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  1. 17 minutes ago, Chief Rick said:

    Looking at the slides on the smaller TT's, I don't like what I see.  They almost all operate via wire rope/cables.


    We've had a TT before and we find that the only time we were in it was to change clothes and sleep.

    We prefer to do our cooking outside (and this camper has an external LP gas connection).

    The additional floorspace would be nice, but I don't want the extra weight and complexity.


    We could see using this one at least one a month going to local matches (our local matches are at least two hours away).

    These would also be more boondocking experiences.


    We could see using State Parks when travelling but we'd rather stay on the range(s) when possible.

    Neither of us care for today's RV parks.

    Buy it, treat it nice. so when you trade it in for a 5th wheel with two slides you will get top penny.  It rains, it snows, it blows, getting you and your friends inside might be important.  Or not your mileage may vary.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 said:

    From Granum Alberta to Winter Range in AZ. 

    Lot's of Miles 

    750 miles to the SASS Canadian Nationals, one way ...

    9 hours drive East to the SASS regionals .... One Way


    Jabez Cowboy

    You rock buddy

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  3. Chinook was a rare breed, he loved his kids.  Protect and love was his creed.  A German Shepard by breeding a policeman by training, a nanny by providence.  He didn't like cars and so any patrol could take him home.  DJ was five and the twins were on the way he bonded with those kids.  At the end DJ had to hold him for the Vet to even get into the room.  It took three shots to get him while being held in DJ's arms a senior in high school and the tough starting defensive end with the tears running down his cheeks.  We all think he was trying to protect DJ from the needle was why it took so much to put him under.  Damn good dog and a damn good friend.  The screen is blurry now; good day  

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  4. Thank You all!!!! Reading this made quite an impression on me because I never liked to be thanked and really didn't want to be thanked.  I enlisted because I wanted to, I fought because I wanted to.  It was my mother that suffered.  I was wounded twice in 1965 while serving near Da Nang and Chu Li.  I was again wounded twice at Hue in 1968.  She broke down when the staff car pulled into the driveway the last time. Then the stress of the phone calls and the letters wishing me dead.  I have a very bad attitude and when thanked I wonder where were you when my Mother laid on the floor sobbing.  I chose to be were I was, doing what I was doing.  I have lived with the guilt of causing my Mother that pain but the anger at the people that made it worse with their harassment of a lady who's only crime was having a baby boy that wanted to be a Marine. 

  5. Ok, for monthly's 2 1/2 hours each way is pretty much my limit I have done more but old age is creeping in.  Club annuals 4 or 5 hours each way is doable.  Major matches, well that has a lot of and's and If's.  Traveled to Bar - 3 this year 1600 miles each way probably won't do it again.  Going to Land Run this next year I'll see if it's worth the effort, that's about 1200 miles each direction.  It also may require me to not attend a very good match that's held just the week before so I'll see what Land Run does for me.  We go to Ben Avery every year its quite aways but we get to play and visit a lot.   We go down in January and get as far south as Casa Grande.  So, my little girl and I travel a lot and have a lot of fun and meet a lot of very nice people.  Cowboy action Rocks.

    This last year has been hard because of the cancer and the VA screwing up the operations. Next year maybe hard as well because as a result of the mistakes in the cancer surgery I may lose my kidneys but that's down the road and we do have EOT and Land Run scheduled.  Sue if you read this Pat and I are in 95 hope to see you and Shanley, lots. 

    Semper Fi

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  6. 22 hours ago, Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L said:

    I have decided to shoot one more match before the Doctors tear me apart and put me back together to make me like new again.  I'm going to shoot Duel in the Desert.

    Johnny Meadows

    Damn, Johnny I hope they don't lose any of the pieces.  Good luck, be looking for you when you come out all new and shiny.

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  7. Lonely, isn't fun or healthy get your ass out of the house seek out those few people in this world that love you.  Get to the next shoot, those cowboys will not cure lonely but it will not hurt as much. Takes time, carry on Captain.

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  8. Those men were incredibly brave but uncommon valor seemed to be a trait all of the allied troops shared.  It mattered little if those machine guns that sought your Great Grandfather, grandfather or Fathers breast were in the desert, in the poppy fields, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Asia or the Near East.  Those young men did their jobs and did them well often those charged with leadership let them down.  While things change they mostly stay the same only the names change.

    Semper Fi  

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  9. 2 hours ago, Linn Keller, SASS 27332, BOLD 103 said:

    Looking at the good Subdeacon's quick vid of fuel-up and takeoff in Alaska ...

    I recall reading about a fellow who landed near a rural Nevada gas station, walked over to the pump with a gas can and said a little hesitantly, "This must be a little unusual," and the old timer running the place said "Sure is, son, most folks taxi right up to the pump!"

    I taxied up to the pump in Montello NV and so did  lot of other folks.  Rather common to land on the pavement hiway then taxi over to the dirt runway and park

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