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  1. 53 minutes ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    Women are almost always better shooters.

    I love teaching ladies to shoot - open to learning, no ego issues or "my grandpa said" garbage.


    Plus physically they are better designed for shooting - lower center of gravity carrying most of their weight in their hips instead of their chest/ shoulders like men (or chest/ belly like me).

    Add in the ability to better control their heart rate (due to child birth abilities) and the groundwork is set for a superior shooter.


    And I would not trifle with Mrs J- Bar either.

    My family all shoot better because dad/ grandpa said.

  2. I liked SOS as well both in the Marines and here at home.  My wife does things her own way and it goes over biscuits excellent.  Then I also liked Corned Beef and would choose Ham and Lima beans out of C-Rats.  

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  3. Krap, the Kid wasn't delivering those.  He was protecting them, Can't you see his Kung Foo Foo stance and the menacing hand signal.  Never attempt to deprive Kid Rich of food, drink or the smell of BP.

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