He sometimes likes 7.5 shot at 1145.  Should he up it to the winchester 1200 fps 7.5 due to the elevation and temp or stay like he is?

  9. 1 minute ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    I wonder who would be stupid enough to try to come in my house and determine what I'm doing in there.  


    LOL, at some point you have to ask yourself, who do these people think they are and what relationship do they imagine they have with citizens?

    I don't think even king George had that kind of guts or arrogance. 

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  10. Now that the Pennsylvania governor mandates you have to wear a mask in your home if some one who doesn't live there comes inside, I wonder if a turkey drumstick will fit under a mask.

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  11. He went to tonights game that was 2 and half hours away and they got beat 48 to 6 (YEA, they actually scored) and my son called to tell me he should have played this game because three other players got hurt, two with the same dislocated shoulder that he has.  I was listening on the radio and it was sad.  the coach keeps them in a shotgun formation yet every game the center over hikes the ball over the quarterbacks head or hikes it too short and often the other team scores on the fumble.  I keep asking my son why doesn't the coach do like the other teams and have the quarterback right behind the center.  They don't know and think I am dumb for asking.  


    I will be ecstatic when this season is over and done and never intend to let them play football again.  the team is so small they only have 13 players so they get hurt from being over played.  The kid that broke his ankle got out of a cast, went back to playing even though the dr said not to and got back in a cast again.  If his shoulder can take it we will try to get him into baseball or basketball, but not football.

  12. 4 hours ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

    Just my opinion but you could eliminate HS sports and put the money into trade school programs that actually benefit kids their whole life. Not everyone needs to go to college. And not everyone is going to get a college sports scholarship or play in professional sports. It's delusional.

    I agree with you on that.   I discovered though that the real reason for football came out in a budget meeting at a private school.   The headmaster said the revenue from football was dramatically more than double all other sources of revenue combined,  including $4,400 per child tuition. 

  13. Very helpful.   Thanks to all for the replies.  I played one year of little league baseball and it never came up and 1 year of high school soccer but since my parents made me miss lots of practice because it was not convenient for them to get me, I never got to play in a game and finally gave up.   I wanted to play more sports but it was not possible, so it taught me sports are unimportant so your replies help.

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  14. I have a question about football.  My 15 year old didn't get played much , as in about the last 5 minutes of each game even though they lost each game 52 or more to 0.  He is not that good.  the last game he played he got called for unnecessary roughness on a drive that they were finally making progress that cost them 20 yards total.  He hurt his shoulder a while back in a game (in just 5 minutes playing time which tells me he needs another sport).  We took him to the doctor, he said there was swelling but he would be fine.  He had popped it out of place.  


    During practice this week they were practicing hitting each other with enough force one of them got his helmet bent by the facemask.  He popped his shoulder out again.  This time the doctor put him in a brace, scheduled him for an MRI and told him no sports or weight lifting until further notice.  one of the other players that broke his ankle during summer practice got out of the cast, played right away and not is in a cast again due to bone shards in his tendon.  he played too soon.


    My question is since there is one game left, is he supposed to still go to each practice and watch?  The other hurt players do that but it doesn't make sense to me.  


    at most there may be a playoff game even though they never won a game.  I did tell him he can go to tomorrow nights game and stay on the sidelines to be with his friends.  

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