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  1. I carry a benchmade clipped to my front pocket.   A lady at a church I pastored was offended by my knife so she bought me a mini Swiss knife without a Clip so I could carry it in my pocket.   I sometimes forgot and carried the benchmade anyway,  other times I put the benchmade in my pocket until church was over.

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  2. A dr at John Hopkins said the virus will have run its lifespan by April.  Why get a vaccine for something that might be gone in 2 months?  


    I have been exposed to it and didn't get it, and got the antibody test afterwards and it came back negative,  why get a vaccine for something I may not get?  

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  3. Down here there are virtually zero cases and only a handful of deaths,  mostly in the nursing home.   We have the only walmart and lowes for several counties and thankfully to God still have barely any cases.  If I lived in Atlanta I might feel differently but what highlights the oddity to me was we left her at our house where she wore a mask but ate our food that we cooked and breathed on while serving it and went to a school dance where the lunch room was full of people and only 3 wore mask.  In the gym we all stood in line for pictures and only the 3 taking care of photos wore the mask, we all stood in line without them.  Add to it, a study showed 87% of those who get the virus wear mask.  My own experience confirms it, those wearing mask get the virus more often than those who do not.  

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  4. A lifelong friend of my wife and I are staunch mask and distancing advocates.  Their children are in their 20s.  Their oldest texted me she wanted to make the 3 hour drive to ride horses where she used to go to college and spend several days at our house.  


    I told her she could stay in our cabin and come and go as she pleased.  The rains came and we had days of over 5 inches.  Flooded dirt roads etc.  She delayed until the weekend.  


    She comes in wearing a mask.  She darts past my wife for fear of the virus.   None of us are wearing mask.  My wife makes supper so she takes the mask off.  She sits by us all without the mask.  When she finishes eating she puts the mask on without wiping the food off her mouth that I could see.  


    She then stands out side the kitchen.  Afraid to sit down on the couch.  I can't stand it anymore and complain about how people I know who wore the mask died from the virus.  She admits the mask will not stop the virus just stop minor colds etc or other normal sickness.  


    I took my two daughters to the daddy daughter dance where only 4 people were wearing mask and we all danced for 2 hours.  She went to the cabin and stayed there by herself until she left the next morning. 


    My wife said she must have only had a fig bar for breakfast even though we offered many other things she could take with her or come eat with us.  Best my wife could tell she did not take a shower or bath with the wash rag or dry off.  

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  5. My above ground faucets for my goats I insulate with pipe wrap and leave the line to the waterer hooked up but put an empty 50 pound dog food bag over it with a 5 gallon bucket on top as well.  Thus far it has worked.  If Temps fall into the 20s I turn the water off so the water level goes below the valve to refill it during the night and turn it on the next day.  

  6. I have a cabin by a pond.  It actually is an old mill house the previous owner fixed up.  On one side of the house a few inches below ground is water as in I planted a tree one time and brought up as much water as I did dirt.


    I have a water cut off under ground by the house.   With the week of rain once you lift the lid to access the cut off it is nothing but water to the top.   


    How cold would it have to get before that water freezes the pipes going into the house since the pipe is surrounded by water right now?

  7. 23 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    A survival board I used to be on many years back.


    Someone posted the question - what would you do? The fecal matter has seriously struck the rotary oscillator. The power is off. The trucks are not running to the grocery store, so the grocery store sold out quickly.


    Somebody calls a neighborhood meeting, and declaring himself the chairman announces that what we need to do is go through everyone's house and make an inventory of what everyone has, so it can be shared out equally to what everyone needs. What would you do? Would you show them your preps? Would you show them some of your preps? Would you tell them that you were in the same boat as the rest of them, that you didn't have anything, and you really needed some supplies?


    I said I would shoot him in the face, and then tell the stunned neighbors that it was idiots like that that had got us into this problem.


    Nobody seem to think that was a good idea.


    I had a co-worker. He lived in a singles apartment on the beach. Probably a third of his paycheck went to his rent. He had a new truck. Another third of his paycheck went to truck payments. He said when the race war happened he was going to come to my house, because I had guns and ammunition.


    I told him if the race war happened and he showed up at my house I would shoot him dead and drag his body out into the street for the feral cats and raccoons to eat.


    I don't know if he ever started preparing for disaster, but he never again suggested living off me.

    Reminds me of a twilight zone episode.  Everyone knew one guy had a shelter and water and food.  All the neighbors were close friends and played cards together etc.  Then after playing cards the radio said go take shelter due to a nuclear attack.  Suddenly every formerly friendly neighbor was beating down the metal door to his shelter.  Nobody bothered to prepare at all, but him.  The episode ended with violence and a false alarm.  


    Lesson:  tell no one what you have but encourage others to prepare.  


    When the power is out too long , I make sure outside lights are off so it is not so obvious even though I live at the end of a dirt road and third of a Mile from the Mail box.

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  8. I read an article this morning how some Texans recently bought the Ford hybrid f150 that has a generator in the back and how it saved Them.


    Being hybrid it has gas, verses an electric vehicle that you can't charge when the power goes out.  


    These Texans ran extension cords into the house to run refrigerators and space heaters.   

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