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  1. My goodness Blackjack you know I need my nappy.  Bucks is probably planting his garden but then again maybe spring hasn't sprung that far north.

    However I DID expect a more energetic reply from the afore mentioned school teacher.  Entry on the way,  

  2. Yes, and a wonderful bird she is rode in her twice. The first time an older gentleman got on just ahead of me and went right to right waist posistion and laid his hands on the gun. He stayed there the whole flight looking out seeing things i could only guess at. I love the nose riding out there in space what it must have been like with those black puffs all around you. Gee, what a ride.

  3. I was watching an old TV series when the hero shot one of two bad guys with, what appeared to be a 44 with a silencer on it and the gun went SPUT. He then used the silencer across the other guys head to knock him out.

    That must be silenced by the silencer how appropriate and no unnecessary violence very PC.

  4. My favorites aren't that simple.


    Cowboy Action

    38spec. both revolver and Rifle is what I use but 38/40 is what I like.

    45/70, 45/90, 50/70, 50/110, 38/55 are all favorites depending on what I want to accomplish and the circumstances.


    Carry or defensive use (antipersonnel)

    45acp, 40 s&w, 9mm, caliber shrinks as the platform shrinks


    Hunting revolvers

    357, 41mag, 45lc, .475 Linebaugh


    Hunting Autos



    Hunting revolvers dangerous game

    .475 Linbaugh, 454


    Play Rifles

    .22, 5.56, 25/06, 30/06, 338 Lapua, 338mag, 416, 458 and 475 NE


    Hunting Rifles

    22, 25/06, 7mm mag, 338, 458 and 475NE


    Hunting Dangerous game


    338, 458, 475NE



    12ga. 10ga


    Guess that sums it up I shoot others but these are special depending on what I want to do.

  5. I was at a gun show yesterday and spent some money. Gun shows are no different than gun stores and for that matter the SASS wire there are some knowledgeable people and some that would like to impress you with what they have to say. The best medicine is to chose whom you listen to unless you just want to have some fun and lead them on. I rarely buy anything at the shows but looking is often fun for me. Yesterday I purchased a Smith hand ejector in what is known as a 1917 in 45 acp this is a interesting gun and is marked as a 1937 Brazilian contract gun which are not rare but not plentiful either. The U.S. Army contract guns ended with serial number 169959. This specimen serial is 167*** which places it as being made in 1918/1919 but while it sits within the Army serial numbers it has no Army or Brazilian proofs. None of this is particularly unusual both Smith and Colt have a number of guns that fall out of the serial number ranges but interesting to me anyway. It has been refinished and the bore is nice so I'll shoot it and generally enjoy a classic. Oh ya, paid $475 for it you can buy it on gun broker for $600 to $1400 isn't life strange sometimes? Also bought two military ammo cans $9 they want $17 at the gun store.

  6. The number one amenity at or near the range is you and those fellow cowboy's and girls near you. There isn't anything fancy it all just works. The flavor of the range certainly isn't vanilla lots of props on a well groomed range. Jt Wild was the Match Director last year and it was certainly a worthy Regional in other words " NOT 12 Nevada sweeps" . This years match director is Capbuster and I think he will win his spurs in spades. Capbuster has been around the club for many years and has served in most of the positions but mostly doing what ever it took to help the club and/or the match director put on quality matches. I would expect that he will produce another in a long line of quality matches. So there you have it a safe place to camp at the range behind two gated fences and several alternatives near by. Coupled to a good match that in all likelihood challenge you with nice awards and a good dinner. What more could an old cowpoke want.

  7. There are three campgrounds at Ben Avery with hookups, the East campground, the Center Campground located behind/ beside the horse corral and the West Campground at the clay center. You are correct Larsen Winter Range designated some dry camping not SASS. Carelessly using SASS as a generic term meaning " the authority".

  8. First of all were are you staying, there is the overflow at the main campground Ben Avery. Also SASS was talking about non-hookup sites near the main tent. The overflow can use the dump station at the camp ground and you bum water and maybe electric from the fence riders in the campground. The SASS sites you need to talk to them about the availability of dump and water on site. There is the mid camping area not far from the SASS site and someone would surely let you hook in for water, dumping is harder because of hose lenght.

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